The Dragons of Blueland

The Dragons of Blueland The third volume of the My Father s Dragon trilogy this adventure may be enjoyed on its own Here the baby dragon summons Elmer to help save his family from hunters Elmer s plan is ingenious and plau

  • Title: The Dragons of Blueland
  • Author: Ruth Stiles Gannett
  • ISBN: 9780394890500
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Paperback
  • The third volume of the My Father s Dragon trilogy, this adventure may be enjoyed on its own Here, the baby dragon summons Elmer to help save his family from hunters Elmer s plan is ingenious and plausible, the fantasy well sustained starred Library Journal.

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    • [PDF] The Dragons of Blueland | by ☆ Ruth Stiles Gannett
      136 Ruth Stiles Gannett

    About “Ruth Stiles Gannett

    • Ruth Stiles Gannett

      Ruth Stiles Gannett wrote My Father s Dragon just a few years after her graduation from Vassar College in 1944.She lives in Upstate New York.

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    • This is a pretty fun book about how the dragon tries to go home to his six sisters and seven brothers, and his dear gigantic mother and father.On the way, he s spotted by a farmer, leading to the best part of the book, the hilarious Chapter Two Mr and Mrs Wagonwheel I was laughing out loud at these kooks So funny.More problems arise as the dragon approaches home only to find some men have trapped his family in their cave Can he and his human friend Elmer save them

    • The baby dragon drops off Elmer, flies home to Blueland, and discovers his enormous in both number and poundage family is in danger of being captured and taken to the zoo He goes back to get Elmer view spoiler who quickly resolves the problem, the end Wut hide spoiler Considerably weaker than the first two, though the kids didn t complain I have the feeling that Gannett rushed this one so as to get it out of the way she seems to have married and begun having children around the time she was writ [...]

    • This final entry was not as strong as the first two in my opinion It was still action packed but lacked the variety of setting and character that the first book had.

    • This was the least favorite of the series The first one was the best, and it went downhill from there I read this for the first time with my 5 year old son He wanted to rate it with 4 stars this is the first trilogy we have gotten through together I would have given it two stars, but added an extra one because it wrapped up the story well, and I will always have the memories of reading this with my son.

    • A wonderful early reader story I remember reading this when I was little, the librarian my elementary had a bunch of us help her craft a gigantic yellow blue paper mache covering a 8x4 foot chicken wired body dragon to be displayed in the library When I had my own children I read the series them while they were small as well.

    • The second and third books weren t anywhere near as good as the first, but my kids adored these books, so 4 stars This was the first genuine chapter book series we ve finished together, and they were quite proud of that They are great adventure stories for kids that scare easily like my five year old , and I enjoy their gentleness and charm.

    • This was my least favorite of the trilogy, because it just wasn t as funny as the first, and didn t have the feeling of adventure of the second This was Charlie s favorite of the trilogy because it had all the dragons in it.

    • The conclusion of a really sweet series that my kids wanted to read on their own after hearing it from me What could a parent hope for

    • The Dragons of Blueland is the third book in theMy Father s Dragon trilogy The first book I read when I was a child, and I much cherished the copy I had of it I can t count how many times I read it, but it was a constant companion as I was growing up and probably is still among my possessions somewhere The book is a great tool for the imagination, and as I happily found out today the remaining two books in the trilogy are all as equally wonderful.This book follows in the footsteps ofElmer and th [...]

    • A bit tired.Boris that s the dragon s name drops off Elmer at home, then starts his own journey home to the Mountains of Blueland After nearly getting caught by a determined farmer, he manages to make it across the desert and to the mountains, only to discover that there are hunters keeping his family captive in a cave The men don t look like they re going to leave without taking some dragons with them.Boris knows a secret entrance the cave, so he sneaks almost all the way in and tells his famil [...]

    • My five year old and I finished this book, and thus the trilogy, tonight I liked The Dragons of Blueland about as much as Elmer and the Dragon, but not as much as My Father s Dragon I felt like this book was mostly exposition, and then not enough time was spent on the escape of the dragons, which was the most exciting part I also wish we readers got to spend time with Boris the Dragon and his enormous family That said, the illustrations and text were charming, and although the book feels old fa [...]

    • Elmer and the dragon he rescued come together again, this time to save the dragon s family from a group of men that have discovered their hidden home and plan to capture them.After reading the second book in this series, which I didn t think was very good, it was great to see Gannett return to the type of story that she created in the first book My daughter really enjoyed this one and we read it a couple times, much like we did the first book I would definitely recommend this series for young re [...]

    • As familiar as I may or may not have been with the previous two books in this trilogy, I don t have any recollection of this one at all until recently When I picked up the first two it was only fitting I should round off the experience with this final chapter in the adventures of Elmer Elevator and his friend the dragon After dropping Elmer off at home, the dragon heads to his homeland to be reunited with his large dragon family When he learns that his gentle family is being threatened by a grou [...]

    • THE DRAGONS OF BLUELAND is the third and final book in the My Father s Dragon trilogy While just as adventurous if not so than the previous two books, I have to admit that I loved ELMER AND THE DRAGON just a tiny bit Perhaps because I found it funnier Humor goes a long way with me It was very enjoyable, though The baby dragon, who we now find is named Boris, has taken Elmer home and now has to make it back to Blueland hidden in the midst of the Awful Desert without being seen by humans He almo [...]

    • This story rounds out the trilogy begun with My Father s Dragon Leaving Elmer at his home, the baby dragon flies away to his own home, the cave at the center of the Awful Desert in the Mountains of Blueland There, his parents, six sisters and seven brothers are trapped in a cave whose entrance is guarded by a group of men In desperation he returns to Elmer to ask for help, and their adventures commence Through planning, judicious use of provisions, and ingenuity they free the dragon s family fro [...]

    • This book should get 3 1 2 stars the average between 3 from me and 4 from Lorelei and Ben But since I m typing this and they are sleeping3 stars it gets.It s the third in the series that we ve read, and I still think that these books are really good first read aloud chapter books for kids The stories are exciting little tales with a little bit of reality i.e there s a boy involved and he does have a real, human family and a whole lot of fantasy i.e there are talking, flying dragons that have sil [...]

    • This is the story of Basil, a young dragon, who upon reaching his way home from being rescued by Elmer Elevator, finds that his family is netted in by fearful humans Basil enlists Elmer s help in order to free them This is a charming book like the other Dragon books, however, it doesn t have quite as much charm or pizazz as the others in the series I would have liked to see Basil remedy his own problem since the title of the book is The Dragons of Blueland,not Elmer and the Dragons of Blueland D [...]

    • Random House Time 9 17 24min 9 19 40min 7 words summary Dragon Family Caught Rescue Elmer Support Succeed Discussion questions 1.Have you ever helped your family Yes, I have I sometimes teach English or Maths to my younger sister However,I have never helped my family from dangerous situations.2.There are many colorful dragons What color is the best for dragon I think green is the best I like green and some pictures of dragons are normally green color.I finished the series of Elmer These are very [...]

    • I found that The Dragons of Blueland was an excellent conclusion to the trilogy of books about Boris the dragon I only wish that there were Ruth Stiles Gannett spins a wonderful tale about a baby dragon trying to rescue his family from being captured by humans and sent away to various zoos The Dragons of Blueland is very light hearted and fun to read Children of all ages will enjoy reading this book or having it read to them I highly recommend all three books in this series My Father s Dragon, [...]

    • First published as a 3rd grade level book probably 2nd grade by today s standards I m now gifting them to my grand daughter Occasional illustrations At 78 pages, this was an easy half hour read.Book 3 The Dragons of Blue Land.The lightest of the three books, but the most intense This follows the dragon as he returns home after dropping Elmer off, finds that his family is in danger, and goes back to get Elmer to help him rescue them It has little character, but intense non stop action as each cha [...]

    • The Dragons of Blueland by Ruth Stiles Gannett is the last book in the My Father s Dragon trilogy This book follows the newly released baby dragon home where he finds that his parents and siblings have been backed into a cave by some human hunters Boris YES THE BABY DRAGON S NAME IS BORIS I might have squealed a little bit by how cute that was when I read it returns to his friend Elmer to get help in releasing his family I loved this series It s quick but delightful Elmer is inventive and caring [...]

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