Cross Creek

Cross Creek Originally published in Cross Creek has become a classic in modern American literature For the millions of readers raised on The Yearling here is the story of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings s experie

  • Title: Cross Creek
  • Author: Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Edward Shenton
  • ISBN: 9780684818795
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Paperback
  • Originally published in 1942, Cross Creek has become a classic in modern American literature For the millions of readers raised on The Yearling, here is the story of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings s experiences in the remote Florida hamlet of Cross Creek, where she lived for thirteen years From the daily labors of managing a seventy two acre orange grove to bouts with runawayOriginally published in 1942, Cross Creek has become a classic in modern American literature For the millions of readers raised on The Yearling, here is the story of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings s experiences in the remote Florida hamlet of Cross Creek, where she lived for thirteen years From the daily labors of managing a seventy two acre orange grove to bouts with runaway pigs and a succession of unruly farmhands, Rawlings describes her life at the Creek with humor and spirit Her tireless determination to overcome the challenges of her adopted home in the Florida backcountry, her deep rooted love of the earth, and her genius for character and description result in a most delightful and heartwarming memoir.

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      337 Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Edward Shenton

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    • Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Edward Shenton

      Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings was an American author who lived in rural Florida and wrote novels with rural themes and settings Her best known work, The Yearling, about a boy who adopts an orphaned fawn, won a Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1939 and was later made into a movie of the same title, The Yearling The book was written long before the concept of young adult fiction, but is now commonly included in teen reading lists.

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    • Cross Creek is one of the finest memoirs ever written, filled with grace and beauty from one of America s greatest writers, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Perhaps no other writer has so perfectly and honestly captured a place and time like Rawlings did in Cross Creek It will transport you to that small acreage of backwoods Florida and cause you to wish for a life such as this.Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings purchased a seventy two acre orange grove in this remote area and fled her aristocratic life in the ci [...]

    • I really enjoyed this memoir of Marjorie Rawlings years in Cross Creek, Florida She began her sojourn there in 1928, at a time in Florida s history before tourists and developers got ahold of it There was still wilderness and the type of individualists it took to appreciate and make a living in this type of environment Rawlings best fiction came from this setting, including The Yearling which won a Pulitzer for it s portrayal of a family trying to make a go of a farm in backwoods Florida Her des [...]

    • This is one of those books that I ve felt I should read, jsut because I ve been hearing about it for so long Some of the writing was beautiful However, I couldn t quite get over how condescending she was to her neighbors.Some of this was certainly a racist thing I always have mental battles when this occurs in books of the period when that was generally accepted On the one hand, it s a time capsule But I can never completely remove my own views on all of this It s really come down at least in m [...]

    • Vacationing in St Augustine Fla during the winter was a delight, and to find, as I like to do, a book about the area makes the enjoyment of the respite from ordinary life even better Cross Creek was the Florida find I had seen the movie years ago, and was captivated by the time and place as well as Ms Rawlings and her neighbors at the creek As we know movies are normally a thin unsatisfying version of the book they are based on, so as I held the book in my hand I was anxious to read it I was not [...]

    • Rawlings is a lyrical writer who loves the earth and nature The book originally published in 1942 is a substantial should read and I refer you to Rawlings background in the reviews section A memoir of Rawlings, the book describes her life as a young woman who takes on running a Florida farm in the 1930 s Her city background and her resourceful determination to live in rural backwoods are delightful Some of her financial decisions were a little hard to believe With the benefit of hindsight many c [...]

    • I really didn t know much about Florida until my daughter moved down there 5 or 6 years ago Every visit has turned up some amazing aspect of nature or history For example, I grew up in the north east and springs were trickles of water that emerged from wet meadows on mountainsides in Florida springs are entire rivers that leap, full blown, from a hole in the ground no mountainsides During the last visit, a month ago, my daughter took us to Majorie Kinnan Rawlings home just south of Gainesville A [...]

    • Cross Creek is a beautifully written memoir by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, author of the much loved children s book The Yearling Cross Creek tells how she came to live in a remote part of Central Florida Her descriptions of nature are vivid.There was one big problem that made it difficult for me to read the book Her descriptions of African Americans are extremely patronizing I m sure that she liked some of the people she described, and that her way of talking was common at the time, but it s prett [...]

    • This is a 1942 edition purchased at The Julian Book House in Julian, CA caught my eye because the cover was so pretty and, being from Florida, it seemed like something I should have read a long time ago.I started it this week and I m a multi book at a time reader, so I ll complete it in due time However, I m already being carried away by Ms Rawlings deep love of the simplicity of her rural community, the people and the natural landscape She speaks of a lone Magnolia amoung the Orange Trees in th [...]

    • A souvenir picked up while on vacation in St Augustine, Florida I vaguely recall reading this when a young adult but clearly I was unprepared to appreciate the author s lyrical prose style which is laced with a wonderful sense of humor It is a clear look at life in back country Florida in 1942 and so sometimes is a bit cringe worthy But at that time those things were not cringe worthy which is surely worth reflecting upon in terms of what we do not see as cringe worthy in our own society but whi [...]

    • I ve never read anything by MKR, not even The Yearling I had a lovely old copy of that classic, and I gave it away because the movie about the boy and his deer was so sad I watched it twice and that was it My only consolation was that it was just a story I convinced myself that nothing like that would happen in real life I didn t know what to expect from Cross Creek I was pleased to find a couple of meaningful quotes on the first few pages p 10 At one time or another most of us at the Creek have [...]

    • I feel a special kinship with Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings we both experience some sort of mystical, spiritual connection with the wildlands, orange groves, and creatures of Florida Visiting her home a couple of weeks ago for my birthday day trip was exhilarating I recognized bits of her land and home from her autobiography, and the tour guide made her stories come alive again the outhouse with the screen door, her fireplace, the hunting dogs, orange groves, pecan trees, the neighbors she adored and [...]

    • The first half was difficult to read I wanted very much to hold Rawlings as a bit of an idol an independent woman of the 30s making her own way in Florida But I found it very hard to admire her in light of her very raw racism Although she seems to have had some strong personal relationships with black people, there seems to be always a veil of judgment between her and them an otherness that is hard to read The second half, when Rawlings moves from personal relationships to her relationships with [...]

    • This is one of my favorite books of all time I ve read 3 times Rawlings engagement with nature and people is so powerful and beautifully written and she pulls you in to her world.

    • I really enjoyed this book Published in 1942, it is an authentic peek into Florida history and is chock full of autobiographical anecdotes as well as insights into Florida plants and animals, farming, hunting, small town politics, and the local socioeconomics of the times And throughout it all, Pulitzer Prize winning author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings breathes great character, humor and insight I specifically enjoy her approach to writing about all of the nature around her I noticed this when I rea [...]

    • Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings found her Eden in the rural community of Cross Creek, FL The author s writing has a truly wonderful cadence I especially enjoyed her ability to describe the bounty of Florida s natureeven those dreaded water moccasins Some of the stories were hilarious, while others quite poignant or outright sad As much as I admired her narrative abilities, the one thing I found very disturbing was how she wrote of her poor black neighbors I believe that some of this was due to her fait [...]

    • Memoir of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings experiences after purchasing a primitive farmhouse and large orange grove in north central Florida I read elsewhere that she bought it with her husband and they divorced within a year of moving there he s not mentioned at all Very few characters are recurring, and the chapters are not chronological until near the end of the book This makes it feel somewhat like a compilation of short stories, but with a common thread it s easy to put it down for a few days or a [...]

    • I loved this book I ve cut and pasted the description from , because I couldn t have said it better If you haven t read it, you ve missed Rawlings best story.Originally published in 1942, Cross Creek has become a classic in modern American literature For the millions of readers raised on The Yearling, here is the story of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings s experiences in the remote Florida hamlet of Cross Creek, where she lived for thirteen years From the daily labors of managing a seventy two acre oran [...]

    • I first read this book when I was in my early twenties I did not know much about truth, goodness, and beauty back then, but for some reason this book felt beautiful to me At the time I could not explain what I meant by that word, beautiful At that time, I did not value beauty It was while reading this book that I first thought to myself, Wow, this writing is beautiful.Now, some forty or so years later, I have decided to revisit books that I had read earlier in my life as a young adult Would they [...]

    • Autobiographical stories by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, the author of The Yearling, about her life in Cross Creek, Florida She tells of characters like Geechee, who is named after the Ogeechee River Geechee was a young black girl who was bought by the author for five dollars to do her housework Seems like the girl s family was too large to care for her themselves And there s Mr Martin and his pigs No fences in Cross Creek to keep animals in You have to build them to keep other people s animals out [...]

    • Beautiful descriptions of 1930s Florida, when it crawled with wildlife and riotous communities of unimaginable flora Had a tough time with her blatant white superiority though If she were writing in today s world her words would have no doubt been p.c , but because she wrote nearly 70 years ago during an era when blacks were just two generations out of slavery, her constant use of Negroes and colored were tough to digest Made it hard to finish the book Disregarding that aspect hard to do it allo [...]

    • Ugg I really hated this book I had great expectations for it because it s about an area less than 30 minutes from where I live However, the plethora of detail bogged me down and made it difficult to wade through Stereotypes about and it s obviously dated It was interesting enough, but too long At the end I regreted the time I invested.

    • Beautiful memoir of a lost way of life in the backwoods of Florida Some course racial language but overall a touching tribute to a time and a place when people were connected to each other, the land, the ebb and flow of the seasons and the plants and animals that they loved so intimately amongst.

    • Due to the time and location of this biography, there were some racist statements and phrases that made me cringe, but on the whole the volume and poetic detail of informative and entertaining stories, this is definitely a worthwhile read Really lovely.

    • This was a hard book to rate I enjoyed some parts of the book, but other parts I felt like I was just slogging through it Rawlings is a very talented writer and she writes very descriptive, eloquent prose But the way she talks about the people of Cross Creek was a little disturbing She calls the people who live around her farm and who work for her negroes, darkies, pickaninnies, and n____rs among other things The picture she paints of the rural people around her farm is one of laziness, poverty, [...]

    • Ms Rawlings is an extremely fluent and descriptive writer so that one can be in the scenes that she describes One instance was about her killing a cottonmouth, The other book was a copy of one of my own writings, The Yearling I took it and finished off the moccasin pg 178 179 No wonder she wrote such vivid stories she lived them She seemed to be a strong and mostly unfearful woman doing things one would not expect most women to do quite a bit in dangerous situations hunting, taking care of the o [...]

    • So conflicted about this book On the one hand, the writing is beautiful, and it s a joy to read loving descriptions of a place North Florida that I love and called home for most of my life On the other hand, Rawlings attitudes towards many of her neighbors and her racial biases are so cringe y.

    • I wish that I had read the 2 star reviews before I purchased the book With everything that is currently happening in this country, I just could not stomach one racist comment I know this was written in 1942 Brought to mind the ugly comments that my grandparents made about anyone different than themselves

    • This book is about as close as a biography as you can get The author tells of experiences in t Florida and Cross Creek, where she lived for many years A seventy two acre orange grove, some crazy pigs, farmhands causing trouble lead to humor and a heart touching story.

    • Good but not great Life as a woman out in the sticks with hired hands, neighbors and lots of crazy nature A Stream of consciousness book so some is good and some is boring but loved learning about how Marjorie lives close to my new hometown.

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