The White Plague

The White Plague The White Plague a marvelous and terrifyingly plausible blend of fiction and visionary theme tells of one man who is pushed over the edge of sanity by the senseless murder of his family and who rea

  • Title: The White Plague
  • Author: Frank Herbert
  • ISBN: 9780425067574
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The White Plague, a marvelous and terrifyingly plausible blend of fiction and visionary theme, tells of one man who is pushed over the edge of sanity by the senseless murder of his family and who, reappearing several months later as the so called Madman, unleashes a terrible plague upon the human race one that zeros in, unerringly and fatally, on women.

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      Frank Herbert was a critically acclaimed and commercially successful American science fiction author.He is best known for the novel Dune and its five sequels The Dune saga, set in the distant future and taking place over millennia, dealt with themes such as human survival and evolution, ecology, and the intersection of religion, politics, and power, and is widely considered to be among the classics in the field of science fiction.He was the father of fellow author Brian Herbert.

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    • Man, this was a harrowing read Made all the so because of its plausibility I don t know if the science was up to it at the time the book was written but the titular plague, which is carried by males unsymptomatically but kills all females, is than possible today Terrifying.The book is very well written and engaging but I did have a couple of grumbles, the first being that Herbert utilises national stereotypes quite a bit, which was a bit irritating He also clearly HATES the British with a pass [...]

    • I actually prefer this book to Herbert s legendary Dune Why Because it speaks in and of a world I live in Not cience fiction in the bastardized form we see today, but a true speculative fiction page turner A well written story of bio terrorism that gets out of hand that not only deals with the detective story of how to stop the plague, but what effects will society and politics see out of it as the targeted disease breaks out of the Middle East and ravages all corners of the world I am gratified [...]

    • I absolutely loved this book I already knew Herbert was a master of the genre, a man that has achieved in writing few have achieved, and I knew he wrote the Dune series, but when I took The White Plague off the shelve, I really didn t make the connection between Frank Herbert the author of this book, and THE Frank Herbert Good thing I realised it at the middle of the book, when I took another look to see who wrote this amazing story, and I was like oh now it makes sense now you tell me Of course [...]

    • Frustrating Herbert is great at big ideas and thoroughly thinking them through, showing how each and every aspect of life and society might be impacted see Dune This novel has another great idea, that of a man made pandemic It delves even deeper than a typical end of the world story, though, by setting the villian and a few other characters on a long, quiet walk through what s left of Ireland, showing how the plague has warped life He also manages to show how Ireland is so immersed in its own di [...]

    • Molecular biologist John Roe O Neill is on vacation in Ireland when a bomb explodes and kills his wife and two children The trauma splits his personality and he splices genes into viruses and contaminates bacteria with them, creating a disease that targets women and speeds up their aging When he releases the bacteria in Ireland, England and Libya, the plague begins to spread around the world and governments have to close their border and expel these countries nationals And Barrier Command under [...]

    • This book was torture The only character that was somewhat likeable and had a developed personality died soon after her introduction the other characters were wholly unlikeable The story was long and tedious, like what I would expect a sci fi fan in a writing class to try and pass off as epic merely because they scribbled over a thousand pages I stuck with it because I try to complete most books and I wanted to see if it got better Here s where the spoilers are Now the worst part is yet to come [...]

    • I expected better from Herbert What I liked The disease I liked that the invention and distribution of the disease was described as the investigators figured it out rather than as the Madman was doing it I liked the idea of the targeted disease The politics The way the different countries failed to come together in the face of a world wide catastrophe was plausible The turn against science while only briefly touched on, the way the angry masses turned on scientists was believable What I disliked [...]

    • Introduction to the novel would be something like this A brilliant American Irish scientists is driven mad when his wife dies as a result of IRA bomb attack So, he creates a virus that will kill all women on IrelandWill the virus spread There are a lot of fascinating themes in this novel and it functions great as a thriller as well The way that the history of the Irish is presented is just brilliant It is not a stereotypical view of the Irish He really goes into the dept, exploring frustrations [...]

    • THE WHITE PLAGUE is a novel of meticulously calculated revenge While in Ireland with his family, a man loses his wife and two children to a terrorist s bomb He is a molecular biologist, and in his grief and ensuing madness, develops and unleashes a deadly pandemic which only targets women.This is a very long novel, but the best section features John O Neil, the biologist, and the terrorist who planted the bomb, playing an endless game of psychological cat and mouse while on a trek across Ireland [...]

    • The basic tenor plot can be summarized by this line in the book What did I expect He wondered Not this Several issues examined If the world faces major calamity, will the governments fail and basic brutal survival prevail and the veneer of civilization disintegrate Nature and critique of terrorism and the purpose and distortions of revenge Do people consider the ramifications and ethics of science Church s role in society Tedious replication of retribution and the endless double thinking of moti [...]

    • Marvelous if somewhat unavoidably dated a morality piece in sci fi speculative fiction clothing The science is meticulous, given the time period in which it was written Herbert brings his epic sense, as rendered so masterfully in the Dune books, down to Earth on a slightly smaller scale Recommended.

    • Gets pretty thick, towards the end but still raises quite a few questions which aren t contemplated nearly enough in this world.A great read for anyone interested in science, philosophy, and or medical ethics.

    • I give up I can t understand, who the author hated the most when writing this the Irish, the men, or the women Neither am I sure he has ever talked to a real live woman.

    • It took me a long time to finish this book, and I had a like hate relationship with it the entire time However, I think a huge part of the problem was a mismatch between what I wanted and expected the book to be and what Herbert actually wrote I don t mean that he failed to make good on his promises to the reader I mean that I had preconceived notions about how I thought the plot would be handled, based on reading a summary of the book elsewhere.The story is about a man who is in Ireland for res [...]

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    • The difference between sentiment and being sentimental is the following Sentiment is when a driver swerves out of the way to avoid hitting a rabbit on the road Being sentimental is when the same driver, when swerving away from the rabbit hits a pedestrian Frank Herbert s The White Plague holds up remarkably well over the decades I recently took a class in genetics and the plague the Madman creates seems completely plausible to me The story starts out with John Roe O Neill in Ireland doing resear [...]

    • Disclaimer I gave up halfway through, so this really only talks about the first half of the book The main reason I didn t like this book, and the reason I eventually stopped reading, was that in this book, both the bad guy AND the author treat women as props whose deaths only matter in the affect they have on men In universe, the bad guy s motivation for creating the plague was I m going to kill all the women so the whole world can experience the pain I had Like what Do you somehow not realize t [...]

    • I dug this one out for a change of pace I d looked it over before, but hadn t read it But I m usually desperate for new reading material, so I decided to give it a try.The basic plot is that a crazed scientist develops a plague designed to infect and kill women It gets worldwide distribution, and so all of womankind faces the possibility of extinction soon to be followed by all men, of course.It s set in the modern day, or possibly in the near future but so near that there s nothing to distingui [...]

    • Listened to on CD A bit over written at times par for the course for Frank Herbert, I guess The premise of the story is quite compelling, if frightening It s a rather pessimistic view about morality and mankind, but it is entirely too reasonable I wanted to be able to find something that I could point too and say, That couldn t really happen But people can be just selfish and horrible, and Herbert illustrates that well.My main problem with the book is Herbert s treatment of women There are very [...]

    • I really dug the premise of this book and the realism of the probleem A crazed man with powerful motivations creates a plague that quickly wipes out all women and very slowly all men Eventually, the modern world turns into a very savage place and finally a matriarchal society for the single woman left to every then thousand living men.Even though I liked the plot, it occurred to me after reading this that I do not like Frank Herbert s style I didn t mind the constant jumping of scenes, but I did [...]

    • Surprisingly, disappointingly dreadful.The characters were flat, unlifelike and none incited any sympathy in me The story would have looked vaguely interesting on a chalk board, but was not fleshed out interestingly.The book read like it had never been read By the author Full of idiotic verbosity.A bore.I loved the entire Dune series perhaps my expectations were too high Or perhaps his style of political generalities and semi religious drama was transformed into, or revealed as, vapid vagueness [...]

    • An interesting end of the world sci fi novel, that deals with human caused disaster Since it was one person that caused the disaster sort of on purpose we would probably call it a terrorist novel these days But the novel delves into what happens when one person who tries to strike back at terrorists the IRA in this case goes tragically wrong I was not a big fan of Frank Herbet s Dune I know blasphemy But I loved this book.

    • I ve been looking forward to getting hold of a copy of this for a while A brilliant premise a plague that targets women only Imagine So how such a great story could be made so boring is a wonder It s almost as if Herbert decided to write about anything and everything that wasn t actually to do with the plague or its effects At one point, just as the virus was being first encountered and taking a deadly toll across the world, chapters and chapters were devoted to the small team of scientists gath [...]

    • Not a very good book at all I had high hopes for this book and was let down I pushed thru to the end regardless

    • Disclaimer Any review of a Frank Herbert novel will inevitably draw comparisons to Dune I apologize in advance, but I m not immune to this effect.The White Plague Summed up a likable novel with enough intrigue, depth, intricacy, plot turns, and the pacing to keep anyone interested, and little enough of them to be memorable An amusing albeit disposable work The premise a man s family is killed as innocent bystanders in an IRA bombing he goes mad and develops an infectious plague that kills only w [...]

    • The Irish always seem to me like a pack of hounds dragging down some noble stag GoetheJohn O Neill wasn t an evil man But kill his wife and children as collateral damage in an IRA terrorist attack in 1970s era Ireland, and he will morph into something unrecognizable He will work tirelessly, drawing from a genius in molecular genetics, being fueled by rage and pain, to concoct a bacterial vector for the most destructive virus in human history It s target women, without which humans cannot survive [...]

    • I grabbed a magazine called Biocoder at some IT event that had nothing to do with Biology It was a scientific magazine of a very narrow field called bioinformatics, so I couldn t be bothered to make sense of it Except on the last pages I found a cool list of biohacking in sf called Do Biohackers Dream of GM Sheep And when I saw the White Plague in my favorite DRM free audiobook shop Downpour, then a bulb lighted up above my head hey, I remember that title from somewhere.Written by Dune master Fr [...]

    • An IRA bomb kills the wife and children of an American microbiologist He goes crazy and engineers a disease that only kills women and releases it in Ireland for revenge , England for oppressing the Irish and giving them a cause , and Libya for training and supplying the IRA terrorists Of course diseases don t respect political boundaries and soon nearly the entire world is infected.A fascinating what if character driven story Much of the novel takes place in Ireland, and Herbert does a fantastic [...]

    • A frightening premise near all the world s women are murdered via a plague bred and borne by man whose most interesting ramifications occur in the outskirts of the novel Imagine living, as some here do, in a hermetic tube Outside you glimpse what you can only imagine on the macro scale The effect of the plague on the family unit, on western power structures, the treatment of those surviving women after such an event But in the tube itself, the focus of the book, the plague seems an excuse to pon [...]

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