The End of Mr. Y

The End of Mr Y A cursed book A missing professor Some nefarious men in gray suits And a dreamworld called the Troposphere Ariel Manto has a fascination with nineteenth century scientists especially Thomas Lumas and

  • Title: The End of Mr. Y
  • Author: Scarlett Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780156031615
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback
  • A cursed book A missing professor Some nefarious men in gray suits And a dreamworld called the Troposphere Ariel Manto has a fascination with nineteenth century scientists especially Thomas Lumas and The End of Mr Y, a book no one alive has read When she mysteriously uncovers a copy at a used bookstore, Ariel is launched into an adventure of science and faith, consciA cursed book A missing professor Some nefarious men in gray suits And a dreamworld called the Troposphere Ariel Manto has a fascination with nineteenth century scientists especially Thomas Lumas and The End of Mr Y, a book no one alive has read When she mysteriously uncovers a copy at a used bookstore, Ariel is launched into an adventure of science and faith, consciousness and death, space and time, and everything in between.Seeking answers, Ariel follows in Mr Y s footsteps She swallows a tincture, stares into a black dot, and is transported into the Troposphere a wonderland where she can travel through time and space using the thoughts of others There she begins to understand all the mysteries surrounding the book, herself, and the universe Or is it all just a hallucination

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      Scarlett Thomas has taught English Literature at the University of Kent since 2004, and has previously taught at Dartmouth Community College, South East Essex College and the University of East London She reviews books for the Literary Review, the Independent on Sunday, and Scotland on Sunday She has written seven novels, including The End of Mr Y and PopCo.In 2001 she was named by The Independent as one of 20 Best Young Writers In 2002 she won Best New Writer in the Elle Style Awards, and also featured as an author in New Puritans, a project led by the novelists Matt Thorne and Nicholas Blincoe.

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    • Oh my, I think I am cursed Today at least I am under a spell The day starts normally waking up, checking the alarmclock, seeing the stack of books next to my bed One book especially grabs my attention I decide to read one chapter, as I still have plenty of time before work.I read and read, one chapter, two chapter, three chapters I can start later, I will work longer Words, letters, paragraphs I am ill, I need to stay in bed, I will work over the weekend Plots, subplots, twists I might develop [...]

    • Holy Christ, Scarlett Thomas has taken the top of my head off I thought PopCo was an awesome mindf ck, but Mr Y makes it look like so much People magazine I m really not sure what to say about this novel I think people that like House of Leaves would probably like it for similar reasons though it s not nearly so hard to follow Her female lead, as in PopCo, is almost frighteningly intelligent, as I m beginning to suspect Thomas is herself It s not the intelligence that s enticing and delightful, [...]

    • I couldn t wait to finish this book but not because I was hooked, perched on the edge of my seat as I desperately waited to see how everything turned out, I just wanted the tedium to end.It wasn t even the constant drip feed of Philosophy and Quantum Physics that had me yawning and searching for the nearest caffiene source In fact, that was the most interesting part of the book If you can overlook the obsessive name dropping and reference to Derrida on almost every single page The way it was pre [...]

    • This is perhaps the worst book I ever finished I don t really recommend it The thought experiment aspect of the book could have been interesting, but was unfortunately written for people who haven t read Baudrillard and don t understand particle physics Which I don t, but I got it much faster than the people in the book Plus, the story was absurd, and poorly thought out The main character was smarter than the writer, and seemed to resent that Plus, it seemed that the sex scenes were written by s [...]

    • Note to authors Merely mentioning Husserl or Derrida does not make a book intellectual or philosophical Similarly, uttering the name much less quoting Einstein, Heisenberg, or Schrodinger does not make a book scientific, or lend credibility to the writing.To those who have positively reviewed this book noting its intellectualism or creativity or surprise ending, I am glad that you enjoyed it.I thought the book pointless, rambling, and pseduointellectual The author quoted the names of giants of q [...]

    • Like Thomas PopCo, I found this both fascinating and frustrating Thomas definitely achieves something really special with her ability to make her writing intensely cerebral some of my favorite parts of Mr Y were the digressions into quantum physics and other brain stretching topics while at the same time creating very human, flawed characters Still, there s a quality ofldness that prevents me from becoming emotionally involved Perhaps the whole thing seems too clever, too orchestrated I don t kn [...]

    • Have you ever been at a party and been cornered by that special breed of person who thinks they are the best read, most highly evolved intellect on the plant and their one goal in life is to convince you and anyone else who will listen of this in their mind indisputable fact This book is the literary equivalent of that party goer Cue the incessant and often needless name dropping Any interesting thoughts or ideas on theoretical physics and philosophy are drowned out by the authors constant waffl [...]

    • Imagine a novel that has never been read by anyone who has lived to talk about it The only people known to have finished it either died shortly afterward or have disappeared without a trace The novel in question is so notorious that the only copy known to exist has been locked in a vault in Berlin, preventing anyone from ever reading it again This novel, for all practical purposes, is cursed If you read it, you will die.If such a novel existed and you found a copy in a used bookstore, would you [...]

    • I have Scarlett Thomas to thank for a little embarrassing moment of discovering another little nugget of my own sexism I thought, I can t dis this book and give it one star But why not Because she s a she and I don t want to be mean Better to be honest this book is, I m just going to say it STUPID.The hype totally had me I couldn t not read it thought experiments none actually handled , the nature of consciousness adding an alternate reality does not interrogate the subject , Derrida namedropped [...]

    • Whilst I agree that this has been oversold as far as unswervingly highbrow or hard SF readers are concerned, it s got plenty going for it as a character driven fantasy novel, and Scarlett Thomas is becoming my new favourite comfort reading author Even within my friends list, opinions of The End of Mr Y range from highly intellectual yet accessible to completely stupid , so this isn t the easiest review I ve ever written The book is, admittedly, comfortable because of its blend of familiar things [...]

    • What a bloody waste of a good idea First off, the concept behind this book is brilliant An eighteenth century writer and metaphysicist writes a book which contains within it an alchemy like recipe which will allow the reader to enter the realm of disembodied thought Cool And it s full of philosophy and bizarre adventures Double cool AND THE AUTHOR and her protagonist ARE COMPLETELY UP THEIR OWN ARSES FAIL Now, maybe you can get past vomit inducingly bad sentences like this Sometimes, on these Ja [...]

    • I can not even begin to process all the events, ideas, and theories in this book I need time to contemplate and gather my thoughts in order to write even a mediocre review.

    • What a load of old cobblers that was I recognized right away the standard British plot with a not very successful plodder at a university where things aren t going well and she has no money and she just keeps on with the I shouldn t be doing this habits, and OF COURSE she spends the last of her money on a book Someone from about 80 years ago ought to get royalties whenever this tired old plot framework is used Thomas has made a bit of an effort to modernize the book Our heroine has an iPod, wow, [...]

    • There are some books you read where you know incredibly swiftly that you absolutely LOVE them You get about a quarter of the way through and find yourself totally entranced by just how much you re enjoying every single page, but it s an entrancement mixed with a kind of niggling dread where you whisper to the book Please don t let me down Please don t let me down You sit there reading and desperately praying Please don t be this good and then tumble away to crap Don t do an Icarus and crash to E [...]

    • This is an adventure in thought experiments This is idea porn It s the most cerebral fun I ve ever had The End of Mr Y is a cocktail of postmodern philosophy, quantum physics, metafiction, science fiction and adventure If any of that sounds intimidating, rest assured that this isn t like reading Derrida, Heidegger, Baudrillard or any of the convoluted philosophies that Ariel Manto likes to immerse herself in Early on she says that she quite like s the way you can talk about science without neces [...]

    • Libro cervellone per aspiranti cervelloni senza una vera attrattiva importante inserirsi bene nei libri come alloggiare in un albergo di qualit infima che ti fa rimpiangere il tuo bel lettuccio a casa o, al contrario, alloggiare in un albergo a quattro o cinque stelle che ti fa dire ma se potessi, mi prolungherei la vacanza Questo libro un alberghetto in periferia a due stelle Ha un insegna sgargiante Che fine ha fatto Mr Y, bel titolo, e mazza che figa la copertina, e oh, la trama intrippa pure [...]

    • I tried to write paragraphs about what precisely I hated on this book and that just made me even annoyed than the reading experience was But some details special relativity and homeopathy both work and got equal footing and are treated the same way by our main character, which btw is a lit PhD student who needs several days full time to read a book of about 150 pages No, she is not taking notes, she does that later Ah, and I can t figure out when the book is supposed to be set it was published [...]

    • This is a good example of good idea executed badly I liked the concept and the first 25 pages Ariel Manto is doing a Phd on a strange author from the 1800s and by accident comes across his rarest book in a used bookstore What follows is an account of what she does with the contents of the book and the suspense of a mystery involving two creepy American policemen who are out to get her, it seems.but in reality, what follows is the author showcasing how much she knows about philosophy and how much [...]

    • When you pick up a book with an intriguing cover and an even intriguing synopsis, you buy it Then you look it up on , and it s full of mixed reviews, but yet you give it a try And then when it fails to deliver you anything that you expected it to give, you just stop reading it and put it away never too see it ever When I started reading it, I was very excited But soon, I knew I was wrong Everything was absurd The characters, the writing, the characters of the book inside this book, the writing [...]

    • You now have once choice You This is a bona fide masterpiece it s reminiscent of the films The Matrix and Ghost In The Shell, whilst also cramming in a thousand fantastic ideas A dense, complex but massively satisfying and compulsive read the summary on the back cover gives very little away and merely mentions the catalyst of a cursed book, and to be honest the less you know about the rest of the plot and ideas the better Put it another way a friend practically insisted I take this book from her [...]

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