The Beekeeper's Apprentice

The Beekeeper s Apprentice Long retired Sherlock Holmes quietly pursues his study of honeybee behavior on the Sussex Downs He never imagines he would encounter anyone whose intellect matched his own much less an audacious tee

  • Title: The Beekeeper's Apprentice
  • Author: Laurie R. King
  • ISBN: 9780553381528
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback
  • Long retired, Sherlock Holmes quietly pursues his study of honeybee behavior on the Sussex Downs He never imagines he would encounter anyone whose intellect matched his own, much less an audacious teenage girl with a penchant for detection Miss Mary Russell becomes Holmes pupil and quickly hones her talent for deduction, disguises and danger But when an elusive villainLong retired, Sherlock Holmes quietly pursues his study of honeybee behavior on the Sussex Downs He never imagines he would encounter anyone whose intellect matched his own, much less an audacious teenage girl with a penchant for detection Miss Mary Russell becomes Holmes pupil and quickly hones her talent for deduction, disguises and danger But when an elusive villain enters the picture, their partnership is put to a real test.

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      Edgar winning mystery writer Laurie R King writes series and standalone novels Her official forum is THE LRK VIRTUAL BOOK CLUB here on please join us for book discussing fun King s most recent novel, Dreaming Spies, sees Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes travel from Japan to Oxford, in a case with international players and personal meaning The Mary Russell Sherlock Holmes series follows a brilliant young woman who becomes the student, then partner, of the great detective click here for an excerpt of the first in the series, The Beekeeper s Apprentice The Stuyvesant and Grey series Touchstone The Bones of Paris takes place in Europe between the Wars The Kate Martinelli series follows an SFPD detective s cases on a female Rembrandt, a holy fool, and Click for an excerpt of A Grave Talent King lives in northern California, which serves as backdrop for some of her books Please note that Laurie checks her inbox intermittently, so it may take some time to receive a reply A quicker response may be possible via a post on Laurie s Facebook page or by way of email sent to info laurierking.

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    • It might have been a matter of timing, or the way I experience the Sherlock Holmes canon, it might even be all Jeremy Brett s fault Or even Hugh Laurie s The fact is I didn t really like The Beekeeper s Apprentice.The three main reasons MaryIt s been a long time since I come across such a Mary Sue Her gifts just keep piling up at an incredible speed from the first moment we and Holmes meet her I got the feeling that King simply chose a favorite literary crush and then projected her wish fulfillm [...]

    • Sherlock Holmes pastiche continuation fanfic in which Holmes, retired to beekeeping in Sussex, is so impressed by the intelligence of 15 year old feminist Mary Sue Russell that he decides to take her on as his apprentice detective Wacky adventures ensue.Okay There were some good things about this book King s prose is enjoyable enough, and her dialogue is suitably witty The narrative is rather too episodic for my taste, but there are some nice atmospheric touches And I like the idea of Holmes bei [...]

    • My friend Veronica Belmont recommended this book and after I watched the first episode of season 2 of the BBC Sherlock OMG IT IS SO GOOD YOU GUYS I got fixated on Holmes and needed this book S SO GOOD What a great reinterpretation of Holmes and his young apprentice, who grows to become his equal The partnership that is formed between the two of them is so organic and believable, and Mary Russell is a whip smart protagonist that I rooted for on every page It s definitely not a romance book, it s [...]

    • 4.0 stars I went through a lot of turmoil both in deciding to read this book and then while I was reading it The Pre read turmoil stems from the fact that while I have always liked the idea of the character of Sherlock Holmes, I have not always enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes stories that I have read They have been a bit dry for my taste However, I LOVED The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, which took the character of Sherlock Holmes and put him in bizarre and unique surroundings i.e fantas [...]

    • Mary Russell, also known as The Beekeeper s Apprentice, proves to be a wonderful addition to the Sherlock Holmes mythos When 15 year old Mary Russell almost tripped over the peculiar man while he was obsessively studying his bees, she never imagined such an accidental and clumsy encounter would change her life forever But as it turns out, that man was semi retired detective Sherlock Holmes, and when the precocious Mary is able to match wits with him both with her deductive reasoning and her acer [...]

    • Beautiful and entertaining I m not sure I ll read the next ones in the series, but The Beekeeper s Apprentice was even better than I expected.More detailed comment to follow

    • This was an easy read, nicely written with some interesting characters but a couple of problems for me Firstly I was uncomfortable with Mary only being fifteen She is a very mature fifteen but it seemed far fetched that she could have had the freedom to do as she does in this story Secondly I struggled with her relationship with Holmes The author tried to explain it as father daughter, partner, associate, friend and towards the end when she has aged a little than just a friend None of these wor [...]

    • Let me begin by saying that I am a huge fan of mystery novels I especially love the character of Sherlock Holmes, so I was very excited when I picked up The Beekeeper s Apprentice I really wanted to like this book, and hoped that it would propel me into a new and exciting mystery series.How wrong I was.First of all, Mary Russell, the narrator, may as well have been named Mary Sue Russell This book is nothing but a fanfic that was lucky enough to be published because the main characters are out o [...]

    • Posted atThe Literary Lawyer A Sweeping and Enchanting Tale 4.5 StarsIn the past couple of years I have firmly decided that I love a great character driven novel.The Beekeeper s Apprenticefits that bill It takes a tried and true character in Sherlock Holmes and adds a spunky young feminist into the mix The result is an excellent novel with nuanced and complex characters If you like your mysteries to be character driven, this one may be right up your alley Plot summary The story is told from the [...]

    • Ok, I got to page 60 and am calling it quits.The Watson bashing is already in full swing.There is a scene that was basically copied out of Pride and Prejudice.This is all wrong and too disturbing.I m sorry, I am just not compatible with pastiche when it concerns my favourite characters.

    • 3 3.5 stars An enjoyable mystery with a young, brilliant Mary Russell meeting middle aged Sherlock Holmes, and eventually becoming his apprentice The book covers a series of fairly benign, short cases the two work on together, with Mary demonstrating intelligence, quick thinking and an inclination for action Mary also frequently takes Sherlock to task for his at times Victorian attitudes towards women She s smart, forthright, sensible, hardworking, and an enjoyable character to spend time with S [...]

    • One of the weaknesses of the original Sherlock Holmes canon is that Doyle doesn t offer much in the way of female characters The only woman Holmes genuinely admired, Irene Adler, appears only in A Scandal in Bohemia Watson married at the end of The Sign of Four, but his wife s presence doesn t bulk very large in the novels and stories half the time, Doyle apparently didn t remember whether Watson was supposed to be married or not, just as he couldn t remember if the doctor s war wound was in his [...]

    • When faced with the unthinkable, one chooses the merely impossible.The Beekeeper s Apprentice follows Mary Rusell, who meets the great Sherlock Holmes when she trips over him This book follows their blossoming relationship, starting with their very first cases, moving on to one of the most clever villains ever faced.Sometimes you have to sacrifice a queen in order to save the game.I should start this off by saying I have not read the original Sherlock Holmes books With that said I found the rela [...]

    • 4.5 starsInterested in of my reviews Visit my blog If you re in any way a fan of Sherlock Holmes, this book series is a must read for you I m new to the world of Sherlock Holmes but I immediately loved him following his first book A Study in Scarlet and I desperately wanted to read stories about him.Sherlock Holmes is now a retired beekeeper residing in Sussex Downs Despite the fact that he is retired, his mind is still just as sharp and he still assists the police in solving local cases Sherl [...]

    • Since joining I ve discovered a taste for all sorts of books which I would have ignored only a year ago Some books which I ve read over the past few months have simply not come my way before Others I have made a conscious decision at some point in the past not to read, but have changed my mind about, encouraged by positive reviews or a desire to participate in a group read This book falls into the second category Years ago I read and enjoyed King s Kate Martinelli series although I would be hard [...]

    • This series of which this book is the first follows the exploits of a young woman called Mary Russell living in the earlier half of the twentieth century This books begins in 1915 Mary is an orphan living with her aunt, whom she doesn t get along with, in the English countryside One day while wandering the Sussex Downs reading Virgil, she nearly steps on a man lying on the ground observing bees His name is Sherlock Holmes King handles the inclusion of Holmes well, she even states that this is a [...]

    • Rating Clarification 3.5 StarsIt takes guts to mess with a canon as sacred to fans as the Holmesian one It takes skill and a healthy dose of respect to do it well Author Laurie King shows off all of these traits in abundance in her debut novel featuring famed and beloved master detective Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick John Watson Mary Russell Yep, you heard me, Mary Russell half American, half Jewish, 15 years old at the beginning of the story, and 100% Holmes equal in spirit and intellectual [...]

    • A witty, big hearted book narrated by Sherlock Holmes s teenage apprentice cum partner, Mary Russell It was a delight to be party to Russell and Holmes s verbal parrying and dry humor Mary Russell is a heroine that would be hard not to love, with her unapologetic independence and rampant bookwormery.The dialogue from both main characters is delicious I love passages like this, after Mary asks Holmes if her presence is inconvenient they do make an odd pair To my considerable surprise, Russell, yo [...]

    • I was living my carefree, ignorant life until I decided to visit my best friend last November in Kansas What do best friends do when they get together We hunker down with slouchy pants, greasy processed foods, and keep that Netflix streaming, sugar I introduced her to Flowers in the Attic and other awful films, and on one cold Wednesday, she started me on Sherlock Sometimes I don t know whether I was better off before, when I didn t have to wait for the next year to roll around for a new season [...]

    • Ugh This book The narrator I absolutely hated the style of narration Mary narrates her own story 75 years later Ugh Mary Mary Mary Mary Sue There are SO many incomplete stories and thoughts Mary likes to interrupt the story with a million statements like, But, I didn t realize that until later or But, that s a story for another time I hated that and it happens every two seconds There s an entire 40 million page scene where Mary and Sherlock are in Jerusalem where she only gives a hint of stories [...]

    • I know I read some, maybe all, of the Holmes stories when I was a kid My knowledge of Sherlock Holmes is mostly from the movies, though, including that unfortunate picture in which Basil Rathbone, I mean Holmes, fights the Nazis I just googled and there are three Holmes vs Nazi movies, for god s sake Anyway, this is a perfectly adequate mystery and I m deliberately damning with faint praise , but the book is about the relationship between Holmes and Mary Russell than about the mystery I got kin [...]

    • I had so much fun reading this, and it was much better than I thought it was going to be It totally charmed me It s a good thing Laurie King is such a good writer, and is so good at creating atmosphere and characters you can love, because she was in real danger of stepping in that quicksand trap some writers get stuck and die in, where they take something truly beloved and either try to insert themselves, or completely mangle the original thing that is loved.In this case, of course, that thing i [...]

    • 3.5 stars I used to read this series aaaaaaaaaall the time back in my late teens early 20s, and I remember really enjoying it So when this was a Kindle deal of the day last year, I figured I may as well see if I felt the same on reread And Idid but I also didn t But really, a huge chunk of how I felt about this book this time around was related to the fact that I now work in a school and thanks to Ministerial Order 870, all school employees have had to do a LOT of training about child protection [...]

    • Well, this ended up being wonderfully charming I was three star enjoying it for awhile so I was surprised when the narrator kicked up the pace and turned it into a very suspenseful four stars 15 year old Mary Russell is wandering across the downs with her nose in a book one day and unfortunately almost steps on Sherlock Holmes, who is quite rudely and unexpectedly in her way A verbal fencing match ensues and Sherlock finds, to his utter amazement, that not only does it think but it is in fact fe [...]

    • Daha detayl yorum kitabisevda 2017 02 kiAra ara s k lsam da epey iyiydi San r m Sherlock u izlemekten, okumaktan asla b kmayaca m Mary ise g zel bir tat kat yor Kitapta paragraf giri i olmamas beni rahats z etti, s ylemeden edemeyece im Sherlock sevenlere nerilir bir kad n bile vurgular n g z ard etmek zorunda kal yorsunuz, bunu unutmay n.

    • I became, in other words, like Holmes than the man himself brilliant, driven to a point of obsession, careless of myself, mindless of others, but without the passion and the deep down, inbred love for the good in humanity that was the basis of his entire career He loved the humanity that could not understand or fully accept him I, in the midst of the same human race, became a thinking machine While in the medias the only version I ll every be loyal to is BBC Sherlock, in the literary field I li [...]

    • This book is one that has been recommended to me by quite a few people I probably would have never picked it up, having practically no interest in beekeeping myself although I certainly do think that bees are important SAVE THE BEES , but people kept telling me to read this, read this, read this now So, I finally got around to reading it, only to find that the expectations that I d set for it actually hampered my enjoyment of this book I ve only read one Sherlock Holmes story, the first one, A S [...]

    • Mary Russell, a precocious fifteen year old, is walking with her nose in a book when she trips over Sherlock Holmes The semi retired detective is sitting in the grass in the Sussex Downs observing bees Mary has been recently orphaned, and is living with a difficult aunt until she reaches adulthood Holmes is impressed with the girl s intelligence, her skills of observation, and her powers of deduction He becomes her friend, and later takes her on as an apprentice His housekeeper, Mrs Hudson, acts [...]

    • I really disliked the conceit that the book is a manuscript sent to Laurie King and the resulting first person, memoirish narration The narrator often talks forebodingly of things that will happen later in the novel But the romance is definitely my biggest problem I actually don t have a problem with the way Holmes or Watson were written, and the idea of Holmes as a mentor is fun and intriguing But then my sister told me that Mary and Holmes get married, and as much as I enjoy a May December rom [...]

    • So I finally finished the Beekeepers Apprentice No reason due to the book, sadly life getting in the way of things However I have completed it and I must admit that it was a interesting one On the one had you have yet another Sherlock Holmes story and as you can imagine there are a fair few of those, of varying quality and style to be honest I am not sure if it even warrants its own genre wait for it I am sure someone will tell me there is In this case you are looking at Mr Holmes s apprentice [...]

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