I Curse the River of Time

I Curse the River of Time An enthralling novel of a mother and son s turbulent relationship from the author of Out Stealing HorsesNorway Communism is unraveling all over Europe Arvid Jansen thirty seven is trying to br

  • Title: I Curse the River of Time
  • Author: Per Petterson Charlotte Barslund
  • ISBN: 9781555975562
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An enthralling novel of a mother and son s turbulent relationship from the author of Out Stealing HorsesNorway, 1989 Communism is unraveling all over Europe Arvid Jansen, thirty seven, is trying to bridge the yawning gulf that opened up years earlier between himself and his mother He is in the throes of a divorce, and she has just been diagnosed with cancer.Over a few iAn enthralling novel of a mother and son s turbulent relationship from the author of Out Stealing HorsesNorway, 1989 Communism is unraveling all over Europe Arvid Jansen, thirty seven, is trying to bridge the yawning gulf that opened up years earlier between himself and his mother He is in the throes of a divorce, and she has just been diagnosed with cancer.Over a few intense autumn days, Arvid struggles to find a new footing in his life As he attempts to negotiate the present changes around him, he casts his mind back to holidays on the beach with his brothers, and to the early days of his courtship Most importantly, he revisits the idealism of his communist youth, when he chose the factory floor over the college education his mother had struggled so hard to provide Back then, Arvid s loyalty to his working class background outweighed his mother s wish for him to escape it.As Petterson s masterful narrative shifts effortlessly through the years, we see Arvid tentatively circling his mother, unable to tell her what she already knows he is thinking In its piercing portrait of their layered relationship, I Curse the River of Time bears all the hallmarks of Petterson s compassion for humanity that has won him readers the world over.

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      Petterson knew from the age of 18 that he wanted to be a writer, but didn t embark on this career for many years his debut book, the short story collection Aske i munnen, sand i skoa, Ashes in the Mouth, Sand in the Shoes was published 17 years later, when Petterson was 35 Previously he had worked for years in a factory as an unskilled labourer, as his parents had done before him, and had also trained as a librarian, and worked as a bookseller.In 1990, the year following the publication of his first novel, Pettersen s family was struck by tragedy his mother, father, brother and nephew were killed in a fire onboard a ferry.His third novel Til Sibir To Siberia was nominated for The Nordic Council s Literature Prize, and his fourth novel I kj lvannet In the Wake , which is a young man s story of losing his family in the Scandinavian Star ferry disaster in 1990, won the Brage Prize for 2000.His breakthrough, however, was Ut og stj le hester Out Stealing Horses which was awarded two top literary prizes in Norway the The Norwegian Critics Prize for Literature and the Booksellers Best Book of the Year Awardcmillan author perpet

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    • Fragile images of departure, the village back then.I curse the river of time thirty two years have passed Arvid Jansen, the narrator of the novel, is occupied with own failures Disappointed with youthful ideas, embittered with marriage that is on the rocks, and to cap it all off he just learnt about mother s illness and her unexpected journey to native Denmark, to their summer house On strange impulse Arvid follows her and by the way for a moment escapes own troubles, and the whole novel is a qu [...]

    • But something had happened, nothing hung together any, all things had spaces, had distances between them, like satellites, attracted to and pushed away, at the same instant, and it would take immense willpower to cross those spaces, those distances, much than I had available, much than I had the courage to use.A reader follows Petterson s deliberate prose and reaches layers of profundity tucked away in a coat of simplicity Darkness is cloaked by the gleam of stars beauty covers gloom Somewhere [...]

    • Per se, a long living Per will, say, win the NobelI came to this after reading James Wood s article on Per Petterson s novels, in which Wood receives this novel with a particular benevolence that is beyond criticism, and very close to the region of awe.Though Wood doesn t mention it, but a similar awe that he holds for W.G Sebald might have played its minor role For according to me, Petterson s voice is very Sebaldesque Though if Petterson is a Sebald, he is definitely a different kind of Sebald [...]

    • It s difficult to compare Per Petterson with anyone except Per Petterson His writing is always exquisite and precise and heartbreaking and spare In Out Stealing Horses and To Siberia, each word is used as a brick, building one upon the other, and not one brick is out of place.Per Petterson s craftsmanship is on display here, as it has been in his prior novels Alas, this one, which is explores the relationship between a mother and a son, is static and sluggish than his other works Still, Petters [...]

    • The author makes lots of references about books, especially those of Hemingway and Remarque His protagonist drinks Calvados like the doomed lovers in Remarques novels Though he mocks at Hemingway s behaviour towards Fitzgerald, he imitates Hemingway s style of writing a lot and I m not sure should I hate or love him for it Maybe this resemblance makes the book so alluring I laughed again You and I, I said Just you and I Isn t it fun, she said and she smiled I let the oars rest in the rowlocks Th [...]

    • What a great title It rivals his other book Out Stealing Horses Unfortunately, I felt like cursing the river of Petterson s whiny digressive meandering narrative in this book I know the Scandinavian authors cannot allow any light to slip into their books, lest thy be accused of frivolity, but OMG, you may need a handful of uppers to get through this book Arvid s mother is dying of stomach cancer and Arvid is getting dumped by his wife He takes his two young daughters for outings which consist of [...]

    • It was difficult at first to give myself into Petterson s simple rhythms The story is mostly backstory, and he meanders about his memories and his past life in ways that sometimes seem irrelevant But his wonderful poetic prose the dementing lures described by James Wood in his recent New Yorker review newyorker arts critics kept rescuing me from my impatience.

    • Per Petterson n 1952 Maldito Seja o Rio do Tempo do noruegu s Per Petterson n 1952 , tem como personagem principal Arvid Jansen e o fio condutor da hist ria decorre, essencialmente, de tr s grandes acontecimentos a sua m e tem um cancro no est mago, o seu casamento com 15 anos chega ao fim e a queda do Muro de Berlim.Tr s grandes mudan as morte, div rcio e convuls o geopol tica enquadradas por uma narrativa que se desenvolve e amplia entre a Noruega e a Dinamarca, num conflito geracional entre m [...]

    • But something had happened, nothing hung together any , all things had spaces, had distances between them, like satellites, attracted to and pushed away at the same instant, and it would take immense willpower to cross those spaces, those distances, much than I had available, much than I had the courage to use.In I Curse the River of Time, from some unidentified future year, Arvid Jansen looks back at November of 1989 a month that saw the confluence of three major personal upheavals for him an [...]

    • Translated by Charlotte Barslund.Discarded from London Borough of Lewisham Library.Opening All this happened quite a few years ago 57 TBR Busting 2013Didn t like this navel gazing much at all.Next 5 Out Stealing Horses4 To Siberia4 In the Wake2 It s Fine By Me2 I Curse the River of Time

    • This is a book about endings The narrator Arvid Jansen s marriage is ending His mother has been diagnosed with stomach cancer Arvid s narrative is preoccupied with the vanished structures of his childhood A footbridge once crossed over the reedy shore and accessed the good swimming spots The Palace Theater on the quay is gone The Ferry Inn is now the Bar Sinatra A bar he once frequented moved about two years ago and relocated a few streets down Even the old ferry, the Holger Danske, is in its la [...]

    • There is plenty of compassion in a Per Petterson novel Even with at least three difficult themes wrapped up into one package Death, relationships, and the examination of a life too late in the game now to change This novel was not fun to read, but I am glad I read it Seems I end up liking pretty much everything the man writes The end result for me was in a difficulty overcome, and that is saying something.

    • This book was similar to his other I have read, Out Stealing Horses, in that the first person narrator recalled various events in his life This book did not speak to me in the same way, however.The book switches between the present and these various memories It was occasionally difficult at first to know what time period I was reading Arvid recalls falling in love with an unnamed woman, who I have assumed became his wife though that is not clear , and from whom he is getting a divorce He also re [...]

    • I Curse the River of Time is Per Petterson s newest title, and it feels different from his previous novels For one thing, there is a different feel to the words, almost a jagged and sharp edge to the prose While Out Stealing Horses was almost dreamlike in its beauty and simplicity, this has of an abrupt edge to it That became apparent to me in reading portions of it aloud a cranky baby was resisting sleep and the words felt chunky and awkward, the sentences long and meandering Given the subject [...]

    • blurble It is 1989 Communism is crumbling, and Arvid Jansen, thirty seven, is facing his first divorce At the same time, his mother gets diagnosed with cancer Over a few intense autumn days, we follow Arvid as he struggles to find a new footing in his life while all the established patterns around him are changing at staggering speed I Curse the River of Time is an honest, heartbreaking yet humorous portrayal of a complicated mother son relationship told in Per Petterson s precise and beautiful [...]

    • This is basically a story of a weak character, who bungles the most important moments in his life, either by misunderstanding them, or getting drunk in anticipation of them, or by letting others dominate them.When his mother makes her final pilgrimage to her homeland, terminally sick and with business of her own, he chases after her with his own problems and need for attention Everything, after all, is only about him And he is quite the Lost Boy.I read and totally enjoyed Petterson s OUT STEALIN [...]

    • Review copy from publisherThis seems to be a common theme for me lately reading books I would not normally have read from authors I would not normally choose to read on my own, and absolutely LOVING the hell out them And that is a sad thing, isn t it The thought of having missed out on this novel, of walking by it when it hit the bookstores next month without a flicker of interest had it not been made available to me for review through Graywolf Press, of possibly never having had the experience [...]

    • Man patika, ta u tik liel saj sm k par pa a autora rom nu Prom r zirgus zagt nebiju is darbs lik s sadrumstalot ks, izkais t ks S kums un beigu da a uzrun ja, bet pa vidu nelas j s tik labi, ros un klupu, nebija pl smas un vienojo as saj tas starp tekstu Valoda gan joproj m bija oti skaista, ta u par to vien negribas palielin t zvaig u skaitu Ne oreiz.

    • Petterson first became noticed in the U.S a few years ago with Out Stealing Horses That novel won prizes and admiring reviews and recommendations from writers around the world This is now my fourth novel of his all that have found their way to the states thus far and with it he has joined that short list of writers who when they publish I buy no need to wait for reviews Arvid Jansen is the protagonist of I Curse the River of Time He was also the protagonist of In the Wake In the earlier novel Ar [...]

    • nainte de a ncepe lectura, aflasem doar c este o poveste trist i c Per Petterson are un stil personal de a scrie Am p truns destul de greu n atmosfera romanului pe care l am citit n englez la nceput, pare c nu se nt mpl mai nimic , ba, la un moment dat, chiar am fost tentat s l abandonez i s caut traducerea n limba rom n Am perseverat, totu i, iar povestea m a nv luit n cele din urm cu izul ei melancolic, cu miros de ploaie de sf r it de toamn ntr adev r, Per Petterson are un stil aparte de a sc [...]

    • I wasn t sure if I was going to write a review of this one, because well, it really wasn t the book for me I Curse the River of Time is the story of 37 year old Arvid Jansen, who is going through a divorce and whose mother has been diagnosed with cancer After coming from the doctor and receiving her diagnosis, she abruptly leaves the family home in Oslo and boards a ferry for her native Denmark She s headed for the family s summer house on the coast and Arvid decides to follow her Arvid and his [...]

    • Jeg ble s glad n r det dukket opp en referanse til Faulkner i midten av denne romanen, fordi jeg tenkte p Faulkner hele veien mens jeg leste Aha, tenkte jeg, vi har en skrivehelt til felles, Per Petterson Dette var min f rste Petterson roman Jeg har holdt meg unna altfor lenge De har virket macho og traurige, ensomme menn som r yker sigaretter og mimrer om AKP Og ja, denne romanen handler om en ensom mann som r yker en god del, og han mimrer en god del om AKP Men den er s forbasket godt skrevet [...]

    • Cursing the river of time may be what you want to do, but it s not of much use Time will pass anyway Life, death, divorce, avoided memories and maybe a wasted life Time is certainly turning for Arvid His marriage, his mother and his ideology is dying And he gave up getting an education and possibly lost his family to the latter And still most of it is unsaid and the heavy weight of the unspoken lies over the lack of relationship.This would be a great setup for tragicomedy, but it stays in the ve [...]

    • 2014 y l n n son g nlerinde ald m kitab ailemden izler ta d i in yar m b rakm t m nk Arvid e kendine gel zaman ak p gidiyor diyemiyordum bunun i in de k zg nd m ya da roman tekrar ba tan yazam yordum Bu Per Petterson un hikayesiydi nk ve ben de kendi hikayemdeki insana duyurmal yd m sesimi Bug n ise yar m b rakt m yerden devam ettim okumaya, Arvid e de O insana da hi k zg n de ildim, bir eyler de i mi yerli yerine oturmu sanki Yine de Arvid in Yata n zerine oturup pencereden limana bakt m ve d n [...]

    • This book was described as underwhelming by a few reviewers compared to Out Stealing Horses which I will definitely read I didn t find anything underwhelming about this book It is a beautifully written book translated about the very complex relationship between a mother and son There were so many heart breaking passages, where Arvid the son gives his mother the perfect chance to validate his existence, but she just drops the ball Finally, I would describe this as a sparse book, with no outward a [...]

    • I received a promotional copy of I Curse the River of Time via the GoodReads FirstReads program I Curse the River of Time is a frustratingly brilliant novel, filled with sparse, yet elegant prose that suffers from the lack of proper linear narrative yet somehow manages to drag the reader along on an impressively depressing ride of joy.Does that even make sense Perhaps not, but it doesn t make any less trueAD MORE opinionless book revie

    • If I walk from the college at the corner an down Goteborggata, which I often did, I soon reached the Freia chocolate factory My mother worked there She stood at the assembly line in Confectionery eight hours a day, five days a week, plus overtime and had done so for many years All over Daelenenga and Rodelokka there was the smell of chocolate, of cocoa, in the mornings especially, when the air was sharp and a little damp maybe, and it was only when I had been out drinking too many pints the nigh [...]

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