Nox Nox is an epitaph in the form of a book a facsimile of a handmade book Anne Carson wrote and created after the death of her brother The poem describes coming to terms with his loss through the lens o

  • Title: Nox
  • Author: Anne Carson
  • ISBN: 9780811218702
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nox is an epitaph in the form of a book, a facsimile of a handmade book Anne Carson wrote and created after the death of her brother The poem describes coming to terms with his loss through the lens of her translation of Poem 101 by Catullus for his brother who died in the Troad Nox is a work of poetry, but arrives as a fascinating and unique physical object Carson paNox is an epitaph in the form of a book, a facsimile of a handmade book Anne Carson wrote and created after the death of her brother The poem describes coming to terms with his loss through the lens of her translation of Poem 101 by Catullus for his brother who died in the Troad Nox is a work of poetry, but arrives as a fascinating and unique physical object Carson pasted old letters, family photos, collages and sketches on pages The poems, typed on a computer, were added to this illustrated book creating a visual and reading experience so amazing as to open up our concept of poetry.

    • [PDF] Unlimited Û Nox : by Anne Carson
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    • Anne Carson

      Anne Carson is a Canadian poet, essayist, translator and professor of Classics Carson lived in Montreal for several years and taught at McGill University, the University of Michigan, and at Princeton University from 1980 1987 She was a 1998 Guggenheim Fellow and in 2000 she was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship She has also won a Lannan Literary Award.Carson with background in classical languages, comparative literature, anthropology, history, and commercial art blends ideas and themes from many fields in her writing She frequently references, modernizes, and translates Ancient Greek literature She has published eighteen books as of 2013, all of which blend the forms of poetry, essay, prose, criticism, translation, dramatic dialogue, fiction, and non fiction She is an internationally acclaimed writer Her books include Antigonick, Nox, Decreation, The Beauty of the Husband A Fictional Essay in 29 Tangos, winner of the T.S Eliot Prize for Poetry Economy of the Unlost Autobiography of Red, shortlisted for the National Book Critics Circle Award and the T.S Eliot Prize, Plainwater Essays and Poetry, and Glass, Irony and God, shortlisted for the Forward Prize Carson is also a classics scholar, the translator of If Not, Winter Fragments of Sappho, and the author of Eros the Bittersweet Her awards and honors include the Lannan Award, the Pushcart Prize, the Griffin Trust Award for Excellence in Poetry, a Guggenheim fellowship, and a MacArthur Fellowship Her latest book, Red Doc, was shortlisted for the 2013 T.S Elliot Prize.

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    • I m pretty thoroughly depressed after reading this Actually after reading it twice in one sitting and after watching the second half of Kie lowski s sixth film in the Decalogue series I m now feeling pretty fucking bleak Both the film and this book deal with the unknowableness of the other In the film a young man is in love with an older woman whom he spies on from his bedroom He watches her with lovers, stalks her, steals her mail, makes phone calls to her and then hangs up and does other creep [...]

    • If, possibly, one could describe what Nox is as a work of abstract poetry it could possibly be considered a kind of meta elegy Because, in many different ways Nox is a haunting work that talks about the elegiac mode while existing as an elegy in and of itself The title itself appears to be from the Latin for different variations of night or nightfall therefore reflecting the age old idea of death being like sleeping or passing into shadow The book itself is structured like a journal with the int [...]

    • An elegy for an older brother Carson grew up with but she didn t know as an adult, really The last twenty two years of his life, she had five phone calls from him Two weeks after he died she was contacted by his last wife, who revealed that the love of his life was really another woman he had never married We learn Carson s mother mourned his loss for much of her life We don t know much about Carson s own relationship to her brother Not really.Carson is the amazing Canadian classicist and poet a [...]

    • I purchased this beautiful artefact for my girlfriend last Xmas and received not the rapturous response required A year later, I had a look Too many verso entries from the Latin dictionary fail to spoil this quietly affecting and visually calorific tribute to a mercurial dead brother It is the sort of thing that one might appreciate in the wake of a loss, as Michael Silverblatt explains in this Bookworm episode, on which Anne Carson reads a poem from the book in Latin.

    • Some straightforward observations about Anne Carson s elegy Nox it comes in a large box, like a rectangular room Inside the box is a free floating accordion style book, which though beautiful is difficult to hold comfortably in the hand it bends and twists as one turns the pages The book the room opens with an elegy by Catullus for his dead brother, in the original Latin, whose physical appearance is smudged and water stained, and whose import is, of course, obscure to non Latin speaking readers [...]

    • In scrapbook form, Anne Carson has set out to create an epitaph portrait of her brother True to scrapbook form, Nox is an assemblage of fragments Her brother, too, is portrayed as a fragmented person His voice was like his voice with something else crusted on it, black, dense She withholds his name until the end Even then, she does not provide his birth name, but his assumed name having changed his name after running away to escape arrest.Their relationship, too, is fragmented he phoned me maybe [...]

    • Prowling the meanings of a word, prowling the history of a person, no use expecting a flood of light Human words have no main switch But all those little kidnaps in the dark And then the luminous, big, shivering, discandied, unrepentant, barking web of them that hangs in your mind when you turn back to the page you were trying to translate Anne Carson, NOX To read NOX is like unwinding an ancient scroll, or following a frieze around the porch of a temple, or tracing a history twisting down a co [...]

    • I don t have much to say about this work except that it is the highest purest most beautiful thing a human being can create to honor someone who has passed away No other epitaph could surpass this one.

    • I picked this up last night, the title seemed to demand it, when I couldn t sleep and read it three times in one sitting It was quite touching and left me in a mellow, somber mood remembering ghosts I would have cried, i think, if that was something that came easy to me, and then at the end of my third reading at least sad was calm enough for me to fall asleep.Nox is an elegy to Carson s brother, a coming to terms with loss and the unknowability of an Other, through the translation of an ancient [...]

    • Negotiations with preposterous debt owed to night Original accordian in a box form, old obscure photos, handwritten frags, definitions scans sometimes of wrinkled pages , classical refs, Basho David Shields book Reality Hunger A Manifesto 6712580 would love it Could probably never be than it is, by which I mean not to demean it little than nox strips of light at night in a box , considering the abstract relationship she apparently had with her troubled absent older bro.

    • the first time I reviewed this, 7 years ago, I thought it was kind of cold and pretentious and wrote a goofy review now I m reading it again and it is incredibly sad and lovely and beautifully made, so now I feel like a jerk gonna add a star and tell me from 7 years ago to have a heart, jeez louise

    • This is possibly the most beautifully printed book I have ever seen, art books included It s like magic, I can t even imagine how they did it If fire broke out in my apartment house I would grab it, fleeing.

    • udesna knjiga udesna Sekira koja razbija led u nama i vi e od toga artefakt, novi koncept poezije, udarac u glavu, du u i srce Podsticaj za obnavljanje anti ke poezije i za duboku kontemplaciju.

    • The following was written for The Millions A Year in Reading feature, 12 20 12, occurred to me I should also post it here Published as poetry, Anne Carson s Nox is closer by far to W.G Sebald s Austerlitz than to any book of pocketable lyrics Ultimately uncategorizable, this physically onomatopoetic facing of the death of a long absent, long estranged brother comes as effects or ashes do in a box The pages not sewn, not glued, but accordion folded into one inseparable, extendable fan of grief On [...]

    • I had to read this book of poetry for my Modern Elegy English course at my school and I found it very interesting This was the first elegy we had read by a female author, even though we are well over half way through our quarter I found the poems themselves very convoluted, but they were still fascinating.I loved the structure of the book itself It was made to look like a continuous piece of paper, much like a timeline to which someone s life may be measured against I thought it was really cool [...]

    • A powerful, fascinating book A different kind of poetry A searching for a dead brother and the meaning of his life and their relationship An exploration of loss.Too complicated for a quick review I will think about this book and write a review later.

    • Nox, is Greek Latin, meaning 1 Night, 2 Darkness, 3 Dream, 4 Confusion, 5 Ignorance, 6 Death The Greek or Latin English transations of words from the Catullus elegy show how many meanings or what depth a single word may have, such as Nox which summarizes many of the themes of the book Nox Frater Nox the title beneath the cover of Anne Carson s book Frater means 1 Brother, 2 Friend, lover, 3 Sibling, 4 Brethren, 5 Monk On the majority of the left pages of Carson s book are cut out and pasted defi [...]

    • An exploration of loss, of death and absence, in Anne Carson s always unique cross genre style Here, she uses a poem famous in latin classes across the world, Catallus 101, in which Catallus grieves the death of this brother, as a mirror in which to reflect the loss of her own estranged brother himself haunted by the death of his one true love who killed himself 4 days short of a meeting they were going to have after a 20 year separation The technique is presenting the Catallus poem being transl [...]

    • I certainly acknowledge that I am in the minority with my bleak two star rating of this well loved book and if there was a separate category for the idea separate from the book itself, I would give Anne Carson 5 stars for sure.The author created this book after the death of her brother in effort to come to terms of his life and death She did this though a series of poems, definition of words, pictures and other things meaningful to her The book is thick, unusually shaped with fold out pages that [...]

    • It is when you are asking about something that you realize you yourself have survived it, and so you must carry it, or fashion it into a thing that carries itself The thing here is NOX, a hybrid text which elegizes Carson s estranged brother She explores the subjects of language, etymology, history, and kinship in an attempt to understand her brother The classicist poet presents her search through lexicon entries as well as the brother s letters, dialogue recounted , family photographs, translat [...]

    • a lovely projectfeels like a dangerously vulnerable record of her complicated feelings towards her brother s death Could ve used with less of the clinical definitions and of her actual writing Still, it was genius, and felt like such a privilege to read it.

    • Goodness I had such a hard time returning this item to the library Oh, Anne Carson I have such a crush on thee.

    • Throughout the Nox, Carson re presents absence to contemplate upon her memories of her brother Michael, to try to understand loss and to confront the fact that knowing a person is no of an endeavour of an intransparent act Through the act of remembering, she brings the absent into the present, connects what is lost to what is here Each word, image or pencil mark becomes a document of an attempt to reach proximity yet to get close only to the realm of what is inaccessible, at the same time As re [...]

    • To call Anne Carson s staggering Nox a book of poetry is not quite accurate, for both its physical and psychic dimensions transcend traditional taxonomies of genre Nox is many things an artist s book, a journal, a collage, an elegy, a meditation on grief, and a souvenir, in the literal sense It is a powerful statement of personal loss couched in a language of classical rigor, a spiritual exorcism given artifactual manifestation.To start with Nox s physical attributes the book is a careful facsim [...]

    • Anne Carson seems to exist in a strange literary no mans land not quite post modern enough, not quite classicist enough, etc but I ve always enjoyed her books, her phrasing is tight and unfussy, and to I ve always been biased towards writers with a good handle of economy, because that s my weakness as a writer Nox is the memoir of the loss of Carson s brother, told in interspersed fragmentary prose, photographs, letters and, according to , elements of Catullus Carmen 101 These last fragments app [...]

    • I ve been meaning to read this since it came out I got it from the library and if anyone wants to get it for me for Christmas or my birthday April , I d be fine with that I d like this one for my shelves It seems like a grief memoir, and it is, but it s also a translation attempt, failed, according to Carson, of Catallus 101, an elegy for a brother The etymologies included are powerful and interesting, but as it dawns on you that this is part of the research for the translation, the dimensions e [...]

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