Annabel Scheme

Annabel Scheme Annabel Scheme is a detective story set in an alternate San Francisco where the digital and the occult live side by side It s a short snappy read about pages Kindle locations and perfect

  • Title: Annabel Scheme
  • Author: Robin Sloan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 108
  • Format: ebook
  • Annabel Scheme is a detective story set in an alternate San Francisco where the digital and the occult live side by side It s a short, snappy read about 128 pages 128,000 Kindle locations and perfect for people who like Sherlock Holmes, Douglas Adams, ghosts and or the internet Finally, it makes a great Kindle gift In Scheme s San Francisco, an indie rocker s newAnnabel Scheme is a detective story set in an alternate San Francisco where the digital and the occult live side by side It s a short, snappy read about 128 pages 128,000 Kindle locations and perfect for people who like Sherlock Holmes, Douglas Adams, ghosts and or the internet Finally, it makes a great Kindle gift In Scheme s San Francisco, an indie rocker s new tracks are climbing the charts, even though the rocker herself is long dead A devout gamer has gone missing, and the only trace of him that remains is inside his favorite game, the blockbuster MMORPG called World of Jesus And the richest man in the city, the inventor of the search engine called Grail, might just have made a deal with a devil Meanwhile, Annabel Scheme has just hired herself a Watson, an A.I assistant who s now learning the ropes on a case that will quickly transform into Scheme s biggest and possibly her last.Come on Fog City is waiting.

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      Robin Sloan is the author of the novels Mr Penumbra s 24 Hour Bookstore and Sourdough He grew up near Detroit and now splits his time between the Bay Area and the internet.

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    • Let s call it3.4 stars.This is an interesting little curio by the author of the fantastic Mr Penumbra s 24 Hour Bookstore While it lacks that tale s magical allure, this novella has a lot of interesting stuff happening demon eBay, a weirdly transformed San Francisco, intelligent and sentient computer servers s just a little, well, weird Which is not a bad thing I think Sloan could master this format if he wants This tale just feels a little bit all over the place Still, a worthwhile read for Pen [...]

    • I have two books on my Kindle at the moment that were funded by Kickstarters, neither of which I participated in One is awkwardly and choppily written, with cardboard characters and no sense of humour This is the other one.Set in an alternate world in which Google s place is filled by a company called Grail a brilliant name for a search engine, by the way , and s by Open Britannica , Annabel Scheme is difficult to categorize Is it a detective novel An urban fantasy A technothriller with a touch [...]

    • This is really like 3.5 stars The ideas are fun but there are too many for the length I would have loved a full novel to explore of it for longer I suppose this is a reflection of the crowd funded process when something is written outside the normal method you know, with editing But virtual worlds near future San Francisco quantum computers detective stories falafel if you like those things you are likely to enjoy it.

    • I m not sure what I think of this Kindle novella It s too weird It starts as a PI comedy It proceeds as an odd kind of mystery, on the intersection between the internet and demons It ends in a tragedy, with an assortment of loose ends still dangling And in between, there are too many unanswered questions But all the same, it was an absorbing read, very much 21st century Although I m not sure I liked it, never once did I want to abandon the book, so I can t give it less than 3 stars The protagoni [...]

    • aaaahhhh this is awesome except it is too short annabel scheme is a well thought out, creative, and somewhat unique story that takes all of the fun stuff of life and puts it in the same pot so first thing, as sloan does so well in penumbra, the real function and ability of computers it is frustrating how dependent on technology our culture is and how little the people understand about how it works making a server a character is a pretty ingenious way to humanize something we typically dismiss be [...]

    • Alternate Universe Speculative Cyberpunk Detective Fiction Annabel Scheme runs a detective agency specializing in digital and occult cases Her partner, Hu, lives in a server farm and watches the world through Annabel s earrings They just took a case Someone s distributing new music, made by dead artists It s impossible, but ever since the Shard went up, San Francisco s seen its share of the impossible.Five stars Excellent world building with an economy of words my favorite kind because it s so h [...]

    • Excellent short story, crazy that it is available for free This and Penumbra cement Robin Sloan as my favorite new author, and one to watch over the next few years

    • So I like everything about the concept.An alternative SF, where the startups are less FinTech and OccultTech A private investigator Some weird stuff.Sloan does a good bit of developing this world from Grail Google , to the coffee shop, to Fog City, to online gaming it s all fascinating.But there s no story attached I never feel like I relate to either of the main characters Scheme or her intern, Hu , the case they start investigating at the start is boring and resolved halfway through, and then [...]

    • Just changed my rating from 5 to 4 stars because upon reflection I felt it was basically the first few chapters of a longer book, and he should have gone ahead and finished it If this was the first installment of a serial, I d have been thrilled, but I don t think it is.Despite my complaints about what wasn t right about this book, I still give it a high rating because I really enjoy Sloan s writing and world building I liked the setup I liked the action There just wasn t enough of it.The world [...]

    • It was ok Not as good as Mr Penumbras 24 hour bookstore I did love that Annabel s assistant is a server named Hu and the story is told from Hu s PIV It is definitely quirky and a little dark I do find this author very interesting He started a kickstarter campaign to fund this book and depending upon your gift level, you were able to give early feedback and provide input.

    • Another amazing Robin Sloan novel, this time set in an alternate San Francisco and the reality of technology and the internet in our lives.

    • Terrible, stupid, dumb Characters are weird, too much not explained, depends on your computer knowledge, I guess

    • This book was the same but different from both of Sloan s other works However, it was just as enjoyable and hard to put down

    • From the author s website This is a story about a Sherlock Holmes for the 21st century Holmes is a woman, Watson is an AI, all the good cases are on the Internet, and something very strange has happened to San Francisco The publisher s review compared this work to Douglas Adams Big talk, but Robin Sloan has delivered with Mr Penumbra s 24 hour bookstore, so maybe the comparison is earned Completely independent of that other work as excellent as it was this book stands on its own and stands tall [...]

    • Fun Not exactly light hearted Weird Interesting Digital, mostly Some occult the really weird and largely unpleasant kind Most characters you want to know about Some you truly wish had a different ending Plot was twisty, a few WTH moments, but mostly solid plotting Several areas I would love to see revisited.I loved the world, I really did But this is one I would only visit Sporadically Cause I fear it is littered with rabbit holes But a few books into it, and I can see really really really weir [...]

    • You are now a member of the Committee to Locate Annabel Scheme Where is she The next page Well that s where she was Now they only know where she isn t and they have to tell you how she got not there This is a very interesting novel, set in an alternate reality version of San Francisco where it s not Google that blows up, it s Grail And Grail has quantum computers And quantum computers don t just make searches faster and reliable, they permanently alter the fabric of this and other realities Whi [...]

    • Sloan s first novella is a fun roller coaster ride through a bizarro San Francisco with quantum instabilities, sentient servers, ghosts, and demons It s partly an SF cyberpunk story, partly a mystery with a quirky techie female Sherlock and a humorous computer as Watson, and partly a mirror world exploration of technology and Bay Area culture The story is narrated by a sentient computer server named Hu and, while this may seem gimmicky, Hu s narration is consistently the best part of this novell [...]

    • I read this so fast because its super short around 130 pages I got it because I loved the author s book, Mr Penumbra s 24 hour Bookstore This one is also set in San Francisco, but in an alternate universe of San Fran, and is a mystery of a different type.To be honest, it was just too weird for me Very smart But very weird There were demons and people coming back from the dead and they go into a video game at one point, and I m usually cool with demons and ghosts but I just wasn t expecting that [...]

    • So much fun to read I really wanted it to be longer Part Sam Spade, part X Files, part cyberpunk, this little book and I was apparently favored in that I was loaned one of the limited number of physical copies printed presented an alternate San Francisco where gaming avatars are sentient and quantum computers bleed their influence into the physical landscape Annabel Scheme is a private detective whose assistant is an AI a server called Hu, who is also the narrator Hu lives in and sees the world [...]

    • Those of you who follow the book reviews will recognize this name Remember Mr Penumbra s 24 Hour Books Store Remember that freaking genius Robin Sloan Yeah, here s another creation of his that is mind blowing.Annabel is a Sherlock Holmes character Hu is her AI Watson It s set in a wild future that is strangely believable Like Penumbra s And it s this brilliant mashup of sci fi, supernatural, sleuthing awesomeness.I don t know if I talked about this, but I found Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, [...]

    • 3 4 3.5 That was like getting on a ride at a theme park you think will be cute and fun kinda like a 24 hour bookstore , but at the end, after the eyeless hackers and demons and angry ghosts you re like Maybe that was fun But I don t think I want to ride that one again I loved Annabel and Hu, and the alt world, really I did I was really really getting into them during the first part of the book I d love to read about them again, even But after that first very enjoyable bit, there was a whiplash t [...]

    • I wanted a short book to read and came across this on my Kindle with no memory of buying it It turns out that I did because I had read the author s Mr Penumbra s 24 Hour Bookstore and loved it This novella was completely different It s an odd mish mash mystery, futuristic noir, quantum computers, characters inside video games just rather odd, all in all, and I was totally on board It s my kind of quirky The story feels complete at the end but with another mystery setting up future installments i [...]

    • I generally avoid self published books, but the fact that this is an established author that I ve heard good things about changed my mind as did the premise of a Sherlock Holmes type character with an AI as a Watson Brilliant The book was already very short, but to me it would actually read better as a series of short stories maybe something like Sarah Monette s The Bone Key collection There s clearly story to be told here, so I wonder if the author is planning to revisit this universe Well wri [...]

    • I am part of the campaign to find and rescue Annabel Scheme This is a really interesting well crafted story set in the near future but also featuring demons so yeah that s good theres a demon internet now that s an idea I like 2 good central characters even if one of them is a server I would highly recommend you pick this up as a nice easy read with some interesting concepts, hope that there are a few tales of Annabel to come along.For the Douglas Adams fans this has a touch of Dirk Gently whic [...]

    • I had to check this one out after I read Mr Sloan s other work, and I liked this one as well, it was different than the 24 Hour Book Store universe, but in a good way It has elements of a dystopian future as well as a mystery to be solved, and it blends them together well Super computers have wreaked havoc on San Francisco, demons are real and they will trade you your wildest desires for whatever you are willing to give up, and this has led to some bad things happening that need to be dealt with [...]

    • I picked up Annabel Scheme after reading Mr Penumbra s 24 Hour Book Store I wanted to see what his other writing was like beyond the shorts posted on his site, so this seemed a good way to go.Overall, I loved the concept and the world Scheme and Hu inhabited The Grail Fog City situation was interesting and I liked the idea of blending the occult with the internet in such an amusing way.Beyond that, it felt shortish and underdeveloped at times, as if it were a frame for a larger project Still, I [...]

    • 11 11 11 13 2016 re read A very original novella crossing AI, immersive technology and The Silk Road with some very Neil Gaimanish elements.This is a free book on Robin Sloan s website author of Mr Penumbra s 24 Hour Bookstore and you should go download it now And read it Now I think we can expect great things from Mr Sloan.An excellent novella I wonder if we ll see of Annabel Scheme With the success of Mr Penumbra s 24 Hour Bookstore Mr Sloan should have some freedom to do what he wants, and I [...]

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