Hidden Warrior

Hidden Warrior The second volume of a thrilling fantasy adventure trilogy filled with necromancy and bone chilling magic from the bestselling US author of the Nightrunner series

  • Title: Hidden Warrior
  • Author: Lynn Flewelling
  • ISBN: 9780007113101
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback
  • The second volume of a thrilling fantasy adventure trilogy filled with necromancy and bone chilling magic from the bestselling US author of the Nightrunner series.

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    • UmMs Flewellingy I call you Lynnokay, Ms Flewellingif you ever see this review, I want you to know that this rating review is a reflection of MY FAILURE and not yours I don t think this is a bad book and I don t think there are serious flaws in its execution I think the lack of happy units I gained from this read is because sometimes I suck as a reader and pick up the wrong book at the wrong time What I am trying to say is that it s met you Let me explain For me and maybe for a lot of us my enjo [...]

    • 7 10 Hear the Dream of Hyradin And so came the Beautiful One, the Eater of Death, to strip the bones of the world First clothed in Man s Flesh it came, crowned with a dread helm of darkness and none could stand against this One but Four.First shall be the Guardian, a vessel of light in the darkness Then the Shaft and the Vanguard, who shall fail and yet not fail if the Guide, the Unseen One, goes forth And at the last shall again be the Guardian, whose portion is bitter, bitter as gall when they [...]

    • Readers new to the fantasy genre might do best to begin with THE BONE DOLL S TWIN before trying this book, though Flewelling works hard at layering in needed backstory But the world she has built is complex, and the action non stop, which might make it difficult for a young reader, or someone just trying fantasy for the first time, to assemble all the clues quickly enough to stay with the headlong pace In HIDDEN WARRIOR Tobin, the protagonist, wakes up after a harrowing experience in which he di [...]

    • A worthy sequel to The Bone Doll s Twin I didn t find it QUITE as wrenching and creepy as the first book, possibly because much of the mystery surrounding Tobin s and Brother s origins has been cleared up and Tobin knows who and what he is, now But this is an excellent middle book, and I am going to go insane if Flewelling doesn t get writing

    • Hidden WarriorORObvious Warrior, Hidden VaginaI had trouble putting this book down I knew how this book had to end, generally I knew that going into this series But knowing a general ending didn t stop me from wanting to see how it got there, to see how the characters react to every event, struggle through them, avoid getting into trouble.This is drama This is what it does Damn is it good when it s done well.I like the delicate brush Flewelling uses to paint the gender issues in this one There [...]

    • 3.5 Originally posted at FanLit.fantasyliterature reviHidden Warrior is the second installment in Lynn Flewelling s TAMIR TRIAD about Tobin, the rightful heir to the throne of Skala who is being magically hidden as a girl until it s time for her to challenge the king As this book begins, Tobin has just discovered the horrifying truth about himself, but he must still stay hidden until it s time for the big reveal He s now living at the castle as a Companion to the prince He s nervous about the fu [...]

    • The second novel in The Tamir Triad trilogy loses none of the charm of the first In fact, it makes an already intriguing world downright amazing I loved how the characters are developed and the faint stirrings of romance between the two main characters promises that the conclusion to the trilogy will pack a punch in than one way So the pace continued in its languid manner and I m not gonna lie, I did for a minute or two wish they could just hurry up and get the reveal over with However, at the [...]

    • I recently re read this novel with hopes to have a chance to give it a better review this time More to come tomorrow

    • I thought this whole series was brilliant I ve never been what anyone would call a fast reader, but this book was so riveting that I read it 550 pages in 8 days That is somewhat of a record for me Recommend wholeheartedly to any who love epic fantasy This one has plenty of swords and sorcery but with many unique twists Just traditional enough to hit the spot, but not so traditional that you feel you ve read it all before Also has a uniquely spooky sensibility that will appeal to those who are in [...]

    • These books are driving me nuts They have so much potential but they just miss the mark every time A boy grows up to find out he s a girl not a spoiler and he just shrugs it off Really I need MORE from these characters I need them to care This book is very much filler between the big reveal and the climax and unfortunately there s way too much tell and not enough show Here s hoping book 3 finally delivers.

    • This is my kind of blend Fantasy, drama, action and a great prose closing some of the plot threads before the end is even near Did I mention this trilogy deserved to be in between Robin Hobb and Jacqueline Carey s in your shelves

    • I m loving my commute and I finished this audiobook in just a work week Hidden Warrior is yet again another hit from Lynn Flewelling, an author who I think deserves attention She can make you feel for characters like nobody else, and doesn t need grand scale plots or life endangering scenes to do so.We follow the lives of Tobin and Ki who I thought was written Kai for the entirety of the two books and get of what I loved in The Bone Doll s Twin The dialogue was well written, and the narrator [...]

    • This review contains no spoilers if you have already read the first installment The Bone Doll s Twin If you haven t read that and don t want it s plot spoiled, then what are you even doing reading this sequel review Go away.This story has a gay side character, and the main character is gender queerh maybe that s the wrong word But don t get excited.Hidden Warrior is mainly concerned with how Prince Tobin deals with recently learned knowledge that he was born a girl, and was made to appear as a b [...]

    • In this second book of the trilogy, Tobin struggles with the knowledge of his true sex and is finally revealed as Tamir, a girl child hidden away by magic to avoid execution by the cruel king Will her Companions still accept her Will her best friend Ki This book is something of a cross between the classic Alanna series and Woolf s Orlando We have a similar story about a young woman disguised as a man who wants nothing than to be a warrior, but must challenge social s to do so We also have a sim [...]

    • The Tamir Trilogy is truly a proper trilogy that is, a single story, broken up into three volumes, as opposed to a series of self contained, interconnected books Book 2 Hidden Warrior continues the story, as Tobin tries to fit in at court with her cousin, the Prince, the other noble children, and their squires By this point in the trilogy, Tobin knows the truth about herself, leaving her to not only to cope with her own destiny, but to struggle with a secret that threatens to change everything a [...]

    • Maybe it s because I don t have to listen to that annoying narrator who weights every word with unnecessary significance as I m reading this one, but many of the problematic elements such as clunky writing have disappeared in this second book Since it was a holiday I spent the whole day reading and stayed up late, late, late reading it The plot was nicely carried along and if the whole business of cutting a bone from one s side and peeling off one s skin in a ball of fire is a leetle bit over th [...]

    • Though not quite as good as The Bone Doll s Twin, Hidden Warrior is still engaging My only complaint is that it went on about two hours longer than it should have There was a perfect ending point to this second installment of The Tamir Triad about 10 15 chapters before it actually ended The ending should have been the beginning of 3 As with the first installment, the narration is excellent.

    • I am really enjoying this series I don t know why no one on my friends list here has read it or even marked it as to read maybe this is just an unknown author This series so far is reminiscent of the first Farseer trilogy Both series start out with boys growing up in a royal household, training for their destiny , and they both have important powerful adult protectors Both stories have a good plot, and great characters The friendship between Tobin and Ki reminds me of the Fitz and Fool friendshi [...]

    • Fantasy novel, fast paced reading, but sadly missing any substantial depth both in character and in plot Considering the gender change this book is centred around I would ve expected angst off the battlefield Or humour.I expected from the book, though I shouldn t have, I guess As a thirteen year old I would ve been satisfied Now, I am not so excited.

    • Loved this book The idea of the rightful heir Tobin knowing of his her true sex and struggling with gender identity while trying to fulfill the prophecy of a Queen so good And the characters have depth, even minor characters.Can t wait for the thrid book of the trilogy.

    • I am loving this series High fantasy, lots of details Dark days, dark storyline but there is the possibility of light and I am SO EXCITED to read the final book in the trilogy Good stuff.

    • I wanted to love this story I thought it was very well written and I enjoyed the characters and most of the plot.There was just one issue this is not a book about a trans character.And that isn t an issue with the book itself, but with my expectations.The second Tobin becomes physically female his pronouns change to feminine I didn t find the lack of concern troubling, it reminded me positively of Orlando by Virginia Woolf What did trouble me is that there s no point where Tobin feels she is a g [...]

    • 3.5 again This series continues to be interesting and frustrating This book and the first in the trilogy could have been combined At places it just draaags So many long battle scenes The mage stuff is bo ring But the worldbuilding and characters are neat But every time we get to an interesting idea, particularly one rooted in the gender identity issues inherent in the premise, it s either shied away from why is a queen better than a king anyway Like, is there a reason it needs to be a daughter o [...]

    • There was no way I could not read this for no other reason than to find out what happened to Ki My little sweetheart, in the wrong place at the wrong time Damn you, Iya, you messed up little wizard with no emotion beyond your desire to fulfill the prophecy view spoiler If Ki had died, I would not have continued this The end hide spoiler So, the story continues and once again, the author satisfies with complex characters and relationships, kingdoms with a strong medieval undercurrents and plot po [...]

    • This book was wonderful and the beginning of the novel showed how Tobin was starting meld within his new place at court The thing is as the book progressed I was slowly getting and annoyed at my favorite characters and I don t know how I felt about that To prevent from spoilers I recommend reading the next installment but be prepared.

    • Imagine The Lioness Quartet, but better can t say how without spoilers and for grownups LGBT positive and feminist.

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