Traitor's Moon

Traitor s Moon Seregil and Alec have spent the last two years in self imposed exile far from their adopted homeland Skala and the bitter memories there But their time of peace is shattered by a desperate summons

  • Title: Traitor's Moon
  • Author: Lynn Flewelling
  • ISBN: 9780553577259
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Seregil and Alec have spent the last two years in self imposed exile, far from their adopted homeland, Skala, and the bitter memories there But their time of peace is shattered by a desperate summons from Queen Idrilain, asking them to aid her daughter on a mission to Aurenen, the very land from which Seregil was exiled in his youth.

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    • Like the first two volumes of the series, this book constantly frustrated me because it could have been so much better if the plot had simply been handed over to a better prose stylist There s really not much wrong with the plot itself not in the classics category, for sure, but there are enough complications and twists and turns and opportunities for emotional drama to keep most everyone happy Unfortunately, Flewelling just doesn t have the talent to make the most of that plot There s no grand [...]

    • This installment felt somewhat transitional to me, coming after the interconnected, myth arcs to the brim feeling of the first two books This feeling makes even sense now that LF has said the fourth and fifth Nightrunner books will be a two parter of the same story, as well This book is absolutely necessary for Seregil, who was in some ways ruined by the events of SD Seregil needs this book to be able to deal with his issues including those pesky ones from his childhood so that he and Alec can [...]

    • MAN do I love the Nightrunner series.After the emotionally charged events of Stalking Darkness, Seregil and Alec are asked to go with Princess Klia to Aur nen to begin talks to repeal the Edict The Skalan war with Plenimar isn t going so great, and Queen Idrilain desperately needs the aid of the Aur nfaie, whose borders have long been closed to Skala.There are so many things I love about these books, and one of many is the adventure and exploration of it all I really enjoy stories where the char [...]

    • 4.5 starsThis is the 3rd book in the nightrunner series, which follows sweet young Alec of Kerry and the loveable rogue that is Seregil of Rhiminee as they go on their sword fighting, horse riding adventures It s basically your standard epic fantasy except, like, homosexuality is a thing and not all the women are prostitutes Admittedly my knowledge of epic fantasy is exclusively game of thrones so I m really just speculating.I read the first two books in this series last year and, although I enj [...]

    • Seregil and Alec have left Rhiminee, and are living in the wilds of Skala, as far from civilization as they can get Seregil is still recovering from the emotional trauma he suffered at the end of Darkness, and the only person he wants anything to do with is Alec Alec has finally or less completed his training, and the two are now equals, and lovers Their idyllic existence is interrupted when Seregil recieves a summons from the Queen of Skala, who asks him to accompany her daughter on a diplomat [...]

    • Having essentially wrapped up her major storyline in Stalking Darkness, Flewelling explores Seregil s complicated past and homeland in this third installment of her excellent Nightrunner fantasy series Traitor s Moon is the least satisfying of the three, however, for several reasons First, Flewelling inexplicably eshews the swift action adventure storylines that propelled this series to greatness by instead narrowly focusing on the rather mundane and static political machinations of Seregil s na [...]

    • NightModeReading Well, I m happy the illusion of some magical Lord of the Rings elven forest was broken There s great things in this book, but really, I came to dislike the fae a great deal I can t seem to get into Seregil and Alec being a pair either, their relationship is so odd, and in a sense it s amazing how much they seem to simply just be friends, but then I don t know But don t let me digress, 4 out of 5 for this baby, and I will, absolutely, continue with the series.

    • Warning This review contains major spoilers Proceed at your peril.I enjoyed this book so much when I wasn t worrying about mpreg I read these books about the time I started to get into slash and I think that actually contributed to my feeling that the writing was so bad it was good and it certainly contributed to my worry that there would be mpreg Flewelling feels like a slash fan, at least in these trilogies I have no idea if she is or not I know of a few published authors who are but that was [...]

    • My first impression was, fortunately, mistaken Thero figures prominently enough in this, and we re shown a little growth most of which has happened off screen However, that s not enough to help this book The long passages of blatant exposition info dump are back, and the plot could be that of any political intrigue book there was nothing that made it actually fantasy other than the names The dashes of magic were just to do what ordinary smoke and mirrors would have done in a magic less world, an [...]

    • This review is for the first three volumes of the Nightrunner Series, it does however exclude the following volumes, which in my opinion differ strongly from the first 3.I realise I find it hard to start writing a review for these books The first three volumes of the Nightrunner Series are definately part of my favorite books ever Within the genre of fantasy, they set such high standarts that many other books appear shallow beside them The books are full of great and often innovative plot ideas [...]

    • I enjoyed this book very much However, one thing I found askew from the general feel of the series was the apparent lack of thrilling action Having followed the characters through shady streets and war ravaged country, Aurenen land seemed too bland I read the book with a constant dread, always expecting a criminal to pop up at the next page turn And they never did And for a land supposedly magical, it wasn t all that exciting.As other readers have pointed, Seregil seemed much too subdued and sub [...]

    • I feel a little conflicted about this third book in the series On the one hand, it s still much better than most of what I read On the other hand, it s sort of transitional Te books in the series are very different in style The first one is a detective, the second an epic, this one has elements of a detective again, but demons that must be hunted are mostly inner It s all about Seregil, he learns himself in this book and sorts out his past and present.The writing changes greatly from book to boo [...]

    • First of all, Lynn Flewelling cheats you out of the big SCENE if you know what I mean In fact, she pretty much fast forwards this book so far from the last one that if you are like me and got into this book immediately after the previous book looking for some big THINGS you will also be disappointed That being said, apparently you can read some of that in a collection of short stories published separately but I have yet to read it Maybe it would have been better to read that first going into thi [...]

    • I only have one thing to say.This is not a good book.In my opinion, of course.The plot is non existent, suspense zero, point none It all adds up to nothing Nada This is a book about nothing.It only got two stars because it s featuring Seregil and Alec, whom I d come to like quite much over the course of the first two books in the series.I do not recommend reading this Alec and Seregil mill about in an almost empty city, moping Nobody likes Seregil He s been exiled, you know Angst follows and ref [...]

    • This one was just a little too angsty Plus, I wish Seregil and Alec s relationship hadn t been glossed over, I would have loved to see it develop.

    • Recensione completa thereadingpal 2017 Review in English to come It is better to lack the semblance of honor but possess it than to possess the semblance and lack the honor un vero peccato che la Nord abbia interrotto la pubblicazione di questi volumi, perch davvero una bella saga Sono passati due anni dagli avvenimenti di Stalking Darkness Seregil e Alec sono andati in esilio volontario dopo lo scoppio della guerra tra Skala e Plenimar, ma la loro pace non dura a lungo La regina di Skala, Idril [...]

    • Non capisco perch , nell edizione italiana, stato dato tanto peso a Kerry non un posto importante per la trama, giusto lo sputo di terra in cui nato Alec e non ci sono mai tornati.Potevo capire nei primi due libri Alec viene da Kerry, ed un arciere, ma qui Alec non un o il traditore E dirlo uno spoiler tanto quanto dire che, nell Odissea, Ulisse non una donna.Spoiler free sul libro in questione, ma spoiler sui precedenti.Non so neanche perch la sinopsi del terzo libro quella del primo, o perch d [...]

    • This review covers the first three books in the Nightrunner series For those who haven t yet read these books, be warned that there are spoilers ahead.Every year I seem to stumble upon a series that seemed innocuous enough on the shelf, and I take that series home, unwittingly committing myself to a week in which all my waking thoughts will be consumed by this new world and its characters Last year, I was lucky enough to happen upon this phenomenon twice, first with Karen Marie Moning s Fever se [...]

    • 4 4.25 starsSo far, so good This series keeps surprising me and, even though this book was a bit political than the others, it had a good rytm with enough turns to keep me hooked Best of the book Seregil A character development, Beka being a badasss like always and Seregil Alec moments heart eyes My only complain is that there were too many clans and names and Holy Cow, they were all so slow at everything listen I know they live like hundred of years but there s a war going on pals, people with [...]

    • I find myself struggling a little bit with this one It s not that I dislike the series, quite the opposite, but I still find myself just liking it It doesn t jump off the page for me and wrap itself around my brain until I can think of little else This book in particular took a step back for me for most of the book I kept waiting for the characters I ve enjoyed to step up and be themselves While their mental place was understandable it just wasn t as fun as the other books.After the horrors they [...]

    • Oh my goodness, what lovely character development and emotional stakes in this installment I absolutely adored seeing the relationship between Alec and Seregil develop in the context as we learned about Seregil s background and environment The only reason this gets four stars instead of five is that it felt less connected to the other two in the series understandably so, if it helps us transition to the next four novels , and it felt harder for me to keep up with all the different players and s [...]

    • Stuff I Read Traitor s Moon by Lynn Flewelling ReviewI always describe this series like pulling on a warm sweater Because it s comforting and because I could spend all my time just enjoying the feeling of reading it I love this series It s not exactly the most challenging of reads, but there is something about an epic fantasy with an M M relationship that is just so great And here the relationship is finally off the ground Finally After two books of alluding to the feelings and slowly building h [...]

    • Traitor s Moon is the third book in the Nightrunner series, however it is a stand alone that the author says can be read independently If you want to start from the first book, look at Luck in the Shadows This installment is diplomacy and political machinations than the prior novels Skala has not been fairing well in the war, and Alec and Seregil are recruited on a diplomatic mission to Aurenen to request aid.My major problem with Traitor s Moon lay in the pacing This is a 540 page novel, and i [...]

    • take two my computer ate the first draft I was wary after reading the reviews, but after putting the book down, I m glad I was pleasantly surprised I think after all the havoc and chaos that the characters went through in the previous books, slowing down the story to concentrate on their growth was a good decision I might have postponed it just a little longer if I was the author, but I m grateful it happened when it did It didn t seem forced, nor cliche I know that some readers felt like Seregi [...]

    • Synopsis bMaster spies Seregil and Alec are no strangers to peril Their assignments, nightrunning for wizards and nobles, have led them into many deadly situations But sometimes the greatest danger can lurk beneath a traitor s moon.Wounded heroes of a catalysmic battle, Seregil and Alec have spent the past wo years in self imposed exile, far from the bitter memories there But as the war rages on, their time of peace is shattered by a desperate summons from Queen Idrilain, asking them to aid her [...]

    • Ugh I think I might be done with this series or at least go on a hiatus for a while This series has always been kind of in the middle of the road for me, but it did have some admirable characters including gay bisexual main characters and a society where both men and women can have powerful authority BUT there were always a few problems that have gotten a bit noticeable this time around For starters, I m not sure if the author really knows what to do with Seregil and Alce romantically Like many [...]

    • The third book in the series and I have read it just after the two previous ones.This one wasn t as full of action as the previous books, instead it was into intrigue And it was managed really well The plot was even a bit complicated that in the previous books and it was definitely as grabbing and entertaining Seregil finally comes back to his homeland and, of course, Alec is with him.They are already lovers for two years in the beginning of the story And here is the only thing I think is miss [...]

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