Death in Zanzibar

Death in Zanzibar Written by celebrated author M M Kaye Death in Zanzibar is a wonderfully evocative mystery Dany Ashton is invited to vacation at her stepfather s house in Zanzibar but even before her airplane takes

  • Title: Death in Zanzibar
  • Author: M.M. Kaye
  • ISBN: 9780312241247
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Paperback
  • Written by celebrated author M M Kaye, Death in Zanzibar is a wonderfully evocative mystery Dany Ashton is invited to vacation at her stepfather s house in Zanzibar, but even before her airplane takes off there is a stolen passport, a midnight intruder and murder In Zanzibar, the family house is Kivulimi, the mysterious House of Shade , where Dany and the rest of tWritten by celebrated author M M Kaye, Death in Zanzibar is a wonderfully evocative mystery Dany Ashton is invited to vacation at her stepfather s house in Zanzibar, but even before her airplane takes off there is a stolen passport, a midnight intruder and murder In Zanzibar, the family house is Kivulimi, the mysterious House of Shade , where Dany and the rest of the guests learn that one of them is a desperate killer The air of freedom and nonchalance that opened the house party fades into growing terror, as the threat of further violence flowers in the scented air of Zanzibar Richly evocative, Death in Zanzibar will charm long time fans and introduce new ones to this celebrated writer.

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      M M Kaye Mary Margaret was born in India and spent her early childhood and much of her early married life there Her family ties with the country are strong her grandfather, father, brother and husband all served the British Raj After India s independence, her husband, Major General Goff Hamilton of Queen Victoria s Own Corps of Guides the famous Indian Army regiment featured in The Far Pavilions , joined the British Army and for the next nineteen years M M Kaye followed the drum to Kenya, Zanzibar, Egypt, Cyprus and Germany.M M Kaye won worldwide fame for The Far Pavilions, which became a worldwide best seller on publication in 1978 This was followed by Shadow of the Moon and Trade Wind She also wrote and illustrated The Ordinary Princess, a children s book and authored a dozen detective novels, including Death in Kashmir and Death in Zanzibar Her autobiography has been published in three volumes, collectively entitled Share of Summer The Sun in the Morning, Golden Afternoon, and Enchanted Evening In March 2003, M M Kaye was awarded the Colonel James Tod International Award by the Maharana Mewar Foundation of Udaipur, Rajasthan, for her contribution of permanent value reflecting the spirit and values of Mewar.

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    • 3.5 I m wondering if I m having so much trouble finding M.M Kaye Death in series books is because readers, when they finish one of her books , toss it into a rubbish bin in sheer exasperation There is a lot to love, excellent for the most part dialogue, beautiful evocative descriptions of a country Kaye knew loved, travelling in a time when air travel was still glamorous Zanzibar Even the name sounds so romantic This is a country Ms Kaye clearly loved Oh don t be pompous and gloomy,darling, chid [...]

    • If you like old fashioned mystery and romance set in an exotic locale, this is a very fun read M.M Kaye wrote several of these atmospheric mystery romance novels which always incorporated some exotic setting she had been to as she and her husband moved all over the world In the forward she writes that it is a Zanzibar which no longer exists, but one she saw and wanted to share before memories of it had faded into the sunset While Death in Cyprus, which I highly recommend, is probably her best an [...]

    • 3.5 stars After reading M.M Kaye s epic The Far Pavilions and her almost epic Trade Wind, it was a little startling to see a very different side of the author come out in this whodunnit murder hidden treasure mystery I felt like I was reading a Mary Stewart romantic suspense novel pretty much always a good thing with a liberal infusion of Agatha Christie I checked out this really massive book from the library that contains three of Kaye s mysteries, and read this one first, because it continues [...]

    • Fun, classic read Put a bunch of Brits in an exotic locale bodies start dropping like flies When you need a break from Christie, give this a try The author lived in these venues while her husband served in the British military she took voluminous notes, so everything feels authentic Recommended.

    • The locale the island of Zanzibar, and a return to Kivulimi The House of Shade , made memorable as the home of that 19th century slaver, Rory Frost, in Kaye s epic historical masterpiece Trade Wind Now 70 years after Rory s death, his writer grandson Tyson Frost now holds the lease to Kivulimi, and is preparing to soon publish Roaring Rory s infamous diaries Dany Ashton s mother is married to Tyson, and Dany has been asked to pick up a parcel from Tyson s solicitor in England before she makes a [...]

    • This is sadly my final M.M Kaye vintage mystery I ve thoroughly enjoyed all of them, with their exotic settings, their vintage atmosphere, and their old school romances In order or preference Death in KenyaDeath in KashmirDeath in ZanzibarDeath in the AndamansDeath in Cyprus Death in BerlinI m contemplating rereading Kaye s masterpiece the doorstopper sized The Far Pavilions although I may go ahead and read her other two, less well known, sweeping epics first Trade Wind and Shadow of the Moon.

    • 3.5 starsMy geography education is sadly lacking When the protagonist of this novel, Dany, mentioned that Zanzibar was an island, I was surprised I knew vaguely that it was somewhere in Africa but I didn t know exactly where, or how large it is I looked it up in Dany is a recent high school graduate in England Her mother, a beautiful society lady, is married to the super rich writer Tyson Frost, but Dany grew up in a staid British village with her respectable great aunt Now, she is invited to sp [...]

    • Another fun little mystery from one of my favorite authors There is a touch of romance in this one I do enjoy these mysteries but they are dated with a very meek, helpless heroine.

    • Oh this was a tough one to grade The descriptions of the various locations, the deft handling of the politics of the time late 1950s and place East Africa, especially Zanzibar itself rate 5 stars with me The mystery itself was a rather nice one, what with two murders, a mysterious letter and rumors of a vast wealth in hidden gold I give that part a solid 3 stars.I had a lot of trouble with our young heroine Dany Ashton is so young in age, experience and common sense that I spent most of the book [...]

    • I actually read this many years ago and was delighted to run across it in my local public library Poor Dany Born to a rich and attractive couple, neither of which possessed any interest in being a parent, Dany spent her childhood with an anal, old fashioned, repressed aunt while her mother made her way through multiple husbands Her father is dead Now an adult in her twenties, Dany is delighted when her mother Lorraine, married to a wealthy writer, invites her to visit them for a houseparty in Za [...]

    • I m wavering between 3 1 2 and 4 I didn t figure the mystery out till the end but, the journey wasn t all that suspenseful And took a little bit too long to get going But it was a fun read I think that had they not so often been plastered they might have saved themselves lots of trouble That being said I was nearly as deep in the dark as they where I did like the characters Lash and Dany Dany is a girl even if Lash did drink to much Sadly it wasn t anywhere near as good as Death in Kenya, but st [...]

    • This was a good who dunnit but can not compare to Death In Kenya Not nearly as atmospheric or intense Still, it was good and I look forward to reading the others in the series just a FYI This book is a sequel to Trade Wind , although it was written before Trade Wind In other words, M.M Kaye wrote Death In Zanzibar and then afterwards went back and wrote the story which was to have taken place 100 years prior Trade Wind Maybe thats why this story just didn t satisfy me Trade Wind is an epic a blo [...]

    • I m addicted to Agatha Christie s novels I ve always been a mystery fan, since I picked up my first Nancy Drew at age six or seven I was terrified It may have been the first book I ever read that featured a legitimate villain , and I m always looking for new whodunnits But I can t pick up just any book in the mystery section of the library I ll never say no to fantastic plot twists, red herrings, character development, ingenious methods of murder and shockingly unique solutions But to me, one of [...]

    • This is a review of the audiobook I ve never read a book by M.M Kaye, but I m doing a Lifetime in Books challenge as well as a Double Decker double letters in title, etc challenge and wanted to kill two birds with the same stone before the end of the year The results of my searches have been hit or miss This one, luckily, was a home run Not out of the ballpark, but very well played I ve not heard Bahni Turpin narrate before, nor am I familiar with her acting on the large or small screen Neverthe [...]

    • Dany Ashton is an innocent abroad Brought up by a very strict, ultra protective aunt, she has seen very little of the world and this story is about her first excursion alone And it just might wind up being her last Dany s mother hasn t been much of one She has made her way through several husbands and is currently married to the famous author, Tyson Frost They decide to invite Dany to Zanzibar where Frost through his father, the rakish Emory Frost has rights to Kivulimi The House of Shade , a ho [...]

    • Well, I d like to give this 5 stars for the description of the Zanzibar scene, the constant consumption of alcoholic libation, smoking on airplanes and everywhere else, AND of course the nylon nightgowns But this is a whodunnit and the resolution uncovering the details of the crime was unsatisfactory It seems as if MMK concocted an interesting and intricate mystery, but was not equal to the task of crafting final resolution of all that was going in a satisfying way.

    • This mystery by M.M Kaye is not quite a cozy and not exactly a classic mystery in the golden age sense either It s a romantic mystery set in the 1950 s in the exotic location of the isle of cloves, Zanzibar It has the usual set of English characters an actress, eccentric spinsters, a girl newly out of school, a secretary with exaggerated mannerisms, and his blustery, commanding English boss Their crowd is enlivened by the addition of an American, a journalist, and an enigmatic, wealthy Arab Thre [...]

    • The original title, House of Shade, fit the book much better than the current title Fairly classic romantic suspense a la Mary Stewart I enjoyed the exotic setting and the mystery was well crafted.

    • I finished this book last night and found it enjoyable and entertaining overall, but not one of my most favorites I would give three stars to the first half of the book and four stars to the second half.The book begins amiably enough, with our young and innocent heroine unexpectedly implicated in a London murder just as she is to embark for her dream trip to Zanzibar a dashing, good hearted cad comes to her rescue and they devise a plan to get her out of England, away from the police, even thoug [...]

    • This book was written in 1959 by the author of The Far Pavilions Dany Ashton is looking forward to a trip to exotic Zanzibar to visit her jet setting mother and famous step father Before leaving England, she does an errand for her step father that results in her becoming a suspect in a murder Desperate to leave on her journey and wanting to avoid police interrogation, she leaves the country incognito pretending to be the secretary of a publisher she meets, hatching the plan while he is intoxicat [...]

    • I enjoyed this book which was an easy read My major criticism is that its very dated which is a shame as it is likened to Agatha Christie whose books are timeless.Dany is invited to stay in Zanzibar with her mother and step father Before she even leaves the UK her hotel room is searched and her passport taken How she manages to travel is a story in itself leading to all kinds of problems when she eventually arrives straight in the middle of a murder.

    • This book was written during Kaye s and her family stay in Kenya when they got the chance to visit Zanzibar And I fell in love with it at first sight, for it turned out to be one of those rare places that live up to everything one has hoped and dreamed that they would be However, I must agree with Hannah, the plot isn t so captivating as Death in Kenya.Next reading will be Death in Cyprus.

    • As with the other books in this series, the literary tourism aspect is wonderful, bringing to life an island and its history This is probably the weakest heroine in the series, however, and the romance a particularly weak one too much not believing things she says, not sharing important information, not trusting going on.Side order of homophobia, and the usual working not to be racist but embedding some problematic stuff in anything to do with Zanzibar locals.

    • I like this series, and M M Kaye writes a fun whodunnit but I had forgotten just how misogynistic some of the characters are I suppose it is an accurate reflection of the time its set, but sometimes it grates a little against my modern sensibilities After all if someone spoke to me like that these days I d be long gone

    • Probably my favorite of the M.M Kaye mysteries Partly because of its connection to Trade Wind but mostly because of the romance between Dany and Lash Very satisfying.

    • Fun mystery Great brain candy Loved the setting and the time period it was written a classic beach novel of a sort mystery, romance, and British characters.

    • Oooh me likey Not a perfect story but a good old school thriller whodunnit, a mix of Mary Stewart and Agatha Christie with entirely it s own charm Looking forward to reading by her.

    • 2.5 stars really I think I read one of M.M Kaye s mysteries Kenya maybe , and liked it, but I didn t really like the way she portrayed women in this book I was disappointed with it.

    • Dany Ashton is invited to vacation at her stepfather s house in Zanzibar, but even before her airplane takes off there is a stolen passport, a midnight intruder and murder In Zanzibar, the family house is Kivulini, the mysterious House of Shade, where Dany and the rest of the guests learn that one of them is a desperate killer The air of freedom and nonchalance that opened the house party fades into growing terror, as the threat of further violence flowers in the scented air of Zanzibar Richly e [...]

    • Entertaining enough It made me want to reread Agatha Christie s the Man in the Brown Suit This book is very different from The Far Pavilions, which is one of my favorites, and it s hard to believe it is the same author You can definitely tell that this book was written in the 50s The heroine isn t the most intelligent woman she actually FAINTS several times , and the hero is very protective even before he really has any right to act that way, but it is a product of its time nothing is graphic or [...]

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