The Rebels

The Rebels An early novel from the great rediscovered Hungarian writer S ndor M rai The Rebels is a haunting story of a group of alienated boys on the cusp of adult life and possibly death during World War I It

  • Title: The Rebels
  • Author: Sándor Márai George Szirtes
  • ISBN: 9780375407574
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An early novel from the great rediscovered Hungarian writer S ndor M rai, The Rebels is a haunting story of a group of alienated boys on the cusp of adult life and possibly death during World War I.It is the summer of 1918, and four boys approaching graduation are living in a ghost town bereft of fathers, uncles, and older brothers, who are off fighting at the front The bAn early novel from the great rediscovered Hungarian writer S ndor M rai, The Rebels is a haunting story of a group of alienated boys on the cusp of adult life and possibly death during World War I.It is the summer of 1918, and four boys approaching graduation are living in a ghost town bereft of fathers, uncles, and older brothers, who are off fighting at the front The boys know they will very soon be sent to join their elders, and in their final weeks of freedom they begin acting out their frustrations and fears in a series of subversive games and petty thefts But when they attract the attention of a stranger in town an actor with a traveling theater company their games, and their lives, begin to move in a direction they could not have predicted and cannot control, and one that reveals them to be strangers to one another Resisting and defying adulthood, they find themselves still subject to its baffling power even in their attempted rebellion.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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    About “Sándor Márai George Szirtes

    • Sándor Márai George Szirtes

      S ndor M rai originally S ndor K roly Henrik Grosschmied de M ra was a Hungarian writer and journalist.He was born in the city of Kassa in Austria Hungary now Ko ice in Slovakia to an old family of Saxon origin who had mixed with magyars through the centuries Through his father he was a relative of the Orsz g family In his early years, M rai travelled to and lived in Frankfurt, Berlin, and Paris and briefly considered writing in German, but eventually chose his mother language, Hungarian, for his writings He settled in Krisztinav ros, Budapest, in 1928 In the 1930s, he gained prominence with a precise and clear realist style He was the first person to write reviews of the work of Kafka.He wrote very enthusiastically about the Vienna Awards, in which Germany forced Czechoslovakia and Romania to give back part of the territories which Hungary lost in the Treaty of Trianon Nevertheless, M rai was highly critical of the Nazis as such and was considered profoundly antifascist, a dangerous position to take in wartime Hungary.Marai authored forty six books, mostly novels, and was considered by literary critics to be one of Hungary s most influential representatives of middle class literature between the two world wars His 1942 book Embers Hungarian title A gyerty k csonkig gnek, meaning The Candles Burn Down to the Stump expresses a nostalgia for the bygone multi ethnic, multicultural society of the Austro Hungarian Empire, reminiscent of the works of Joseph Roth In 2006 an adaptation of this novel for the stage, written by Christopher Hampton, was performed in London.He also disliked the Communist regime that seized power after World War II, and left or was driven away in 1948 After living for some time in Italy, M rai settled in the city of San Diego, California, in the United States.He continued to write in his native language, but was not published in English until the mid 1990s M rai s Memoir of Hungary 1944 1948 provides an interesting glimpse of post World War II Hungary under Soviet occupation Like other memoirs by Hungarian writers and statesmen, it was first published in the West, because it could not be published in the Hungary of the post 1956 K d r era The English version of the memoir was published posthumously in 1996 After his wife died, M rai retreated and into isolation He committed suicide by a gunshot to his head in San Diego in 1989.Largely forgotten outside of Hungary, his work consisting of poems, novels, and diaries has only been recently rediscovered and republished in French starting in 1992 , Polish, Catalan, Italian, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Danish, Icelandic, Korean, Dutch, and other languages too, and is now considered to be part of the European Twentieth Century literary canon.

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    • This is an early work 1930 by this Hungarian author A group of five young men are rebelling against school, against their fathers and against their upcoming draft into the fighting for WW I Their fathers are a mixed bag one is ultra religious and beats his sons another is obsequious to those above him socially one is a colonel younger fathers are away in the military but older ones are at home All the boys are ready to be drafted as this is their last year of school The boys rebel by forming a c [...]

    • S ndor M rai wrote 46 books and was considered to be one of Hungary s most influential authors, according to his biograph squib Yet in the way that Columbus discovered the New World and MLB hosts The World Series , M rai was rediscovered by American publishing houses in the 1990s One wonders how M rai would have taken the news, had he not ended his life with a bullet to the head while expatriating in San Diego, California in 1989 The Rebels , maybe his first novel, was rediscovered third, accord [...]

    • Em comum A deriva A aus ncia dos pais que partiram para a guerra corresponde sua incapacidade de encontrar um lugar no mundo Eles combatem numa Guerra Mundial e os jovens sonham um mundo imposs vel Forjam recorda es Embriagam se numa obstina o sem objectivo H que crescer H que partir para a guerra H que rebelar se.Os homens que n o partiram ou os que regressaram da guerra s o os mutilados mental e fisicamente Os que se instalam nas suas vidas Que pregam verdades absurdas em tom apocal ptico Prof [...]

    • Qui non siamo coinvolti nelle loro faccende Detesto ci che ci insegnano Non credo in ci che credono Non rispetto ci che rispettano Ora non so che cosa accadr , ma non voglio vivere in loro compagnia, non voglio neanche toccare il cibo che mangiano Per questo sono qui Perch qui posso violare quella che la loro legge.I ribelli il terzo romanzo di Marai che leggo, dopo Le braci e Liberazione.In ognuno di questi romanzi, si nota l eleganza, l essenzialit , ma anche la semplicit delle parole di quest [...]

    • I was lucky enough to read S ndor M rai s The Rebels while traveling through Budapest, Bratislava, and Prague This was part of my standing rule of reading a novel from the country you are visiting while traveling In paid off well with Stevenson in the UK and Strindberg in Sweden It did not serve me well with Bowles in Morocco In the case of M rai it was a perfect fit Having had my feet on the ground, mangling the Hungarian language in my worst attempts at communicate with the locals, I experienc [...]

    • Faszinierendes Kleinstadtpanorama aus der Endzeit der k.u.k Monarchie90 100 also viereinhalb Sterne, aber zweifelsohne ein Meisterwerk der fr hen Drei iger ber jugendliches Ungl ck, das den Vergleich mit Robert Musils T rless, Franz Werfels Abituriententag, aber auch mit den Ostjudentumwerken von Joseph Roth nicht zu scheuen braucht Der Vergleich mit den genannten Literaturgr en, zu denen man auch den Stefan Zweig der Welt von Gestern heran ziehen k nnte, ist aber keineswegs als Gottesl sterung [...]

    • I should give this four stars The writing deserves at least four stars just for style alone which I think is saying something considering it s a translation , but I still find myself holding back a little This book disturbed and upset me, and was a somewhat uncomfortable read That said, it was an excellently written uncomfortable read.The story follows a group of 17 year old boys living in Hungary during the middle of the First World War They are just finishing school and are imminently faced wi [...]

    • N o sei que mais acrescentar sinopse porque um bom resumo do livro Numa pequena cidade do interior, restam as mulheres, os idosos ou doentes e as crian as Todos os jovens e homens em condi es de lutar encontram se na frente de guerra A vida de quem fica, dos mi dos que ainda n o t m idade para lutar e que ficam praticamente abandonados, sem supervis o, livres para fazer tudo o que a sua imagina o conceber aquilo de que fala o livro A rebeldia t pica da idade, o constante desafiar da sorte, o des [...]

    • Un libro que te deja un sabor de boca amargo No por el libro mismo, que es breve, y escrito de una manera perfecta, se lee r pido Pero la historia es muy fuerte Un grupo de adolescentes, entrando a la adultez, que se rebelan contra el mundo adulto, al menos el mundo adulto que ellos conocen en Hungr a, a fines de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, un mundo lleno de reglas, opresor, sin brillo Esa es la historia principal, pero cada uno de ellos en realidad se est rebelando contra s mismo, contra lo que [...]

    • Rebeldes o terceiro livro do autor S ndor M rai que leio Este autor revelou se logo como sendo um dos meus favoritos, pela sua obra intitulada As Velas Ardem At Ao Fim, que me marcou de uma forma inexplic vel Como j h algum tempo n o pegava numa obra do autor, decidi matar saudades com este Rebeldes, que fala sobre um grupo de jovens que se encontram naquela idade entre o ser deixar de ser crian a e passar a ser adulto, que declaradamente uma fase de rebeldia Neste livro, este grupo de jovens qu [...]

    • La vida da un mordisco a los que creen poder devorarla G nero Novela.Lo que nos cuenta Cuando se acerca el fin de la Gran Guerra, cuatro muchachos que viven en una an nima ciudad del Imperio Austroh ngaro est n a punto de terminar su educaci n en el Liceo y de entrar en el momento de poder ser llamados a filas excepto uno de ellos, no apto para el servicio de armas para luchar en una guerra que al principio era muy lejana y ahora ya deja huellas de varios tipos en su entorno Los muchachos comien [...]

    • If there is such a thing as craftsmanship in novel writing Marai surely must have risen to the rank of master in his guild In The Rebels a solid story construction and a sober but sharp style serve a below the surface exploration of human existence and experience It is Classic in several meanings of the term no form experiment, but the familiar recipe that makes up a traditional novel But also classic in the sense that emotion and reason seem to be in balance.A group of young men at the time of [...]

    • It s not a fun read, but it s very fine writing A few parts, such as the section where the boys follow the actor through the town to the theater at midnight, reach the exultant, magical prose of Embers Most of the time, however, I was thinking about how alien were the emotions and concerns of the people in the book Although it s set almost a century ago, the characters seem to be struggling out of an even earlier period, the hegemony of the Austriohungarian Empire Also, because all the character [...]

    • One of the things I love about Sandor Marai s writing is the ease at which the reader can sink into his prose His writing is so evocative that every story I ve read of his really comes to life on the page and The Rebels is no exception.This was a great story that captured both the period setting and that moment when one ceases to be a child and becomes an adult The boys in the gang are all so distinct and yet eerily the same and the reader can feel the fragility of their bond throughout the book [...]

    • I was torn between giving it 3 or 4 stars I decided for 3, despite the marvellous writing It was good and clearly a S ndor M rai book, but after reading the brilliant Embers I couldn t give it than that It was a good reading, allthough kinda uncomfortable, morbid and depressive It s set in Hungary during the WWI and it s sad and beautiful, but there is something I don t quite know what it is that s missing.This book isn t just about teenage boys being rebel, it goes deeper than that It s the ps [...]

    • This remarkable novel, over 80 years old now but not available in English until 2007, explores the interactions of a group of friends in their last year of school in 1918, expecting shortly after graduation to be drafted into the war Their small city or less devoid of father figures for them, they rebel against the authority of school, the empire, tradition Stately and relatively traditional in its narrative style, its content is certainly far less predictable and conventional Powerful, insight [...]

    • I have a soft spot for East European writers and Sandor Marai s Embers was wonderful This did not hit me in quite the same way but it was nevertheless a very welcome find in a second hand shop Rebels tells the story of 4 young men, on the cusp of adulthood, passing out from education and entering, with all probability, WWI The four band together and think of the worst things they can do to rebel against parents, teachers and other adults in authority The tragic ending comes as no surprise.

    • The Rebels by S ndor M rai first was published in 1930, but it wasn t published in English until 2007 M rai was a Hungarian writer and journalist so I m assuming the book was originally published in the Hungarian language whatever that is One of the things that I read in the biography of the author in the beginning of my book was that the native form of his personal name is M rai S ndor but the Western name order is S ndor M rai Now assuming that the Western name order is people like me and the [...]

    • A good coming of age story centered on 4 boys on the verge of graduating high school in 1918 Tibor and Abel come from affluent families, one the son of a colonel and the other the son of a doctor Bela s father is a prosperous grocer, with Erno, the cobbler s son, being the odd one out Although their place in society, their relationship with each other, and even their sense of self is essentially determined by who their father is, these boys have largely lost contact with their fathers who are aw [...]

    • In un innominato paese, verso la fine della Prima Guerra Mondiale, pur se lontani dal fronte quattro ragazzi crescono in un ambiente che da questa guerra fortemente compromesso I padri sono tutti assenti, figure che, gi inamidate nei ruoli cos stringenti all epoca, sono diventate quasi dei miti a causa dell assenza, creature stereotipate delle quali avere paura e dalle quali aspettarsi solo un giudizio, normalmente negativo Le madri, quando ci sono, sono sullo sfondo, creature secondarie al punt [...]

    • This book by the Hungarian author, Sandor Marai, was originally published in 1930 and later translated It is a haunting story of a group of young boys who are waiting to graduate before having to join the war They form a secret group playing cards, drinking and smoking but soon things get out of hand and they start stealing and hoarding their loot They link up with an actor and start dressing up and play at acting The boys are confused about life, their parents and the world they rebel about all [...]

    • Wat een deceptie.Na het lezen van M rai s boek Gloed was ik benieuwd naar de rest van zijn oeuvre Volgens Marai zelf was De opstandigen zijn beste boek Echter, ik heb dit boek met moeite uitgelezen Het is enorm teleurstellend Onnodig langdradig, veel narratieve elementen en sub plots sluiten niet op elkaar aan, inconsequenties omtrent tijd verwijzingen en een rommelig einde De bende jongelingen doet zich meermaals te goed aan alcoholica Het lijkt erop dat er bij het schrijven ook het een en ande [...]

    • Leeskring.written 1929, edition revised by author in 1988 shortly before death.Disturbing to read Confusing I ought to read it a second time One review says the book covers just 2 days I had not realized that I suppose I ought to feel interest in the 4 boys 18 year olds , but didn t much maybe because I m too old maybe because of never having been a boy Marai has a habit in all his books of occasionally going on and on about one particular aspect of one particular person, getting repetitive I f [...]

    • Heb het uit De opstandelingen van S ndor M rai Het stond nog ongelezen in mijn boekenkast Een raar verhaal Over jongens, die tegen hun eindexamen van de middelbare school aanhangen Het eindigt met hun lentefeest , als ze hun diploma hebben Het speelt zich af begin vorige eeuw in Hongarije Er is oorlog De jongens merken er alleen indirect iets van Hun vaders zijn aan het front, eten is op de bon Zijzelf moeten ook de dienst in als ze kla r met school zijn.Ze zijn op hun manier in opstand tegen de [...]

    • Acabo de ler Rebeldes de S ndor M rai e recuso lembrar o dia em que n o conhecia este autor genial, este h ngaro t o injustamente apartado das nossas prateleiras que t o brilhante que consegue tecer uma ponte entre os jovens de h 100 anos atr s e n s Os mesmos dios, os mesmos sonhos falhados, as mesmas pervers es, os mesmos erros reconfortante e duro, cru e t o bem escrito Um livro a s rio, que se adora num dia e se detesta no outro, que nos explica, atrav s da hist ria do bando, um grupo de 4 a [...]

    • I loved everything about this book including its size and shape okay, so I m a bibliophile I have no idea how it came into my hands It s an old fashioned sort of yarn, written in the 1930 s by an Hungarian author I ve read that the first book in the series, Embers, is terrific so I ll be onto that next This book is about adolescents who are coming to age at the time of WWI with all its lies and secrecies and how they are trying to postpone being adultsd questions what it means to be an adultI co [...]

    • Marai is one of my favorite authors, though, so far, non of his books except his autobiography have captured me like his book Embers.Marai is one of those authors who explores the same themes in most of his work, so if you have read his body of work, you will see how he looks at these themes from different angles For Marai friendship and betrayal are predominant also class tensions, military, and war.This story is pretty wild It s about a group of young men during WWI They are soon to be sent to [...]

    • Unfortunately I finished this book a bit ago an possibly rather damning, don t remember enough to write than a couple of sentences in review The book filled me with a nice sense of dread I like that feeling in a book, waiting for the hammer to fall There has to be a reward at the end of all of those pages of dread and anxiety Unfortunately the last 30 or so pages of this book were extremely disappointing The book had so much promise and was building up to what could have been a really powerful [...]

    • this is silly, but i really just picked up this book from the library because i liked the cover i d never heard of the author, a leading novelist in Hungary in the 1930s it s an excellent book it s the story of a group of graduating teens who form a gang of sorts in an effort to distance themselves from the adult world they hate and don t understand they go about rebelling against that adult world, like stealing random things from their parents they feel like they live in a world where there isn [...]

    • This is a strange, interesting book, which is beautifully written and translated It is about four different adolescents battling against adulthood in WWI They come together to form a gang and indulge in pointless pranks and steal from their families Graduation means entry into the war that the reader knows is nearing its conclusion but the protagonists don t The confusion of homosexual feelings are also thrown into the mix.The main reason I didn t love this was that I didn t entirely believe in [...]

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