Casanova in Bolzano

Casanova in Bolzano Another rediscovered masterpiece from the Hungarian novelist whose Embers became an international bestseller a sensuous suspenseful aphoristic novel about the world s most notorious seducer and the

  • Title: Casanova in Bolzano
  • Author: Sándor Márai George Szirtes
  • ISBN: 9780375712968
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Paperback
  • Another rediscovered masterpiece from the Hungarian novelist whose Embers became an international bestseller a sensuous, suspenseful, aphoristic novel about the world s most notorious seducer and the encounter that changes him forever In 1756 Giacomo Casanova escapes from a Venetian prison and resurfaces in the Italian village of Bolzano Here he receives an unwelcome viAnother rediscovered masterpiece from the Hungarian novelist whose Embers became an international bestseller a sensuous, suspenseful, aphoristic novel about the world s most notorious seducer and the encounter that changes him forever In 1756 Giacomo Casanova escapes from a Venetian prison and resurfaces in the Italian village of Bolzano Here he receives an unwelcome visitor the aging but still fearsome Duke of Parma, who years before had defeated Casanova in a duel over a ravishing girl named Francesca and spared his life on condition that he never see her again Now the duke has taken Francesca as his wife and intercepted a love letter from her to his old rival Rather than kill Casanova on the spot, he makes him a startling offer, one that is logical, perverse, and irresistible Turning an historical episode into a dazzling fictional exploration of the clasp of desire and death, Casanova in Bolzano is further proof that Sandor Marai is one of the most distinctive voices of the twentieth century.

    • Unlimited Casanova in Bolzano - by Sándor Márai George Szirtes
      307 Sándor Márai George Szirtes

    About “Sándor Márai George Szirtes

    • Sándor Márai George Szirtes

      S ndor M rai originally S ndor K roly Henrik Grosschmied de M ra was a Hungarian writer and journalist.He was born in the city of Kassa in Austria Hungary now Ko ice in Slovakia to an old family of Saxon origin who had mixed with magyars through the centuries Through his father he was a relative of the Orsz g family In his early years, M rai travelled to and lived in Frankfurt, Berlin, and Paris and briefly considered writing in German, but eventually chose his mother language, Hungarian, for his writings He settled in Krisztinav ros, Budapest, in 1928 In the 1930s, he gained prominence with a precise and clear realist style He was the first person to write reviews of the work of Kafka.He wrote very enthusiastically about the Vienna Awards, in which Germany forced Czechoslovakia and Romania to give back part of the territories which Hungary lost in the Treaty of Trianon Nevertheless, M rai was highly critical of the Nazis as such and was considered profoundly antifascist, a dangerous position to take in wartime Hungary.Marai authored forty six books, mostly novels, and was considered by literary critics to be one of Hungary s most influential representatives of middle class literature between the two world wars His 1942 book Embers Hungarian title A gyerty k csonkig gnek, meaning The Candles Burn Down to the Stump expresses a nostalgia for the bygone multi ethnic, multicultural society of the Austro Hungarian Empire, reminiscent of the works of Joseph Roth In 2006 an adaptation of this novel for the stage, written by Christopher Hampton, was performed in London.He also disliked the Communist regime that seized power after World War II, and left or was driven away in 1948 After living for some time in Italy, M rai settled in the city of San Diego, California, in the United States.He continued to write in his native language, but was not published in English until the mid 1990s M rai s Memoir of Hungary 1944 1948 provides an interesting glimpse of post World War II Hungary under Soviet occupation Like other memoirs by Hungarian writers and statesmen, it was first published in the West, because it could not be published in the Hungary of the post 1956 K d r era The English version of the memoir was published posthumously in 1996 After his wife died, M rai retreated and into isolation He committed suicide by a gunshot to his head in San Diego in 1989.Largely forgotten outside of Hungary, his work consisting of poems, novels, and diaries has only been recently rediscovered and republished in French starting in 1992 , Polish, Catalan, Italian, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Danish, Icelandic, Korean, Dutch, and other languages too, and is now considered to be part of the European Twentieth Century literary canon.

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    • This is a historical fantasy Other than that Casanova escapes from prison, all the rest is fantasy So he escapes after a year and a half and he heads back to a town where a beautiful young woman lives that he never conquered The beautiful girl was 14 when he first met her she s 20 now Casanova is 40 her husband, the Duke, is 72 Casanova tells people his vocation is that of writer, as in writing letters to people for money on credit, it turns out He has a sponsor in Italy who sends him money as i [...]

    • You can t beat a good old duel, and 99 times out of 100 it s over a woman, in this case the lavish Francesca, who has two admires, the playboy adventurer Giacomo Casanova womanizer, celebrity, swordsman, swindler, cadger of ducats, mystical quack, gambler and writer whom she loves and The Duke of Parma boring but wealthy It is midnight in Bolzano, and the moon will soon witness blood, the two bare chested men stand off ready to do battle for the girl The Duke is victorious boo , Francesca is now [...]

    • Giacomo il seduttore, Giacomo il mito, Giacomo il sogno Giacomo l uomo Perch questa la definizione che usa la bella Lucia, dopo aver spiato dal buco della serratura Guarda, arrossisce, sobbalza, soffoca un grido e fa il segno della croce Le altre donne le si fanno attorno, chiedono a fior di labbra Cosa hai visto Lei risponde, turbata Un uomo Dopo di che, una a una, si chinano, sbirciano dentro la stanza, provando una gioia indicibile.Giacomo fuggito dai Piombi di Venezia Imprigionato dall Inqui [...]

    • I chose Casanova in Bolzano simply because I had heard great things about the author, S ndor M rai, and this was the only one of the author s books I could get as an audiobook To top it off, the narrator is the well known Simon Prebble, so what could I lose Let me say right off that the narration was good, even if I could not hear from the intonation which character was speaking There are never ending monologues I have warned you What is a bit strange is that there are extremely few conversation [...]

    • Two years ago I was hunting a complete Memoirs of Casanova while in a Powell s in Chicago I asked the associate if there were any in stock He pointed me to a Classics section where a Penguin single volume abridgement sat, lacking any immediate street cred I asked if there weren t any complete sets elsewhere in the store You don t need the set, the man snapped, all the good stuff is in there I was likewise looking for good stuff as I finished this novel this evening My verdict not so good Maybe 2 [...]

    • At first I found it difficult to get into this novel The steam of conscious style of the narrative made it somewhat hard to follow at the start, but soon I adapted to the rhythm of the book and after that I truly loved it and appreciated the beauty of the writing I found it to be an engaging story full of depth, meaning and truth I do not know a great deal about Casanova beyond his notorious reputation as the great womanizer and seducer, but Marai provides a much human portrayal of Casanova Mos [...]

    • Sai che nella realt non esiste il tutto o niente , esiste soltanto una via di mezzo fra il tutto e il niente , il qualcosa , che per a volte pu significare moltissimo Marai bravissimo a rappresentare personaggi Li presenta in un modo e poi lentamente li analizza profondamente fino a mostrarci ogni risvolto psicologico, ogni sfumatura.Questa analisi normalmente avviene tramite lunghi monologhi, che sono poi il cuore dei suoi romanzi Anche La recita di Bolzano non fa eccezione Il protagonista, Cas [...]

    • Casanova in Bolzano lacks the economy of language that I really admire in Marai s other works There were sections where I just wanted to say, COME ON We got it Long monologues by old men, caught up in arguments about love, sex, seduction, loss, death Let s move on How bout a smidge character development or plot I want to be invested in characters when I have to listen to a really long monologue Particularly when that monologue really doesn t say much about the character Someone can attack me on [...]

    • An extraordinary study of the multi faceted nature of love, desire, possession, humiliation, just about everything that can unite, or not, two people I loved it, and preferred it to Embers, which I also liked very much but found its teasingly delayed denouements slightly ponderous

    • I ve been reading some debate recently about disappointing endings and whether a satisfying end to a story is critical to your enjoyment as reader, and the author s success as writer This book is, for me, an example of how a wonderful conclusion can transform a piece from average to great For a book in which not a lot goes on and one principle character delivers endless pages of internal monologue, it s absolutely remarkable that it holds the reader s attention We spend two weeks with Casanova i [...]

    • I thought this author s Embers was great novel And Casanova in Bolzano is similar in plot there are three characters involved in a romantic triangle But that s where the similarities stop Where Embers was tightly and beautifully written without a word wasted, Casanova feels at least twice too long Perhaps if I had read Casanova first, it would have been a different experience Anyway, I strongly recommend the stunning Embers in which Marai s gorgeous writing glows.

    • Di Marai avevo letto le Braci e me ne ero innamorato Questo romanzo non regge assolutamente il confronto Peccato

    • Il triangolo Giacomo Casanova, il Conte di Parma e Francesca La recita Giacomo nei panni di Francesca, Francesca in quelli di Giacomo, il Conte il regista La risata finale di colui che sempre stato dietro il palco, quello che ride bene perch ride ultimo ecco ci che mi ripaga di tutti gli a mio che ho dovuto sorbirmi nelle ultime pagine Esistono soltanto due farmaci divini che possono aiutarci a sopportare il veleno della realt senza che ne moriamo anzitempo la ragione e l indifferenza.

    • Pr cticamente todos los libros que he le do de M rai me han gustado, incluso me han gustado mucho, ste est en la c spide de mis gustos en cuanto a este autor , junto a La mujer justa , novelas diferentes, pero excelentes las dos sobra decirlo, pero eso es seg n mis gustos y mi juicio Di logos mon logos, dir a alguien largu simos, p rrafos enormes, ideas dichas, repetidas y reiteradas, y al final me deja una sensaci n de que vali la pena.

    • MARAI, Sandor Die Gr fin von Parma , M nchen 2014Nachdem ich bisher fast alles von Sandor Marai gelesen habe dachte ich bei diesem Buch Das kann nicht von ihm sein Es kam mir wie eine F lschung eines Verlags vor, der eben unter dem Namen so einen Roman herausgibt, der stilistisch nicht zu Marai passt Er beschreibt hier eine Geschichte, die vor seiner Zeit in einem Gebiet spielt, das nicht seines ist Ein Mann aus Venedig, der wegen schlechter Lebensf hrung ins Gef ngnis kommt und dem es gelingt z [...]

    • Sigh Don t know why I picked it up in the first place.The monologues are long winded TL DR Especially after the visit from The Duke of Parma I counted the pages instead Once the old man rambled on and on for 10 pages non stop.P.S b n d ch c r t nhi u v n Duke m d ch l B t c, ch a k nh ng l i ch nh t ph n ch th ch M n i chung l d ch r t d C ng c th l nguy n t c c ng d s n r i.

    • Even in translation the mastery of expressive language is impressive Sandor Marai is truly a remarkable writer.

    • The thought of Casanova as a character in historical fiction is rather tedious I don t care for the historical figure and what it stands for Don Juan or Prince Genji or Ximen Qing are at least fictitious, the authors can do anything with them, but Casanova The dude who bought himself a 12 year old sex slave when he was in Petersburg Yeah, well, I bought this book, because it looked good A famous author, an era I like, and Bolzano my cousin lives there.Alas tedious was the right word The style is [...]

    • Der Klappentext der deutschen Ausgabe des Buchs lautet Von der Liebe und ihrer Verg nglichkeit Doch darum geht es eben genau nicht im Roman von Sandor M rai Vielmehr beschreibt der Autor in seinem Buch, dass es jenseits aller Lust so etwas wie eine wahre, echte Liebe gibt Doch unser Herz kennt eine Leidenschaft, die nicht der Zauber des Augenblicks entfacht und die auch nicht Selbstsucht und Ehrgeiz sch ren Es gibt eine unverg ngliche Flamme, die weder Erf llung noch Gewohnheit und Langeweile zu [...]

    • L a dispone di due palcoscenici su cui si recita il grande duetto, e sono entrambi infiniti il letto e il mondo p 232

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