Stupeur et tremblements

Stupeur et tremblements This is an alternate cover edition for isbn Au d but des ann es la narratrice est embauch e par Yumimoto une puissante firme japonaise Elle va d couvrir ses d pens l implacable ri

  • Title: Stupeur et tremblements
  • Author: Amélie Nothomb
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • This is an alternate cover edition for isbn13 9782253150718 Au d but des ann es 90, la narratrice est embauch e par Yumimoto, une puissante firme japonaise Elle va d couvrir ses d pens l implacable rigeur de l autorit d entreprise, en m me temps qu les codes de conduite, incompr hensibles au profane, qui gouvernent la vie sociale au pays du Soleil levant.D erreurs enThis is an alternate cover edition for isbn13 9782253150718 Au d but des ann es 90, la narratrice est embauch e par Yumimoto, une puissante firme japonaise Elle va d couvrir ses d pens l implacable rigeur de l autorit d entreprise, en m me temps qu les codes de conduite, incompr hensibles au profane, qui gouvernent la vie sociale au pays du Soleil levant.D erreurs en maladresses et en checs, commence alors pour elle, comme dans un mauvais r ve, la descente inexorable dans les degr s de la hi rarchie, jusqu au rang de surveillante des toilettes, celui de l humiliation derni re Une course absurde vers l ab me image de la vie , o l humour percutant d Am lie Nothomb fait mouche chaque ligne.Entre le rire et l angoisse, cette satire des nouveaux despotismes aux chos kafka ens a conquis un immense public et valu l auteur d Hygi ne de l assassin le Grand Prix du roman de l Acad mie fran aise en 1999.

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      Am lie Nothomb, born Fabienne Claire Nothomb, was born in Etterbeek, Belgium on 9 July 1966, to Belgian diplomats Although Nothomb claims to have been born in Japan, she actually began living in Japan at the age of two until she was five years old Subsequently, she lived in China, New York, Bangladesh, Burma, the United Kingdom Coventry and Laos.She is from a distinguished Belgian political family she is notably the grand niece of Charles Ferdinand Nothomb, a Belgian foreign minister 1980 1981 Her first novel, Hygi ne de l assassin, was published in 1992 Since then, she has published approximately one novel per year with a.o Les Catilinaires 1995 , Stupeur Et Tremblements 1999 and M taphysique des tubes 2000.She has been awarded numerous prizes, including the 1999 Grand Prix du roman de l Acad mie fran aise the Prix Ren Fallet and twice the Prix Alain Fournier.While in Japan, she attended a local school and learned Japanese When she was five the family moved to China Quitter le Japon fut pour moi un arrachement Leaving Japan was a wrenching separation for me she writes in Fear and Trembling Nothomb moved often, and did not live in Europe until she was 17, when she moved to Brussels There, she reportedly felt as much a stranger as everywhere else She studied philology at the Universit Libre de Bruxelles After some family tensions, she returned to Japan to work in a big Japanese company in Tokyo Her experience of this time is told in Fear and Trembling She has written a romanticized biography Robert des noms propres for the French female singer RoBERT in 2002 and during the period 2000 2002 she wrote the lyrics for nine tracks of the same artist Many ideas inserted in her books come from the conversations she had with an Italian man, from late eighties and during the nineties She used the French Minitel, while he used the Italian Videotel system, connected with the French one They never met personally.Source

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    • 3.5 stars I must say, I was really surprised by this book I work for a Japanese company here in Vancouver and I have noticed that my Japanese co workers have to adhere to different standards and rules from the rest of us we don t question it, what can you do It s been interesting working there because half of my co workers are Japanese, the other half aren t We ve had to adapt to each other s cultures and I think we do so quite well It does feel like we re split into two camps and I have often b [...]

    • My Japanese friend Yukie said I had to read this if I wanted to understand how a Japanese job worked And indeed I do feel I have a great deal insight into it Rule number 1 NEVER take initiative for anything you re not supposed to take initiative for The heroine finds this out the hard way She s just started working for this Japanese company She speaks fluent Japanese, French and English, so of course, like any Westerner, she s looking for an opportunity to impress her new bosses A colleague goe [...]

    • Japan sure brings out the bonkers in everybody, doesn t it Bonkers a demotic English term meaning crazy but with the element of horror removed and an extra squirt of I will never understand this in a million years get me out of this room I tried, you may know this already, to get on board with The Wind Up Bird Chronicle That was a little too eyerollingly cute weird for me I had a go with the other Murakami guy Ryu, not Haruki and he was really strange.Then there was Natsuo Kirino The novel was c [...]

    • Stupeur et tremblements Fear and Trembling, Am lie NothombFear and Trembling original title Stupeur et tremblements, which means Amazement and trembling is a satirical novel by Am lie Nothomb, first published in 1999, and translated into English by Adriana Hunter in 2001 It was awarded the Grand Prix du roman de l Acad mie fran aise that year 2003 1 1382 107 9647359314 20 2 1383 114 20

    • My Japanese friend, 30 ish, former competitive cross country skier , now a sushi man working in Poland, moved all the way from the other side of the world to Warsaw, just to make sushi for local yuppies Can you imagine In order to escape Tokio s corporate nightmare, he swapped continents, traded cultures, left his family behind and moved to this obscure little country called Poland I mean I like it here, but it s not the most foreigner friendly place Especially not if you are a slender Japanese [...]

    • Fear and Trembling embraces the strange with a wicked arsenal of irrational but noble thoughts and actions by the superb heroine Her authentic recklessness captivates, no enamours, the reader I had very strong feelings for this incredible novel because I lived EXACTLY the type of professional downward spiral that all but defeats you Like a posher precursor to The Devil Wears Prada, the entire plot unravels within the confines of the claustrophobic and limiting Workplace This is an ugly child tha [...]

    • I had mixed expectations when approaching Belgium s enfant terrible, Am lie Nothomb having heard plenty of praise and criticism in equal measure So it was with fear and trembling I approached Nothomb s Prix du roman de l Acad mie fran aise winning novel Fear and Trembling, aware of the author s reputation as a quirky, hip and contemporary writer Little did I know that the novel, itself highly autobiographical, charting the struggles of a Belgian worker, Am lie, within the various rigidities of J [...]

    • He vuelto a leer, despu s de seis a os, la novela donde conoc a Nothomb La fuerte impresi n de la primera lectura permanec a diluida en mi experiencia, y consideraba, sin recordar muy bien si era justa la consideraci n, que se trataba de uno de los mejores trabajos de Nothomb compar ndola a mis recientes lecturas de Antichrista y cido sulf rico Ahora, en una noche ahogada entre toses, volv a leer de golpe las pocas p ginas de Estupor y temblores, y me reafirmo en el recuerdo se trata de un gran [...]

    • If this were published during the second world war, Amelie Nothomb would have been kidnapped and executed by the Japanese.For reasons I didn t care to research and find out Nothomb, although Belgian by nationality and currently living in Paris, was born in Kobe, Japan This book is based on her true experiences as a lowly employee in a big Japanese company for one whole year.She had a layer of bosses, all Japanese Her immediate superior, Miss Mori, was beautiful but petty, malicious, neurotic and [...]

    • Voce densa di significati che spazza via gli ideogrammitrama e personaggi secondari 2,5 parte introspettiva e pensiero visionario 4 Primo libro che leggo della Nothomb Mi permetto di fare un paragone molto forzato con Nabokov sono entrambi dei piloti Da lettore non ho la possibilit di godermi il panorama o scegliere di pensare a una strada meno battuta C un percorso pulito con asfalto drenante quindi mi metto comodo e vivo ci che l autrice ha sapientemente studiato di farmi vivere E qui finisce [...]

    • Amelie Nothomb non mi delude maiEra un p di tempo che non leggevo la Nothomb e posso dire di aver fatto bene a riprenderla Ora mi venuta voglia di leggere qualcosa di altro, tanto mi piace.Il suo stile cos incisivo, per niente prolisso, poche parole ma quelle giuste, quelle che servono.In questo libro narra il suo anno di lavoro in una grande azienda giapponese Il Giappone che emerge dal racconto un paese dove la donna vive in una condizione di infelicit fin dalla nascita bellissima la parte in [...]

    • Hahahaha aren t Japanese people strange and weird and their culture is so crazy I didn t enjoy this book I take issue with anyone portraying Japan as some out there foreign country Having spent a short period of my life living in Japan a fraction longer than Nothomb did in the book and I m the first to acknowledge that it s very different but books like this just add to the misconception that it s some sort of society gone mad It seems to be one of the last countries where it is acceptable to tr [...]

    • The only problem with criticising ST is the question of where to start Perhaps with the author herself It takes a certain kind of individual to be so ludicrously self absorbed that they put themselves on the cover of near every book that they publish, proceeding to write a book about themselves on a near yearly basis One can understand the reasoning behind this, if, perhaps, the author were someone improbably interesting But alas no she is a self promoting, mousy, emotional masochist from Belgiu [...]

    • Ancient Japanese protocol stipulated that the Empreror be addressed with fear and trembling I ve always loved the expression, which so perfectly describes the way actors in Samurai films speak to their leader, their voices tremulous with almost superhuman reverence.I would have fired Am lie There s a judge and gavel going Next That she should absolutely have been fired made me not care too much about her story Work place nonsense beating the day dreams out of you with Alice in Wonderland bull sh [...]

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