The Hanging Tree

The Hanging Tree WHEN GRACIE McBRIDE the wild girl who had left town eighteen years earlier is found dead in an apparent suicide shortly after her homecoming it sends shock waves through her native Starvation Lake

  • Title: The Hanging Tree
  • Author: Bryan Gruley
  • ISBN: 9781416563648
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Paperback
  • WHEN GRACIE McBRIDE, the wild girl who had left town eighteen years earlier, is found dead in an apparent suicide shortly after her homecoming, it sends shock waves through her native Starvation Lake Gus Carpenter, executive editor of the Pine County Pilot, sets out to solve the mystery with the help of his old flame and now girlfriend, Pine County sheriff deputy DarleneWHEN GRACIE McBRIDE, the wild girl who had left town eighteen years earlier, is found dead in an apparent suicide shortly after her homecoming, it sends shock waves through her native Starvation Lake Gus Carpenter, executive editor of the Pine County Pilot, sets out to solve the mystery with the help of his old flame and now girlfriend, Pine County sheriff deputy Darlene Esper As Gus and Darlene investigate, they can t help but question if Gracie s troubled life really ended in suicide or if the suspicious crime scene evidence adds up to murder But in such a small town it s impossible to be an impartial investigator Gracie was Gus s second cousin Darlene s best friend and the lover of Gus s oldest pal, Soupy Campbell Yet with all the bad blood between Gus and Gracie over the years, Gus is easily distracted by other problems His employer is trying to push him out, the locals are annoyed that his stories have halted construction on a new hockey rink, and Darlene s estranged husband has returned to reclaim his wife When Gus tries to retrace Gracie s steps to discover what happened to her in the eighteen years she was away from Starvation Lake, he s forced to return to Detroit, the scene of his humiliating past And though he s determined to find out what drove Gracie back home, Gus is unprepared for the terrible secrets he uncovers The second book in Bryan Gruley s irresistible Starvation Lake series, The Ha

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      Bryan Gruley is the critically acclaimed author of Starvation Lake A Mystery, The Hanging Tree, and the fortchoming sequel, The Skeleton Box.The Hanging Tree is nominated for Anthony and Barry Awards to be awarded in September at the Bouchercon mystery thriller convention Writer director John Gray has optioned the book for a feature film.Starvation Lake, now in its eleventh printing, was nominated for an Edgar Award for Best First Novel by the Mystery Writers of America, and won the Anthony, Barry, and Strand Awards Reviewers have favorably compared Bryan to novelist Dennis Lehane.Secretly, though, Bryan would love to be compared favorably to Detroit Red Wings stars Johan Franzen and Pavel Datsyuk He s been playing hockey since he was a boy growing up in Detroit, and still plays regularly at Johnny s Ice House in Chicago.Hockey plays a big role in the life of the fictional town of Starvation Lake, as do two of Bryan s other passions, northern Michigan and newspapers.He loves to visit his Dad s cottage on Big Twin Lake in Michigan s northern lower peninsula a few miles from the real Starvation Lake When he s not skating or spending time with his wife Pam and their three kids, he s a reporter at large for Bloomberg Businessweek, after spending nearly 16 years as a reporter, editor and Chicago Bureau Chief at The Wall Street Journal.After graduating from the University of Notre Dame in 1979, Bryan worked for newspapers in Brighton, Howell, Kalamazoo and Detroit, Michigan, before joining the Journal s Washington Bureau in 1995 He was won numerous awards for his writing and reporting He wrote one of the front page stories about the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks that won the Journal a 2002 Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News War Stories, his November 25, 2003, tale about a black World War II lieutenant who saved a young Holocaust victim, was an alternate finalist in the Pulitzer feature writing category.He lives in Chicago with his wife, Pam They have three grown children, Joel, Kaitlin and Danielle.

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    • Bryan Gruley returns to Starvation Lake, a small Michigan town that s clearly seen better days, in the second Gus Carpenter novel, The Hanging Tree As was apparent in Gruley s debut novel, Starvation Lake, Gus has seen better days as well One of the great goalies ever to come out of a hockey crazed town, Gus failed the team at a critical moment years earlier and neither the town nor Gus have ever forgotten Gus once left Starvation Lake to become a hotshot reporter at a major Detroit newspaper, b [...]

    • I was excited to get back to Starvation Lake We meet back up with Gus, who is now working at the small local newspaper After his cousin commits apparent suicide or is it , he at first is not surprised, but then begins to have doubts about what really happened Through a lot of nosing there and downstate, where he meets some interesting characters, he tries to unravel the mystery of his cousin who may not have been all she had seemed I really enjoyed this and the first book in this series, especia [...]

    • From the moment Gracie McBride tied her pretty, pink sneaker to that of her boyfriend s black, football cleat and hung the mismatched pair over the branch of an old, oak tree, the majority of other teens from the small town of Starvation Lake, Michigan, adopted her action Meant as a sign of childhood love, lust, lost virginity or even freedom, The Shoe Tree was born Now, twenty years later, The Shoe Tree is popular once again, but not for the hundreds of shoes adorning its sweeping branches This [...]

    • This is a terrific book The best thing about this book is that there are no slow spots.The book begins as Gracie McBride, a resident who had been away many years and finally returned, is found dead hanging in a tree with quite a history in the small town of Starvation Lake Is it murder or is it suicide The characters are very likeable and as you read, you find yourself really rooting for Gus Carpenter to get to the bottom of this mystery.Although the book has a heavy emphasis on hockey, it doesn [...]

    • I was hoping the second Gruley book would be streamlined, but once again, I plowed through a convoluted story that half the time I didn t know what was going on or why I read and re read parts of the book so I could figure out how everyone was connected I still don t Gus, the protagonist, has another mystery to solve This time his second cousin, who he doesn t like, hangs herself, but did she really It s suicide, no it s murder, no it s suicide Why did she do it I m still questioning that Grule [...]

    • The Hanging Tree is the second book in Gruley s Starvation Lake series and it is even better than the first It is a solid mystery novel with all of the typical conventions of that genre, but what is really interesting about The Hanging Tree is the way that Gruley uses small details about each of his characters to guide the reader away from the kinds of stereotypes that tend to infest stories of small town life Gruley s Starvation Lake is a small town with a very dark side The families here feel [...]

    • In Gruley s second Starvation Lake mystery we explore of Gus s past when an old family friend is found dead in a near by shoe tree Gus s tenacity and hunger for the truth are seriously put to the test as he uncovers some ugly truths about the people he loves and thinks he knows The characters in this second novel are even solid than the first and the mystery is way complex Gruley knows how to weave a story In his first novel it is not difficult to divine what the outcome will be, but the way [...]

    • This is the second of the Gus Carpenter and Starvation Lake mystery series, and it s every bit as good as the first outing The eponymous tree is the place just outside of town where lovers of all types express their commitment by pairing off shoes and boots and skates and whatnot and hanging them from various branches And then, one night, a woman is found hanging along with the footwear A woman who grew up in the area and who fled her checkered past, only to return to Starvation Lake shortly bef [...]

    • I ve heard it said that it takes a lifetime to write your first book and you only have six months to get the next one out, well that is exactly how this one felt after reading the first Starvation Lake mystery, waiting expectantly for this one and being disappointed in the slow pace and real lack of plot.Once again, the readers are back in Starvation Lake with Gus Carpenter, editor of the Pine County Pilot, where Gracie McBride, the girl who left town eighteen years earlier is found hanging from [...]

    • I enjoyed this mystery, and really didn t see the ending coming There were some great characters, and even though I have no knowledge of hockey whatsoever, I enjoyed the hockey action Actually, I enjoyed the hockey and the way it was woven into the story quite a bit Reading about the small town of Starvation Lake, and the close knit community, where everyone knew everyone felt kind of warm and fuzzy, and hockey added to the closeness As Gus, the town reporter, triesto get to the bottom of his co [...]

    • Dear ,First, let me just say, I love when you give me books to read and review Not only is it incredibly generous of you, but it s kinda cool that you help expand my horizons and provide books I wouldn t normally choose I know, I entered the contest, but let s not kid ourselvesif it wasn t free, I probably never would have picked it up on my own With that being said, I wasn t entirely happy with this one But to be honest, it was met you I was a bit confused with a lot of the references and defin [...]

    • There was so much build up to the final who dunnit and then it just kinda fizzled and ended However, I do like how Gruley spins his tale and enjoy the characters And the little turns in personalities is interesting like I though Philo would be a complete douche but was pleasantly surprised I did not like the premise of why Gracie died, or how she died for that matter some people need to check their moral codes but that s story telling I guess I definitely like Gus as a main character and am look [...]

    • The Hanging Tree is a most excellent suspense novel It is great for readers who love mystery, murder and crimed hockey Take a walk on the dark side and, really, as The Hanging Tree illustrates, never judge a book by its cover I would recommend this story to everyone, regardless of age, gender, hobby or profession.

    • While this one may suffer from one too many plotlines as it is somewhat challenging to keep things straight in the middle going, Gruley does nice work with his Michigan setting and the contrast between upstate and down He also has a gift for creating morally complex characters, particularly ones who make bad decisions for good reasons.

    • This one kept me up part of the night and made me late to work, but it was worth it I truly enjoyed STARVATION LAKE last year, and liked this one even Keep em coming, Bryan I always welcome a read as good as this one

    • I enjoyed this just as much as the first book in the series, Starvation Lake I loved the Michigan setting, and Gus is a great protagonist A really solid mystery.

    • 2nd mystery book by Bryan, sequel to Starvation Lake and just as captivating you don t have to read Starvation Lake to get this or the characters I love when a writer has that ability

    • This book is the second in Gruley s Starvation Lake mystery series and it was a good 4 star read Journalist Gus Carpenter is on the case of the apparent suicide of his cousin Gracie, a former wild child who has returned home Gus doesn t believe that Gracie would kill herself so starts to investigate where Gracie had been and what she had been doing And he discovers a different side to her Lots of hockey talk and skullduggery with a new hockey rink in town make an interesting read.

    • It s rare to find a sequel that s actually better than the original, but here we are Starvation Lake continues to be fully realized as a town peopled with troubled and struggling characters, but the plot here is tighter, with a complicated and ambiguous resolution, with dim and flickering light at the end of the tunnel animal harm skip all of the 3rd chapter, where Gracie s wondering about a deer.

    • Meh I actually stopped reading this book to read two others, then I picked it up againI NEVER do that I made myself finish It was okay I love where it takes place, but it was just ok in my book

    • My claim in a movie review formerly featured on another website of how recent genres of fiction has treated the game of hockey, I held out the hope that someday someone would find the perfected formula to meld hockey and fiction What it took was a new author Mr Bryan Gruley to spotlight our sport in the way it was meant As I re stacked my fantasy demon hunter paperbacks on the nightstand aside my bed, I became eager to delve into a familiar world of journalism, hockey, and profound mystery.Desp [...]

    • My expectations for this book were sky high Gruley s debut would make my top ten of 2010 list if I made one With a build up like that, I was bound to be disappointed.Part of the disappointment is due to the book A large part of the pleasure of Starvation Lake was what science fiction fans call worldbuilding Life in Starvation Lake unfolded through the course of the book The rich characters and detailed setting really set that book apart The Hanging Tree has a problem common to sequels the wonder [...]

    • Write a reviewFor local reporter Gus Carpenter, the apparent suicide of Gracie McBride is than just a news story that shakes up his sleepy hometown of Starvation Lake, MI Gracie was Gus second cousin, and while she had a wild past, and their relationship was fractious, she appeared to be on the verge of pulling her life together But even many of those closest to Gracie think it could have been suicide, and Gus is dissuaded from pursuing the truth The Hanging Tree is Bryan Gruley s second myster [...]

    • Bryan GruleyThe Hanging Tree 2010 finds disgraced Detroit reporter Gus Carpenter determined to get some real reporting into the weekly Starvation Lake newspaper, to the dismay of Philo Beech, nephew of the new owner Gus is sure there is something fishy about Laird Haskell s offer to build a new hockey rink for the town s beloved River Rats team, but neither the town nor Gus s boss want to hear anything negative Haskell relocated to Starvation Lake so that his son Taylor could become the star goa [...]

    • I just found out today that I won this book via First Read Program I am excited to read this book as the author has great reviews and it sounds like a great mystery I will update once I have completed the book Did I mention it is an ARC My very favorite Thank you I started reading this yesterday So far so good I received this book I am finishing another book and will start this one as soon as possible I am very excited to read this book Stay tuned A good mystery usually needs a little paranormal [...]

    • The very best part of Bryan Gruley s crime series about journalist Gus Carpenter is the setting The working class town of Starvation Lake is located in Michigan s Upper Peninsula, where hockey, especially when it involves the local team, is the most important thing going on So when a wealthy developer from Detroit moves into a big house on the lake and decides to build a new and better hockey arena, the town is enthusiastic enough to gloss over signs that something shady is going on Enough to wa [...]

    • Gus is back in the second book of the Starvation Lake series and it s a solid return Sometimes it s hard to keep the same high standard when the first book is such a hit, but Gruley manages In fact, in some ways I like this book even better There are still rapid changes in the narration, going back and forth in time, as Gus remembers his not always pleasant life growing up with Gracie, but they don t seem to be quite as abrupt as they were in the first book Plus Gruley gives insight into small [...]

    • Good thriller Not as great as Sophie Hannah or Tana French, but definitely close The plot was interesting, not fantastic But there were some unexpected twists.which is saying something since I have become somewhat jaded from excessive reading and TV watching surprises me any In this book, parts of the ending did manage to make me sit up The characters are not cookie cutterry well fleshed out I think that is the part I liked the best in the book I especially appreciated how multifaceted even the [...]

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