The Wrong Man

The Wrong Man Scott Freeman is a man of reason a college professor grounded in the rational and practical But he becomes uneasy after finding an anonymous love letter hidden in his daughter s room No one could ever

  • Title: The Wrong Man
  • Author: John Katzenbach
  • ISBN: 9780345464835
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Scott Freeman is a man of reason a college professor grounded in the rational and practical But he becomes uneasy after finding an anonymous love letter hidden in his daughter s room No one could ever love you like I do No one ever will We will be together forever One way or another But the reality of Ashley s plight far exceeds Scott s worst suspicions One drinkScott Freeman is a man of reason a college professor grounded in the rational and practical But he becomes uneasy after finding an anonymous love letter hidden in his daughter s room No one could ever love you like I do No one ever will We will be together forever One way or another But the reality of Ashley s plight far exceeds Scott s worst suspicions One drink too many had led Ashley, a beautiful, bright art student, into what she thought was just a fling with a blue collar bad boy But now, no amount of pleading or reasoning can discourage his phone calls, ardent e mails, and constant, watchful gaze Michael O Connell is but a malignant shadow of a man His brash, handsome features conceal a black and empty soul Control is his religion Cunning and criminal skill are his stock in trade Rage is his language The harder Ashley tries to break free, the deeper Michael burrows into every aspect of her life, so she turns in desperation to her divorced parents and her mother s new partner three people still locked in a coldly civilized triangle of resentment But their fierce devotion to Ashley is the common bond that will draw them together to face down a predator For Ashley s family, it is a test of primal love that will drive them to the extreme edge and beyond in a battle of wills that escalates into a life or death war to protect their own From the bestselling master of suspense, John Katzenbach, The Wrong Man is an

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      216 John Katzenbach

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    • John Katzenbach

      John Katzenbach is a U.S author of popular fiction Son of Nicholas Katzenbach, former United States Attorney General, John worked as a criminal court reporter for the Miami Herald and Miami News, and a featured writer for the Herald s Tropic magazine He is married to Madeleine Blais and they live in western Massachusetts.He left the newspaper grind to write books, racking up 12 novels so far, psychological thrillers that have made him an international success His first, 1982 s bestselling In the Heat of the Summer, became the movie The Mean Season , filmed partially in The Herald s newsroom ans starring Kurt Russell and MAriel Hemingway.Two of his books were made into films in the United States, 1995 s Just Cause and 2002 s Hart s War A fourth book, The Wrong Man was recently made into the soon to be released French film Faux Coupable.

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    • Buen libro de Katzenbach Me gust la idea Un thriller psicol gico en todo su esplendor John refresca el g nero con cada novela que saca y ste es una prueba fehaciente de ello El libro no decae casi nunca, es una historia interesante, pero que no es nada que me impresion Aun as es un relato muy entretenido y tiene un final excelente.

    • The Hook Happenstance Hard to believe but I was caught away from my bookshelves and had nothing to read A visit to the Orlando Friends of the Library Book Store uncovered this thriller by an author I had never read What started as chance turned out to be the perfect book for my mood The Line Dying She said finally , is such a simple act But you need to learn that all the moments leading up to it and all the minutes afterwards, are terribly complicated The Sinker When Scott Freeman first read the [...]

    • Wow this book was really one heck of a ride Filled with suspense and uncertainty from the first page to the very last, I could barely force myself to put it down along the way The story centers around a man s relentless stalking of college student Ashley Freeman after they have a drunken one night stand While Ashley considers the whole event a meaningless mistake , Michael is convinced they are meant to be together forever, no matter what it takes A typical stalker s obsession develops, as he pa [...]

    • Un libro muy bueno e interesante en la que un hombre perturbado se obsesiona de una mujer en la primera cita view spoiler me gusto la historia estuvo muy bien hecha pero tuvo sus cositas y por eso le doy 3 estrellas primero me costo engancharme al libro me lei como 30 p ginas y lo deje de largo por 3 meses y ahora que lo retome le empec a notar lo interesante lo que m s me hac a confundir era que eran 4 narradores y aveces ni sabia cual era cual otra cosa que no me gusto es que no se explic la h [...]

    • If I didn t know that Wrong Man was written by the same author as The Madman s Tale, I probably wouldn t have guessed it, which isn t optimal since I picked up this book specifically because of how much I enjoyed The Madman s Tale And so this review is if not biased per se, than certainly subjective as compared to author s other work Objectively books are undeniably psychological thrillers, both are immensely readable, both are long, both have very strong sustained suspense throughout However, w [...]

    • ASDASFAGSAFOMGWTF Katzenbach no s c mo le hace para crear tantas historias diferentes y atraparte en cada una de ellas Involucr ndote con cada personaje que l te narra y haci ndote sentir toda clase de sentimientos mientras devoras sus p ginas, dici ndote otro cap tulo m s cada noche.A pesar de que El hombre equivocado empieza un poco lento, a medida de que todo avanza, la trama se vuelve casi irresistible de dejar de leer hasta llegar al final y derramar l grimas cuando terminas el tlimo cap tu [...]

    • Lo damos todo por hecho en nuestras bonitas y seguras vidas de ciudadanos de clase media, verdad Y a adi los problemas a veces ocurren no s lo cuando menos los esperamos, sino cuando estamos menos preparados para hacerles frente.Es la primera vez que leo al autor y creo que empec con una de las obras menos le das o populares, lo cual no es que importe mucho, lo seguir leyendo Me confirm que es uno de los g neros que m s me gusta leer y yo ni sab a Nota mental leerlo m s.Ahora la historia Pues tu [...]

    • Absolutely gripping in tension Starts off like a roller coaster as it slowly makes its way to the top then plunges you into unrelenting suspense and angst Deeply disturbing subject matter but entertaining as hell Another 5 star for JK as was the Analyst.

    • Una trama que en lo particular no me llamar a mucho la atenci n si no fuera por que el autor es John Katzenbach, sin embargo me lleve una sorpresa y una decepci n al mismo tiempo dejen me explico, me sorprendi lo entretenida que esta la historia pens que seria peor pero me decepciono que tenia una peque a esperanza no fuera tan bueno como El Psicoanalista pero como seria injusto comparar un libro con otro vayamos de lleno al asunto.Lo que mas me gusto de la historia es la intriga con la que te m [...]

    • Pg 91 The passages at the end of each chapter between 2 nameless characters who don t seem to be any of the main characters are kind of annoying Right now I feel like they aren t adding anything and are just slowing me down Finished The book might have been creepier if it had focused on the family than on the bad guy It s kind of hard to develop tension or terror when you have to read his every inane thought, even if there s no reason or explanation for them I would have preferred a Jaws like [...]

    • Me encant La manera en que Katzenbach nos presenta un personaje psic pata criminal con un estilo propio y tan real es lo que me mantiene enredada y sin dudas en este libro am cada espacio dedicado a O Conell.El libro jam s decae, los personajes est n bien elaborados, los escenarios, las situaciones y todo el suspenso que se genera dentro de la historia te mantienen enganchado Siento que falt algo m s en su final y a la vez tambi n pienso que no pudo tener un mejor desenlace, algo justo En fin l [...]

    • Let me just start out by saying I hate cruelty to animals in reading books I absolutely hate it While this book was definitely suspenseful, the psycho stalker would ve been just as psycho if he had not put cats in Ziploc bags and then put them in his freezer Or killed Nameless A little disappointing in my opinion.

    • I m not even halfway done with this book and already I m struggling to finish it The characters do not feel believable at all I mean, what in the world made the author think anybody WOULD PAY A STALKER TO STOP STALKING How does that make any sense whatsoever YOU CAN T BRIBE A STALKER And the narrator being a writer researching the story of Ashley and her stalker feels like someone lecturing on the dangers of stalkers Which is in no way an appealing way of storytelling When has the authorities e [...]

    • La historia de este libro es bastante sencilla, f cil de entender y de seguir, por lo mismo se hace muy adictivo el seguir ley ndolo hasta acabarlo Tiene un muy buen trama, bien desarrollado y aunque no se compara con otros GRANDES LIBROS de Katzenbach, es mucho mejor que otros que he le do y hasta me han llegado a aburrir Retrato en Sangre, Juegos de Ingenio.Todo gira en torno a Michael Oconell, un tipo con el que de verdad nadie se quiere cruzar EN SU VIDA, un acosador y psic pata de primera C [...]

    • 6 5 Yes Six stars out of damn five.The characters, the plot and the ending Everything s checked Hello, Ashley I ve missed you than you can imagine But soon we will be together forever, and that will be great.I love you today than yesterday And tomorrow I will love you even Forever yours,MichaelHow come such beautiful words could ever give you so much chills Damn.If you are interested in reading psychological thrillers, this one is definitely your kind of treat.As you read this story about a co [...]

    • BIG STUMBLEKatzenbach s books have evolved from mysteries police procedurals to psychological thrillers Hart s War is probably his best known work which was made into a movie with Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt I have read most of this author s books and have enjoyed them, although with each subsequent book the author has dealt with the psychological aspect of his characters as opposed to the thriller part The Wrong Man is all that and thus is the wrong book.The story line in this book tackles the [...]

    • Es la historia de un amor obsesivo que explora lo que una familia est dispuesta a hacer para que ese chico desaparezca de la vida de su hija y sta pueda seguir adelante sin tener que mirar constantemente sobre su hombro Me gusta c mo est contada la historia y tambi n las cuestiones que plantea lo que es amor y lo que es obsesi n, cu les son nuestros l mites, lo que estar amos dispuestos a hacer por alguien a quien queremos Rese a completa silviatinoco 2

    • El hombre equivocado es la novela m s nueva de John Katzenbach, en donde demuestra una vez m s su maestr a al construir una novela de puro suspense psicol gico, que caracterizo a todos sus anteriores trabajos.La historia comienza cuando una mujer decide contarle la historia a un hombre una historia de amor, dice ella, amor obsesivo que llev a un hombre a hacer infinidades de cosas por conquistar al amor de su vida Intercalando la charla de estos dos personajes uno casualmente ser a Katzenbach se [...]

    • OKI am officially skittish about writing a review of a book in the thriller genre It seems that what thrills one may not thrill another and that while sex and violence sells its a turn on for some and less so for others That said there is some but remarkably little overt sex and violence in this book This is a book about mind games and what rational people will do in irrational situations Its about coincidences and what happens when a truly smart but demented character manipulates those circumst [...]

    • Hace meses que deseaba leer este libro por fortuna mi cu ado lo compr para mi hermana como ella ten a m ltiples ocupaciones, le ped que me lo prestara Tard un tiempo en que cayera en mis manos, pero la espera vali la pena La historia es contada en tercera persona, saltando de un personaje a otro El autor introduce dos voces una, que es como l mismo, quien trata de desentra ar el conflicto que envolvi a los Freeman Y la otra, un personaje femenino y misterioso que comenta como sucedieron los hech [...]

    • THE WRONG MAN Suspense New England Cont DNFKatzenbach, John StandaloneBallantine Books, 2006, US Hardcover ISBN 0345464834First Sentence Would you like to hear a story Divorced professor Scott Freeman finds a crumpled note in the back of his college daughter s dresser drawer that makes him very uncomfortable Although his daughter, Ashley, has not said anything to him, his ex wife or her partner, perceives a tone of threat and possession in the note From that, begins a story of what a family will [...]

    • This book could have been edited by about 100 pages It just rambled on and on and on Too long and too much.Okay, so let s assume that the stalking laws do not work and what these characters tried to put into motion was the only way to deal with O Connell What a bunch of bumblers No one checked the gun to see if it was ready to fire No one thought of the fact that perhaps after they framed O Connell he might get off on an insanity plea Oy vey And there were a LOT of inconsistencies in this book W [...]

    • me encant , me hizo vivir muchas cosas del pasado pero a la vez provoc muchas emociones en mi y a pesar de que las ltimas palabras no han sido mis favoritas de John estuvo excelente agradezco mucho el haberlo le do y agradezco de manera infinita al hmmm que me lo regal ya que ten a mucho tiempo queriendo leerlo y al fin lo acab

    • This was an AWESOME suspense book, and sure to turn anybody off of a one night stand A college girl has too many drinks and sleeps with the wrong guy When he starts stalking her, he makes life difficult for anybody who tries to protect her This book kept me blue from holding my breath from beginning to end.

    • the book started out real good, very intense and attention grabbing then it kept dragging on and on and on after a while, i got kinda bored with it and when i finally did make it to the ending it was rather disappointing i wont be in any rush to read another book from this author.

    • Un libro bueno e interesante, pero con un final que desperdicia todo ese potencial adquiere la historia tras todos los sucesos.

    • Tener un libro de Katzenbach cerca cuando tienes ante ti un viaje largo en avi n es un acierto seguro El tiempo se te ir pasando r pidamente e incluso pensar s que el trayecto se te ha hecho corto Adem s si tienes miedo a volar estoy convencida de que el libro te proporcionar una buena dosis de angustia que te har olvidar tu aerofobia.Comenzar a leer El hombre equivocado significa que no vas a poder parar de leer hasta que lo acabes, leer s compulsivamente, querr s saber qu va a pasar, se te esc [...]

    • Un libro muy entretenido te mantiene con las ganas de seguir leyendo Es mi primer libro de este autor pero seguir leyedo m s de sus obras ya que me gusto mucho su manera de escribir El concepto de esta historia es muy interesante, Ashley cometi un error que le cambi la vida para siempre Michael O Connell, se obsesiona y cuando no puede estar con ella por culpa de los padres de Ashley decide hacerle la vida un desastre a toda sus familia l piensa que ella lo ama cuando no es as e insiste que est [...]

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