The Shoemaker

The Shoemaker Two Men in the same bodyOne Joseph Kallinger was a superb craftsman a sensitive poet a devoted family man and a human being who held all life sacred The other Joseph Kallinger was a lover who neede

  • Title: The Shoemaker
  • Author: Flora Rheta Schreiber
  • ISBN: 9780451160324
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • Two Men in the same bodyOne Joseph Kallinger was a superb craftsman, a sensitive poet, a devoted family man, and a human being who held all life sacred.The other Joseph Kallinger was a lover who needed images of bloody violence to maintain sexual potency, and a father who physically tortured his children, lived in abnormal intimacy with his daughter, and enlisted his 12Two Men in the same bodyOne Joseph Kallinger was a superb craftsman, a sensitive poet, a devoted family man, and a human being who held all life sacred.The other Joseph Kallinger was a lover who needed images of bloody violence to maintain sexual potency, and a father who physically tortured his children, lived in abnormal intimacy with his daughter, and enlisted his 12 year old son in a campaign of rape and murder that terrified millions.This is the true story of Joseph Kallinger both of him

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    • Flora Rheta Schreiber

      Flora Rheta Schreiber April 24, 1918 November 3, 1988 , an American journalist, was the author of the 1973 bestseller Sybil, the story of a woman identified years later as Shirley Ardell Mason who suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder.

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    • I grew up with these kids of Kallinger s They would come visit from Kensington to their grandparents who lived down the street from us So we would hang out in the summer The oldest son S K tried to rape me and thank god my sister ran to the house and told my mom and she came running out with a baseball bat to chase him away I always felt sorry for Joey because you knew he had a disability and was cute in his own way I remeber him folding his ear into itself When we were kids I always thought the [...]

    • What makes The Shoemaker, a true crime book about a series of murders in Pittsburgh, so disturbing is not that it details genital mutilation, child murder, and rape, but that you may find yourself sympathizing with the man behind those crimes It would be easy to depict Joseph Kallinger as a monster Very easy Torturing animals to death, abusing children, enlisting his twelve year old son as an accomplice for a series of brazen home invasions and sexual assaults, and murdering both children his ow [...]

    • Wow Sometimes real life is harder to explain than fiction This book is a true story about a 70 s serial killer His cohort in crime was his 12 year old son It s written by his psychiatrist, who also wrote the book Sybil It s very interesting It s written in flashback style and then the psychiatrist tells why and what he really did All of his crimes were committed during schizophrenic episodes Some of the content is quite difficult because some, not all, of the crimes were committed against childr [...]

    • The Shoemaker is a very disturbing psychological thriller, one that fans of Sybil The Classic True Story of a Woman Possessed by Sixteen Personalities and Magic would really enjoy I found it creepy, but also emotional and creative.

    • I absolutely love true crime novels and I am never offended by a book being too graphic or disturbing However, I positively hated this book I work in the mental health field and couldnt stand the fact that the author had excuse after excuse for why Joseph Kallinger did what he did I m sorry but someone calling your penis small or insignificant does not cause psychosis and mass murder Give me a break Ok, off my soapbox now case in point I hated this book.

    • I really struggled throughout this book The way it was written was very confusing and many times information was repeated Very interesting story and it was obvious the author was sympathetic toward the mistreatment of Joe Research was also clearly done with great interest and care, however, there was not much said from other sources other than Joe himself I was appalled that he didn t get the medical attention he so clearly needed and felt, as did the author, had this happened when opportunity e [...]

    • Everything I expected, and less, from the discredited author of Sybil HO, the book was sold by the word, and none of the income went into professional research There is much theorizing, temporizing, subjective theories, and plenty of outright nonsense, but little in the way of an even vaguely interesting story I m not sure I would read this if it were the only book on an 8 hour flight, it s that poorly written, again, in my humble opinion.

    • An amazing study of how an author can totally fail to grasp the real import of the story she s telling She says over and over that this poor man is psychotic and needs treatment, not prison but she also makes crystal clear in telling us about his crimes that the subject, Joe Kallinger, only killed, burgled and raped when he was totally lucid He may have descended into psychosis between times, to be sure, but he apparently wasn t dangerous then

    • You must have a strong stomach for this one Every time I read it this man s sickness clings to me for weeks like a greasy slime that won t wash off Only one ready required to remember him forever but I often need to revisit just to make sure it really happened.

    • Meet Joseph Kallinge, a sensitive man, a poet, a guy devoted to his family man Meet Joseph Kallinger a demented lover, terrible father who tortured his children, and had his 12 year old son join in a rape and murder spree that terrified millions.One thing, they are the same man Great psychological thriller

    • Here I am, DNFing another book This is the second time I have tried to read this book This was disappointing on multiple levels, but I think I am biased because this is written by the same woman who wrote Sybil and I ve heard that a lot of her research was skewed improperly collected in that case Also, Schreiber is very obviously a psychoanalytical particularly psychosexual theorist in her work, which is a fairly outdated theory in mental health but understandable because of the time in which th [...]

    • This book was dreadfully boring to me, which is probably a feat considering how graphic the murders are and it being about a serial killer I feel bad saying that since the book is written about an actual homicidal crazy man that kills at least three people I ve tried many times to get past the 3 4 mark of the book but it s just not happening I d skip this and move on to Psycho or Exquisite Corpse if you want a serial killer gratuitous violence type of book.

    • I found this book at a garage sale, thought it sounded interesting and bought it This was probably ten or twelve years ago, I d guess I haven t read it in years, lost my copy long ago Still, the descriptions in it were detailed and disturbing It was an amazing view into a scizophrenic s mind I found out later that the author made up a lot of it, but that still doesn t change my opinion of the book It was creepy, but forever memorable.

    • What an insane, weird storyMany parts were unintentionally hysterical, while others were justjorly fucked up This book definitely opened my eyes as to what paranoid schizophrenics have to live with on a daily basis and also to what can happen when it goes unrecognized and or untreated.Also Major props to John Waters for reccomending it.

    • This book was too graphic for my liking The author almost made conclusions that I can t really agree with as to the cause of Joseph Killinger s mental illness, his abuse of his children and his killing spree She attributed it totally to his upbringing Schreiber also wrote Sybil, which I recall reading many years ago I think she made Sybil into a sympathetic person.

    • Riveting story Reinforced my opinion that mental health care needs advocacy so that the general public and the legal system will begin regarding mental health to be just as important as other physical health As with a cancer or any other disease, early detection of mental illness is key to successful treatment and saving the patient and others from harm.

    • It feels a little strange to rate this book I really liked it given the subject matter But I did because this was extremely well done for a true crime story I read this years ago but it left an impact I recommend it for people like me who are interested in what makes psychopaths tick.

    • I read this book many years ago I have to say that this was a very difficult read I don t know if it is because I live so close to where the crimes took place or just the horrific details of the crimes But this book haunted me for many nights.

    • Read this book 30 years ago in 1983 It is defiantly the Anatomy of a Psychotic eye opening, very interesting and hallowing If you are interested in psychology , or even if you are not, this is well worth a read Joseph Kallinger can be seen on youtube filmed in prison.

    • I watched a special with John Waters a few weeks ago and he mentioned this was one of his favorite books Obviously I had to pick it upis book is DISTURBING the kind of thing if you read for too long you start to feel crazy yourself, just reading about all these horrible things yeesh.

    • I was able to read this before the victims family made the author edit the book I did my final paper in Abnormal Psychology on this book.It is hard to read, it is graphic and disturbing but it is an excellent book.

    • Kalinger survived a hellish childhood and was truly mad by the time he reached adulthood It was painful to read and I empathized with him despite his brutal crimes against family and strangers.My father s optometry office was in Kensington where Herbert Kalinger lived.

    • I read part of this book as a kid It was better then as a worn paperback Now it s just 80 s nurture over nature pop psychology Acceptable beach reading There just aren t that many good books about serial killers.

    • I found the author s attitude towards Kallinger creepy and her response in describing the victims cold and unfeeling.

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