The Sword of Medina

The Sword of Medina Before dying Muhammad left his jeweled sword al Ma thur to A isha telling her to use it in the jihad to come But what if the jihad is against her own people After years of distrust and anger c

  • Title: The Sword of Medina
  • Author: Sherry Jones
  • ISBN: 9780825305207
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Before dying, Muhammad left his jeweled sword, al Ma thur, to A isha, telling her to use it in the jihad to come But what if the jihad is against her own people After 20 years of distrust and anger, can A isha and Ali come together to preserve the future of their people and their faith or will their hatred of each other destroy everything Muhammad worked to build ThisBefore dying, Muhammad left his jeweled sword, al Ma thur, to A isha, telling her to use it in the jihad to come But what if the jihad is against her own people After 20 years of distrust and anger, can A isha and Ali come together to preserve the future of their people and their faith or will their hatred of each other destroy everything Muhammad worked to build This climactic sequel to the controversial i The Jewel of Medina i returns to 7th century Arabia to discover whether, after fighting a civil war, a people can ever truly heal.

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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name.Sherry Jones is an American journalist and internationally best selling author of the controversial The Jewel of Medina and other historical fiction novels about women s power She is also a speaker on issues including women s rights, free speech, and Islamophobia.Her latest novel, THE SHARP HOOK OF LOVE, tells of the forbidden love affair between two of the Middle Ages greatest intellectuals Peter Abelard, headmaster of the Notre Dame Cloister School and a poet whose good looks and love songs make women swoon and Heloise d Argenteuil, a beautiful woman scholar being groomed by her uncle to become an abbess This erotic, passionate story about the sacrifices we make for love debuts Nov 25 from Simon and Schuster s Gallery Books.Jones s other books are White Heart, an e novella about Blanche de Castille, the legendary White Queen of France, who braved sieges, scandal and heartache to protect the Crown from usurpers for her young son, King Louis IX Saint Louis The novella is a prequel to Four Sisters, All Queens, about four sisters in 13th century Provence Margeurite, El onore, Sanchia, and Beatrice of Provence, who became queens of France, England, Germany, and Italy.Jones became the center of a national controversy in the summer of 2008 after Random House cancelled publication of her historical novel, The Jewel of Medina about Aisha, a wife of the Prophet Muhammad.According to the Wall Street Journal, Random House had paid Jones a 100,000 advance for the novel when University of Texas Professor Denise Spellberg say a copy of the galleys and decided to warn Muslims of the pending publication of a novel that, in Spellberg s opinion, made fun of Muslims and their history Random House immediately cancelled publication.Beaufort Books published the book in the U.S in October 2008 Publishers in Germany, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Poland, Serbia, Brazil, Portugal, Hungary, Macedonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Greece, the Czech Republic, Sweden, and Albania have followed It has been a best seller in Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Kosovo, Germany, Italy, Poland, and Spain.A sequel, The Sword of Medina, continues the story of A isha s life after Muhammad s death and the rivalry with his cousin, Ali, which led to the first Islamic civil war and the Sunni Shia split It has been published in a number of countries, as well, and was also a best seller in Serbia The Sword of Medina was awarded a silver medal in the IPPYs, the Independent Publisher Association s book of the year awards.The controversy over her books has sent Jones on the lecture circuit, speaking in the U.S and Europe on topics including free speech and censorship, women s rights in Islam, and racism She has written on these topics for Index on Censorship, New Humanist, AOL News, the Washington Post, and the Huffington Post.Jones has also published a satirical short story, Rapture, on Kindle at dp B0051UT1XG.

    492 thoughts on “The Sword of Medina

    • I read Jewel of Medina a couple of years ago and just recently decided to purchase this book Honestly, I expected this book to be horrible I was right Jones intends to honor the memory of Aisha, Ali, and the others presented in this book However, it doesn t workout Aisha comes off as a b y girl at some points Even worse, she portrays Ali as some guy eager for money and power This man, in reality, did not care for such trivial things It was painful to see him portrayed in the likeness of an enemy [...]

    • This book was pretty awful WASP lady writes historical fiction about Islam after Muhammad s death Badly written, and every character was an unlikable idiot I think I spent a good half of the book rolling my eyes.

    • Picking up where her first book, The Jewel of Medina, left off, Sherry Jones invites us back into the life of A isha bint Abi Bakar, the prophet Muhammad s favorite wife and child bride Following Muhammad s death from the Medina fever, his followers are left bereft When A isha s father Abu Bakar steps into the role of Khalifa spiritual leader of the Muslims , things are far from peaceful because various factions are not satisfied with this solution Unhappiness and rumors rage throughout the camp [...]

    • First of all I must thank Sherry Jones for introducing me to A isha What a remarkable woman After finishing The jewel of Medina I ve made a quick search on the web about her and found out many of the events on the first book actually happened, even those which didn t occur at exactly at the age the author portrays in the book A isha s age of course That made me love the book even this is what reading should do to you, open your horizons and make you wish to know on the subject.The thing is aft [...]

    • There is a lot to like about this book it s pretty historically informed for a work of fiction, it includes a great deal of interesting details about both important and subsidiary characters and places, and the author struggles valiantly to present opposing viewpoints and perspectives fairly, going to great lengths to portray the inner workings of two life long enemies and early proponents of Islam A isha and Ali in a humane and comprehensible light No mean feat, and the effort is not in vain Un [...]

    • This is not my typical Historical Fiction novel that I would have picked up while wandering a bookstore Therefore I m glad this book was given to me to read The story was narrated by A isha and Ali, switching perspectives each chapter It followed the reign of the first four Rightly Guided caliphs The characters were in depth and it was interesting to see them change and adapt as events occurred throughout the book The beginning caught my attention right away but around the middle of the book it [...]

    • A isha bint Abi Bakr was the most favored wife of Muhammad the founder of Islam The author has woven a story of a girl who is betrothed and married at a very young age to an older man We see the girl struggling to find her place among the other older wives while battling pangs of jealousy with the marriage of each new wife Marriages were done for political reasons to increase a family s status and wealth not just to provide children Polygamy was accepted and promoted Women were denied independen [...]

    • This is than a follow up to her unfairly controversial first book, The Jewel of Medina, even though it begins where that one ended It is told both from the perspective of A isha and Ali during the reign of the first four Righly Guided caliphs.The characters are deeply drawn, and their motives are three dimensional, as well The historical story of the beginning of Islam and its schism is not well known in the West, and this book is an excellent, detail filled, imagining of the times.It rightly r [...]

    • I just finished the Sword of Medina it was compelling, entertaining and a fun way to increase my knowledge of Islam The fast paced presentation of Aisha and Ali s personalities and intentions gave me an intimate insight into two of history s most influential people The Sword of Medina is well written and intelligent, combining playfulness with painful human decisions I identified with Aisha and Ali s struggles to assume both competing and complementary positions of power amid the intrigue of tru [...]

    • It hurts, it really does, to give this book a 2 star rating, especially because I loved its predecessor The Jewel of Medina so much But A isha becomes extremely unlikeable after the Prophet s death to the very point that I wanted to hurl the book at the wall Sometimes a sequel shouldn t happen.

    • Considering the position of women in many of today s Muslim nations, it s difficult to imagine A isha, the young woman and widow of the prophet, having so much influence and such a strong voice However, the historical references are enlightening and the story held me.

    • mnogo pitkije stivo od Dragulja Medine, mozda zato sto sam usla u tematiku i upoznala likove, prica prati Ajsu kroz period vladavine cetiri halife

    • Besides the truly ridiculous plot twist of romantic stirrings between Ali and Aisha, it was a tolerable read.

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