Black Magic Sanction

Black Magic Sanction Rachel Morgan has fought and hunted vampires werewolves banshees demons and other supernatural dangers as both witch and bounty hunter and lived to tell the tale But she s never faced off against

  • Title: Black Magic Sanction
  • Author: Kim Harrison
  • ISBN: 9780061138034
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Rachel Morgan has fought and hunted vampires, werewolves, banshees, demons, and other supernatural dangers as both witch and bounty hunter and lived to tell the tale But she s never faced off against her own kind until now.Denounced and shunned for dealing with demons and black magic, her best hope is life imprisonment at worst, a forced lobotomy and genetic slaveryRachel Morgan has fought and hunted vampires, werewolves, banshees, demons, and other supernatural dangers as both witch and bounty hunter and lived to tell the tale But she s never faced off against her own kind until now.Denounced and shunned for dealing with demons and black magic, her best hope is life imprisonment at worst, a forced lobotomy and genetic slavery Only her enemies are strong enough to help her win her freedom, but trust comes hard when it hinges on the unscrupulous tycoon Trent Kalamack, the demon Algaliarept, and an ex boyfriend turned thief.It takes a witch to catch a witch, but survival bears a heavy price.

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      Kim Harrison, author of the New York Times 1 best selling Hollows series, was born in Detroit and lived most her her life within an easy drive She s currently working on a variety of projects to see what finds a home first, and when not at her desk, is most likely to be found landscaping her new old Victorian home, or in the garden.Kim reaches out to her audience at Facebook facebook KimHarrisons Instagraminstagram kim_harrison_aud her blog kimharrison.wordpress other pseudonyms Dawn Cook

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    • If I m being honest then this did not live up to my expectations I expected something than some random action While this, like its predecessors, was highly entertaining it lacked the thrill the others gave me By the time I had finished the book I was feeling as if the plot had become extremely thin on the last few pages The ending was nowhere near satisfyingNow, as for the characters, in this one my disappointment in Rachel skyrocketed I hate how she can t control her sexual attraction, and yes [...]

    • That was annoyingYou know the relationship you are in is in trouble when you start to be annoyed by your partner a lot They probably aren t doing anything different than they were doing a month ago, but one morning you wake up and think to yourself, Man, the way she baby talks to the dog is annoying or Oh my God, if he clips his toenails in the living room one time I m going to scream I m not saying your relationship is doomed, but you are now past being blinded by how great you feel when they [...]

    • Reviewed by Rabid Reads4.5 starsSo check this out.Rachel and Ivy are minding their own business, doing a bit of grocery shopping, when this blonde chick in a frumpy suit starts making eyes at Rachel.Or so she thinks.And Rachel s a little bit embarrassed, a little bit flattered, but not even a little bit interested so that s AWK ward.Except Frumpy isn t checking Rachel out Frumpy is a member of the coven of moral and ethical standards, and she s trying to take Rachel into custody.Pfft Like that [...]

    • I think I m done with Kim Harrison now Her last book didn t really float my boat, and this one was of the same Rachel feels misunderstood, tired, hungry, cranky, angry, and roughed up, due to yet another horrible bad thing that makes her worry about her friends, feel that she s not ready for a relationship, and take everything on by herself so no one she cares about gets hurt.In the first 150 pages she s attacked three times by the same baddie, summoned and sent to prison and escapes, drinks lo [...]

    • So there I was, innocently going about my day while listening to this book, and it s all demon plot shenanigans and hilariously unintentionally awful pixie funeral poetry, and then bam, we get a casual aside about how female witches have extra vaginal muscles compared to human women, and there I am sitting on the curb in the middle of the block, laughing helplessly with my guide dog hovering over me doing now what in Labrador it s all in the ears.Extra vaginal muscles The better the orgasm, the [...]

    • I enjoyed this book much than the previous installment, however I think I would have been happier had Harrison stretched plot out over two books instead of dragging it out in book 7 which I can hardly remember anything important happening and then cramming a million and one things into this book On one hand it is fast paced which I like, but on another it s a big mess.I am with the lot that does NOT like Pierce I had Gary Stu vibes at the beginning which raised flags but it only got worse and w [...]

    • Why can t I choose than 5 stars Seriously This was my favorite book of the series, thus far Or maybe it just seems like my favorite because of my sincere disappointment in WWBC The first 100 pages were a friggin whirlwind of action, and it doesn t ever slow down There were great highs and serious lows in this book, and it made for an all around fantastic journey I couldn t have asked for better Al scenes, and I am LOVING the relationship between he and Rachel Al is a sneaky, devious demon thoug [...]

    • 5 absolutely amazing stars I loved this one Rachel finally is accepting what she is and what she can do She s not getting any sh t from anyone YOU go girl Give them hell And I love, LOVE Pierce, but I have a feeling that he s not gonna stick around and it will be not by his choice Anyway, the book was a masterpiece

    • Well, I ve been waiting for one of the Hollows books to bring a conclusion to the myriad stories being told All of these secondary charatersNick, Trent, Peirce, Ivy, Jenks and Madalena , the witch council, etcere are so many people involved with what seems to be a conspiracy to bring down Rachel Morgan And for me, Jenks is still the only one on that list that I trust I KNOW Ivy s a friend, by she s so volatile, and I still see her as being selfish and wishy washy.I do like Pierce He s proven, an [...]

    • Thank heavens for ARCs After WWBC I was totally manic to read this one I won t drop spoilers, although I can thank Kim Harrison for not leaving me drowning for book 9 I can actually take a deep, calming breath and mentally accept the year wait until the next book even though it will still be an impatient 12 months LOVE this series I ve always been a spoiler fan and speculator, though, so I have to say I hope the next book is the story that finishes what the short story Unbound started, with Dary [...]

    • Now that I have finished the book, I am pleasantly surprised at where it ended I wanted to give it 4.5 stars but opted for the 4 because the first third of the book was somewhat slow for me.I LOVED everything with Al and Trent in this book Al is one of the best characters I have read in a while, and Trent has been my number one pick for Rachel since almost the beginning All my excitement and enjoyment came from these three and the ways they play off each other It is so fascinating Then of course [...]

    • 4.5 5Mon avis en Fran aisMy English reviewI was eager to start this novel after finishing the previous one I must say that we are easily taken away by the story and now that the series is over, I m happy to buy the volumes the one after the other and thus to continue the adventures of Rachel Morgan.Our heroine is going to have plenty to do in this novel Oh yes, because it does not stop Rachel has to manage her shunning but now the convent wants Between those who want to kill her, to lock her in [...]

    • I didn t enjoy this installment In this book, Rachel was very irritating in my opinion I understand her sensitivity to being shunned as a black witch but screaming every 5 seconds I M NOT A BLACK WITCH was tiresome.Being consumed with proving her goodness, she made decisions that weren t in her best interest I understand having morals, but if someone is trying to kill you, you try to kill them with whatever you have available If someone broke into my property, and threatened my life, I m not goi [...]

    • I really liked this book a lot I thoroughly enjoyed the plot I appreciated Rachel s character development I was glad to see some major questions answered Jenk s life span, Matalinda s illness, etc I even enjoyed the return of Rachel s no good ex, Nick I think the writing was crisper, smarter, and really awesome this go around Kim seems to be only getting better as an author and I really enjoy her work.I liked nearly everything about this book plotwise, except for Pierce I don t understand why Pi [...]

    • This one was CRAZY GOOD But I cried like a baby at the big scene You know which one I m talking about That was worse than the end of book five

    • Re read July 2015 First read 2010Phew, I feel like I just read three books, not one Probably the most complex book in the series so far, and one of the best Super action packed, emotional, character driven, suspenseful, emotional, funny when necessary, a major part in the overall story arc.Sooo much happened, it was almost overwhelming The coven Matalina sobs whyyy Al my favorite part there wasn t one scene where he was involved and trouble and laughing out loud situations didn t follow He s the [...]

    • Esta parte puede resumirse en una frase dicha en la novela por cierto personaje You re both idiots Two people so intent on getting the best of each other that you can be manipulated into anything Sep Mucho de lo que pasa en la trama no vale la pena leer Que decepci n Esos dos a los que se hace referencia arriba y las idas y vueltas interminables cuando todo podr a resolverse con una charla y listo Y view spoiler Rachel estuvo insoportable toda la novela Se la pasa equivoc ndose constantemente y [...]

    • The danger one faces with reading a series is that, after a time, they can get monotonous If you re a true fan, you know the details, eccentricities and jokes intimately and after several books, if poorly executed, they become tiresome However, when said series is in the hands of a master, then that old hat expectation never happens For me, this is true of Kim Harrison s Hollows series After nine books, the tenth, A Perfect Blood released this month , the series has yet to grow stale Perhaps it [...]

    • A common complaint with series in general is that the books start to go off course, become redundant, or just plain stupid as books are released The Hollows is the opposite I honestly believe that the second half is even better than the first, and the world and characters just get interesting with each new release I officially dislike the witch counsel We hadn t seen them before, only heard of them, but egads, what a despicable group What they planned to do to Rachel sickens me There s a lot o [...]

    • Another good adventure in the Hallows Rachel is settling into her new life as a shunned witch and spending her time in the ever after with Al learning She is at odds with herself as her blood won t kindle witch magic, but does do demon magic, so what is she a witch or a demon Plus she has started to enjoy her studies and what she is learning.Rachel has a lot to deal with in the council coming after her and the punishment is something straight out of the early 1900 s and very extreme As things go [...]

    • Another amazing book from one hell of a writer Kim Harrison out did herself once again Black Magic Sanction is the 8th installment in the amazing Hollower series I ve been a fan from book one and was hooked from page one Each book just keeps getting better, and after Rachel s hard trials I m glad to see her getting past her devastation Kisten will be deeply missed and I bet I m not alone in saying that.Rachel s still not out of the hot water Rachel wouldn t be Rachel if she wasn t in some sort o [...]

    • Yay Harrison has brought her Hollow s series back on track and its filled to the brim with the good stuff that made the earlier books so great Rachel, always a magnet for trouble is in deep kimshee here The Coven for Ethics and Morality the witch ruling body wants to imprison, neuter and lobotomize Rachel all without a fair trial because Rachel represents the dirty little secret about the true origins of witches and she is also the key to the demon s return to the Earthly plane Black Magic sanct [...]

    • Whoah what a book Harrison has certainly upped her game in this latest installment.Gone is the angst over whether Rachel should make a go of things with Ivy Instead most of this book is about Rachel trying to dodge the Coven from putting her in Alcatraz, lobotmising her magically and removing her ability to bare children It certainly ups the stakes in this very dramatic game of cat and mouse and at times I wasn t sure where the chips would fall.Put together with Trent trying to Own Rachel after [...]

    • Rachel, Rachel, RachelI just don t know what to do with youI d actually dropped this series once, but a coworker convinced me to give it another try A few books later, and I m second guessing myself I spent most of this book wishing I was reading something else And honestly, the problem is Rachel herself.For someone who navel gazes as much as she does, she s pretty stupid about herself She talks about learning from her mistakes, but she doesn t First and foremost of these is her inability to act [...]

    • This book was pretty much fantabulous the whole way through There was a good chunk about 3 4 of the way through it that got a bit slow, but it picked up at the end, and even though it seemed to end on a cliff hanger, I won t down vote it for that because it was soooo much better than the previous book I love Al There was a lot explaining of what Rachel is and world building Nick is such a creep I d like to see Trent, Ceri, and I love all the parts with the demons Wish Rachel wasn t always try [...]

    • The 8th book in the Rachel Morgan series From page one the action explodes off the page Rachel is driving when summoned She shows up in California to find that she s been summoned like a demon into a circle Even surprising, it s the Coven she s surrounded by Rachel is on the run from the Coven throughout this whole book Trying to get her shunning removed is now the least of her problems She s facing being thrown in Alcatraz, being labotimized, and having her future children either taken, or bei [...]

    • One of my favorites so far, I believe, but also very emotional for me view spoiler I cried my hart out when Matalina died, mostly I believe because it was so recognizable for me, and of course beautifully written My favorite parts however were her interactions with Al That demon really has grown on me Love him Maybe not for Rachel, but I love to read everything about him He s such a complicated character I think, and he challenges every black and white view Rachel has about the ever after and de [...]

    • re reading series Nick, Nick, Nick he must die I m with Jinks give him to Al please Rachel So sad I cried poor Jinks.The grocery store fight with the coven hehehe I liked it way too many strawberries.I like how Rachel and Al s relationship is growing teacher student not love interest I can t believe I m going to say this but I really like Al now Trent is ok too, I guess.

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