The Changeling

The Changeling Ivy Carson belonged to the notorious Carson family which lived in a run down house in suburban Rosewood But Ivy was not a typical Carson There was something wonderful about her Ivy explained it by sa

  • Title: The Changeling
  • Author: Zilpha Keatley Snyder
  • ISBN: 9780595321803
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ivy Carson belonged to the notorious Carson family, which lived in a run down house in suburban Rosewood But Ivy was not a typical Carson There was something wonderful about her Ivy explained it by saying that she was a changeling, a child of supernatural parents who had been exchanged for the real Ivy Carson at birth This classic book was first published in 1970 It wIvy Carson belonged to the notorious Carson family, which lived in a run down house in suburban Rosewood But Ivy was not a typical Carson There was something wonderful about her Ivy explained it by saying that she was a changeling, a child of supernatural parents who had been exchanged for the real Ivy Carson at birth This classic book was first published in 1970 It was awarded a Christopher Medal and named an outstanding book for young people by the Junior Library Guild.

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      The recipient of three Newbery Honor Book awards for The Egypt Game, The Headless Cupid, and The Witches of Worm, Zilpha Keatley Snyder began writing books for children in 1964 when her first book, A Season of Ponies, was published Over the course of the career she completed 43 books, mostly for children aged 9 to 13, but also including two books for young adults, four picture books for younger children and a book of poetry.

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    • The Book Gods sent THE CHANGELING to me at precisely the right time in life I was a lonely little girl who loved to dream, hated sports, and cried easily Not surprisingly, I was widely hated by my peers, and sought refuge in books And while I loved being transported to magical places like Oz and Narnia, I was intensely aware that these books had little bearing on real life THE CHANGELING was different It was about a young girl growing up in a status conscious family Her older brother and sister [...]

    • Just stumbled upon this book by accident, thank you, Have been trying to remember the title for the longest time I read this several times in grade school, it fascinated me Ivy Carson is from a, well, trashy family, but she herself is very different She tells the mousy Martha who is her best friend that she is the daughter of the fairy queen, and has been switched with the real Ivy Carson Ivy is a gifted but unschooled dancer, with wild black hair and capricious moods She reminded me, in a way, [...]

    • I don t remember when I first read this book I think I got it from the Book Company when I was in second grade 1971 or 1972 we lived in a very rural area in northern New Mexico and my mother basically allowed me to order every book I wanted when the catalog came I know I then read it many, many times over the years that followed and then, of course, at some point it got packed away with the rest of my kid s books and I haven t touched it in ages.But now, as it goes, I m old enough for fairy tale [...]

    • This is the book that first introduced me to Zilpha Keatley Snyder, who was my absolute favorite author as a kid This book is not a fantasy, but it did inspire a fantasy series, the excellent Green Sky trilogy Marty the mouse becomes friends with Ivy Carson, an unusual girl from a large and notorious family, who claims to be a changeling I really can t do the book justice, but I think anyone who s felt like an outcast, or had a life changing friendship or wanted one will love this book.

    • This, along with The Egypt Game, is one my favorite Zilpha Keatley Snyder books It s just a beautiful story about the changing friendship between two girls Martha, who is painfully shy, and Ivy, the unique child of a nomadic family This book made me want to stay age 11 forever, just to experience the freedom of childhood that these girls did.

    • read this just out of my teens, and loved it to pieces My paperback is falling apart, alas, so I have not reread it for some twenty years So I don t know how it holds up to my adult view, but the friendship, the approach to being different and creativity were impressive to me when young.

    • Chubby, mousy Martha s childhood best friend is Ivy, daughter from a no good family who claims to be a changeling This has an episodic structure that threatens to be overbearing the adventures of two imaginative outsiders are charming, evocative, sympathetic, but also frivolous It s the cumulative effect which matters , and while Martha s arc is dated fat reader surrogates are fantastic fat reader surrogates who lose weight while gaining confidence is problematic her emotional growth still reson [...]

    • Might be ZKS best It s certainly one of my favorites and certainly one of her most sophisticated The girl friendship coming of age theme is nothing new, but if ZKS had written for an adult audience, she could have been the Elena Ferrante of her time.ZKS creates that perfect blend of mostly realism, with just a whisper of magic I would still love to join Martha and Ivy and the Tree People at Bent Oaks Grove I had forgotten or maybe my childhood self didn t quite get just how funny young Martha an [...]

    • Loved this book as a kid I thought it was about magic I took all my books out of my parents house and am re reading them.I discovered this book is actually about class and friendships It s well done and the ending is pitch perfect.

    • By the end of the first chapter, I wasn t liking this story Martha sounded like a 12 or 13 year old girl than the 15 year old teen that she was supposed to be Note The illustration on the cover of my edition of the book may have thrown me off Fortunately, I was too sleepy to pick up another book, so I kept reading Look for the different instead of the same This is such an important statement, and because it is so contrary to the beliefs of most school age kids, it s nice to see it emphasized in [...]

    • Zilpha Keatley Snyder was one of my favorite authors back in middle school when I started reading like crazy In fact, The Velvet Room, is my all time favorite from that time I was recently reminded of that fact and was considering re reading it, but was afraid it would be a bit disappointing as an adult As a trial, I picked another book of hers I remembered enjoying and figured if I still liked that as much, I would read Velvet Room again Sadly, the Changeling was good but not great, at least fr [...]

    • I am delighted that Open Road is making some of my most treasured books available as eBooks Zilpha Keatley Snyder was my very favorite author as a child My Mama reminds me that I forced her to read a couple of Snyder s books because I loved them so much The Changeling is a wonderful mix of reality and fantasy It has terrific characters and a great atmosphere Ms Snyder at her best Thank you, Open Road

    • A re read Snyder s sure hand at the wheel gives this story a ring of truth and an immediacy flavored with the not quite supernatural When I read it as a kid, I identified so closely with Ivy that I fancied myself a changeling too Reading it as an adult, I have much insight into both Ivy and me, and I still identify with her I want to know what happened to her, where she s dancing now A lovely, transcendent book.

    • It s too bad that it never got to the part about her being a changeling and it was only about the human side of things Does anyone know which kind of faeries she was descended from

    • It s a simple story, really Two girls, their friendship over the years of their childhood But there is magic in it, too Magic in the story, and in the reshaping of their realities into what they wanted, and needed, them to be, and magic in their friendship This is a beautiful book about the power of imagination, and female friendship, and those crazy years between being a kid and being a teenager Martha is every kid who feels like they don t belong and Ivy is the one kid who has never been conce [...]

    • Overall this was an engaging read about belonging or not and finding people who help cultivate your individuality instead of trying to mold you The ending was a little underwhelming The author had dropped a lot of interesting bread crumbs throughout the book that I was hoping she would explore Overall, though, I enjoyed this story about a friendship between two very different girls who supported each other when their also very different families did not Parts of it definitely reminded me of Ann [...]

    • I never read this as a child, but I totally devoured it as an adult Really well done and stands the test of time Martha s and Ivy s characterizations are so subtle yet vivid And Alton Raible s illustrations of this edition really enhance the story.

    • Martha and Ivy are best friends Can their friendship survive Ivy s frequent moves, Martha s judgmental Grandma and bullies at school According to Ivy, magic might be just the solution.

    • Childhood is magic I read Zilpha Keatley Snyder s The Headless Cupid and The Egypt Game when I was a kid and enjoyed them very much, but somehow The Changeling slipped past my radar until recently I realized, as I was reading The Changeling for the first time, that all three of these books are a paean to the magic of childhood The setting of each book is firmly grounded in reality there are no apparent gates to other worlds or fairies tiptoeing about, just ordinary, everyday neighborhoods in whi [...]

    • The Changeling is about two little girls who grow up together From the day Ivy Carson introduces herself to Martha Abbot the two become the inseparable friends they were always meant to be Together they strengthen one another s imaginations and support each other s dreams The two girls show strong character Ivy being the brave and fearless, Martha being the quiet and shy The childhood friends do than grow up together, they grow off each other I say this because of the extreme influence the two [...]

    • Excerpts from my Postcards from La La Land combo review of Snyder s The Changeling and Janet Taylor Lisle s Afternoon of the Elves .Back when I wrote my first Nostalgic Review, I mentioned that Zilpha Keatley Snyder s The Changeling had a similar story line as Janet Taylor Lisle s Afternoon of the Elves I used to think Snyder s story was a re interpretation of Lisle s, but in fact it s the other way around, since The Changeling was published in 1970 Not that Lisle was necessarily conscious of th [...]

    • I read this book for the first time as an adult, despite knowing about it since I was a kid, and my first thought was Why didn t I ever read this when I was in middle school I went through something similar as Martha, and my bully was also named Kelly I also liked making up stories and lived in a bit of a fantasy world as a kid I felt like this book really told a great story of what it s like to be a kid.The main story revolves around a friendship between two girls, Martha and Ivy Martha comes f [...]

    • The Changeling was originally published in 1970 and republished in Dec of 2012 When my children were young, we read Snyder s The Egypt Game, which remains one of my favorite juvenile books The Changeling won a Newbery Honor Book Award, the Christopher Medal, and was named an outstanding book for young people by the Junior Library Guild.This is a YA novel about growing up, friendship, imagination, and trust When seven year old Martha Abbot, a little overweight and shy, meets Ivy Carson, a friends [...]

    • A sopho in high school, the pretty and popular Martha Abbott is worlds different from who she used to be A shy, chubby outcast known to her family as Marty Mouse, a little girl who cried often and who used books and daydreams to escape from the reality of the world around her Back then, the only person who truly understood Martha was Ivy Carson, the second youngest daughter of a large, low income family from the other side of town The Carsons have earned themselves quite a bad reputation Mrs Car [...]

    • My Brother in law bought me the first book of Zilpha s Green Sky Trilogy and I have become quite a fan of this author I m so glad that the author s guild brought these little treasures back into print.The Changeling reminded me very much of Bridge to Terabithia in that there is two children from different backgrounds creating their own world and changing and growing because of it Martha and Ivy are such well created characters that many readers could identify with some part or another of either [...]

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