Her Mother's Daughter

Her Mother s Daughter Famed feminist Marilyn French s life affirming saga celebrates the love and sacrifices of four generations of Polish American mothers and daughters With Bella Dabrowski close to death her daughter An

  • Title: Her Mother's Daughter
  • Author: Marilyn French
  • ISBN: 9780345910196
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback
  • Famed feminist Marilyn French s life affirming saga celebrates the love and sacrifices of four generations of Polish American mothers and daughters.With Bella Dabrowski close to death, her daughter Anastasia, who has reinvented herself as Stacey Stevens, is trying to penetrate the longstanding barriers between them to understand the woman who gave her life.Through the eyesFamed feminist Marilyn French s life affirming saga celebrates the love and sacrifices of four generations of Polish American mothers and daughters.With Bella Dabrowski close to death, her daughter Anastasia, who has reinvented herself as Stacey Stevens, is trying to penetrate the longstanding barriers between them to understand the woman who gave her life.Through the eyes of Stacey, a divorced, feminist New York photographer, we get to know Bella, a remarkable woman, wife, and mother The daughter of Polish immigrants, Bella, who renamed herself Belle, clawed her way out of poverty and settled into a middle class existence.Shifting perspectives between the two women, the reader is drawn into Belle s life through the lean years of the Depression as well as Stacey s recollections of her youthful marriage, a lesbian affair, and her tempestuous relationship with her own daughter, Arden.From the groundbreaking author of The Women s Room, Her Mother s Daughter explores past and present to reveal the complex, indestructible bonds between daughters and mothers.

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      She attended Hofstra University then Hofstra College where she also received a master s degree in English in 1964 She married Robert M French Jr in 1950 the couple divorced in 1967 She later attended Harvard University, earning a Ph.D in 1972 Years later she became an instructor at Hofstra University.In her work, French asserted that women s oppression is an intrinsic part of the male dominated global culture Beyond Power On Women, Men and Morals 1985 is a historical examination of the effects of patriarchy on the world.French s 1977 novel, The Women s Room, follows the lives of Mira and her friends in 1950s and 1960s America, including Val, a militant radical feminist The novel portrays the details of the lives of women at this time and also the feminist movement of this era in the United States At one point in the book the character Val says all men are rapists This quote has often been incorrectly attributed to Marilyn French herself French s first book was a thesis on James Joyce.French was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in 1992 This experience was the basis for her book A Season in Hell A Memoir 1998.She was also mentioned in the 1982 ABBA song, The Day Before You Came The lyrics that mentioned French were I must have read a while, the latest one by Marilyn French or something in that style.French died from heart failure at age 79 on May 2, 2009 in Manhattan, New York City She is survived by her son Robert and daughter Jamie.

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    • French works hard to present honest portrayals of how hard woman did and do work to make family work Impressive, if a bit oppressive, at this point.My what a heavy read literarlly 686 pages and literally not much plot, lots perhaps too much emotion All the characters at one time or another, and some all the time, were overwhelmed with melancholy, a sense of hopelessness and just plain inconsolable I think the point of the book was to figure out why and French did that but goodness what a heavy r [...]

    • If you read 300 600 pages, can you say you read it THis book was SO FLIPPING LONG Here s the thing with Marilyn French Because of the longevity of her works, it begins to feel like the tenth season of a TV show you ve been following So you re drawn in and curious to see what happens, but you are also hit with a ton of details that really stop being interesting pretty soon This traces mother daughter relationships with narratives that are often confusing as to who is speaking, and showing how man [...]

    • There were several occasions where I almost gave up on this book, just put it aside and say I gave it a shot, but I stuck it out to the end, 726 pages Every time I was ready to quit, there would be some extremely real moment between a mother and daughter or harsh truth about the nature of relationships and generations that would suck me back in Now that I ve finished it I can t say I m sorry I did, but it if I had it to do over again, I wouldn t.Overall, it was of a depressing nature regarding a [...]

    • I am reading this book now and 3 4 thru it While it is slow to get going, I really got into the 4 generations of this family of mothers and daughters and how the narration moves back and forth between them, both talking about their lives from their perspectives and then from their daughters perspectives It is a bit scary being a mother and thinking about how one becomes one s mother often in various ways even as one has resisted this all one s life It is a bit too long and some of the details ar [...]

    • I reached page 353 and realized that the author had spent the proceeding pages whining about her characters lives and listing food items I didn t make it to the end I imagine they all die miserably For me, however, having abandoned such an extended bummer of a book, the world seems somehow brighter.

    • I don t recall the content but I remember loving this book, and Marilyn French, when I was young This is one I should reread.

    • Her Mother s Daughter is a 1987 novel from Marilyn French, the author of the acclaimed Women s Room, a book that had a great influence on me when I was growing up, and which I recently reread At first, Her Mother s Daughter appears primarily to be a work of historical fiction, as it recounts the life stories and miseries of the narrator Anastasia s immediate ancestors, particularly her grandmother Frances and mother Isabella Much of this part held the same fascination for me as A Tree Grows in B [...]

    • An interesting story of three generations of women, but I had a hard time keeping track of who was who For me, it wasn t a book that I had to finish once I started and when I put it down for just a day, it was difficult getting back into The longer I let it sit, the difficult it was to follow when I returned to it, almost making me think that I should reread up to where I had stopped, but it wasn t that interesting to have that happen After a struggle, I d eventually refigure out who was who, b [...]

    • Painful Painful Painful I had a very hard time finishing this book yet,I was driven to finish it Will the cycle ever be broken Mother s who love their children and can not express it in a way that the children recognize it, receive it and respond to it Father s who don t express love to their children Divored fathers who don t support their children Husbands who see woman only as extensions of themselves Four generations of woman are interwoven in a story that replicates itself with each generat [...]

    • Ini dia buka Marlyin French yang super Dia menuliskan betapa hubungan ibu dan anak perempuannya secara indah, penuh dengan cinta dan pertentangan Dinarasikan dari seorang perempuan photografer profesional menjelang setengah baya Karya karya novel Marilyn French banyak yang ditulis dari pengalamannya sebagai perempuan matang

    • I enjoyed this book, but since French s other book, the Women s Room, is one of my favorites, I felt it didnt measure up to my expectations I m just being picky, though It s a good read.

    • If Marilyn French sees herself reflected in the main character of this book, then she has used feminism as a justification for her self centeredness What a shame.

    • Marilyn FrenchHer Mother s Daughter761 PagesPage 38Why did she leave For it must have been a terrifying journey for a girl of thirteen who had never even been to Krakow all the way to Bremen along buying her passage with the money Aunt Sophie had sent her from America traveling steerage in the immigrant ship, locked in the bottommost deck with hundreds of others, some sick, babies crying, no privacy And then the horror of Ellis Island, being treated like some subhuman creature by self satisfied [...]

    • mistake A sign of bacterial infection up the arm a RED streak, not a blue streak I enjoyed the book, but some passages were repetitive it could have done with editing and sometimes the story teller or the timeline was obscure The story was about 4 generations of women and how they frequently perpetuated parenting practices, although often aware that these actions were harsh, abusive, hurtful and damaging Anastasia in the third generation tells most of the story and is perhaps the most self awar [...]

    • Personally this is my favourite one even though Women s Room is great without any doubt for many reasons So many of the characters are unforgettable, even apart from the protagonist, it has to be because it was written with much love and it shows The story spans four generations of women and their men, their children, and their lives, the travails they go through to not only survive but to the point to keep their children alive and in good shape, good health, forgoing often much in the process [...]

    • I got to page 300 of this 700 page book before I just couldn t stand it any It jumped around too much following 4 women, back in time, current time, forward in timewhich I normally can follow and understand why writers do it, but French couldn t decide on whether to write in third person or first and never the same character On page 299, when she described Anastasia by her name third person and then the next paragraph was talking AS her, that was enough Awful.I feel like I got enough out of the [...]

    • I found this book to be frustrating and tedious at times yet I also felt I gained understanding of myself, my mother, my sister and perhaps women in general was written in the late 80s and that is reflected, but many observations continue to be valid I came away thankful for the love and acceptance I was given by my mother througout my life and also grateful to some degree that I did not have female children although that relationship can also provide some of the greatest joys if managed well Al [...]

    • Long, tedious man bashing, mother hate love ing narcissistic trash Sloppy writing, mixed time sequences i.e Grant story started screwing in 65, but after separation reunite in 64 Jumps in and out of characters minds making it difficult to know who is telling the story when Total feminist over the top self pity from a man hater who screws every guy she comes near when away from the hubby and kids Chick lit fantasy story, not worth the paper or electrons.

    • Read this when I was young, but might reread it now that I have 2 daughters of my own The story follows 4 generations of women in one family and shows how we often say we will not make the same mistakes our mother did only to do so Great read.

    • This book was a huge disappointment , it promised so much but failed to deliver The words and actions of the characters were contrived and predicable This book is chick lit trying to be adult but fails miserably.

    • I just visited the tenement museum in NYC and it reminded me of this book, which I read 12 years ago It told the story of 4 generations of women in the same family I should have given it 5 stars.

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