The Book of Luke

The Book of Luke Emily Abbott has always been considered the Girl Most Likely to Be Nice but lately being nice hasn t done her any good Her parents have decided to move the family from Chicago back to their hometown o

  • Title: The Book of Luke
  • Author: Jenny O'Connell
  • ISBN: 9781416520405
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback
  • Emily Abbott has always been considered the Girl Most Likely to Be Nice but lately being nice hasn t done her any good Her parents have decided to move the family from Chicago back to their hometown of Boston in the middle of Emily s senior year Only Emily s first real boyfriend, Sean, is in Chicago, and so is her shot at class valedictorian and early admission to theEmily Abbott has always been considered the Girl Most Likely to Be Nice but lately being nice hasn t done her any good Her parents have decided to move the family from Chicago back to their hometown of Boston in the middle of Emily s senior year Only Emily s first real boyfriend, Sean, is in Chicago, and so is her shot at class valedictorian and early admission to the Ivy League What s a nice girl to do Then Sean dumps Emily on moving day and her father announces he s staying behind in Chicago to tie up loose ends, and Emily decides that what a nice girl needs to do is to stop being nice She reconnects with her best friends in Boston, Josie and Lucy, only to discover that they too have been on the receiving end of some glaring Guy Don ts So when the girls have to come up with something to put in the senior class time capsule, they know exactly what to do They ll create a not so nice reference guide for future generations of guys an instruction book that teaches them the right way to treat girls But when her friends draft Emily to test out their tips on Luke Preston the hottest, most popular guy in school, who just broke up with Josie by email Emily soon finds that Luke is the trickiest of test subjects and that even a nice girl like Emily has a few things to learn about love.

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    • Jenny O'Connell

      Published chick lit under the name Jennifer O Connell.I haven t been called Jenny in years thankfully , but I thought it was fitting to publish my teen book under the name that still makes me think of high school.My high school days may be long behind me, but I have a lot in common with Vanessa, the main character in PLAN B Like Vanessa, I also went to a small private school I was also mildly obsessed with college from fifth grade on, thanks to a book I read in which one of the characters went to Dartmouth But unlike Vanessa, my brother wasn t a TV star And he didn t drive me crazy I actually still like him As for creating a How To guide for guys, like Emily does in THE BOOK OF LUKE, I can t say that I know enough to write an entire guide, but I did have a blast writing the tips at the beginning of each chapter And I wish a guide like this did exist when I was in high school and college and even after that Last summer I was on Martha s Vineyard doing research for my upcoming Martha s Vineyard Novel series tough job, but somebody s got to do it I hope this books capture what I love so much about the islandAlthough she s written about a reality dating show, a prescient pastry chef, and a woman who inspired an 80 s rock hit, Jennifer has not spent hours dissecting The Bachelor, she can barely follow the directions on the back of a Betty Crocker box, and she can only dream of a long haired, guitar thrashing rocker even giving her a second glance.

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    • I had a really hard time relating to the main character I can t really believe that someone who is supposedly so nice could do what she did to Luke It makes it look like her being nice for most of her life was just her being fake she was only nice because that s the correct way to act I also don t see how continuously lying could ever seem like a good idea of course it s only going to cause problems in the end She had so many chances to tell the truth I have no clue why she would break up with [...]

    • To be honest, I loved this book When I picked it up, I thought it was going to be the cliched good girl loves bad boy But oh wait, that s what this story was But I don t know I still liked it I liked the aspect of this girl who had her feelings bottled up for so her, had her real self bottled up for so long, and finally let it all out by being a bitch view spoiler I m not saying that what Emily did was right, but that doesn t mean it was specifically wrong either Well, what I m trying to say is [...]

    • I spent 2 weeks trying to read this TWO WEEKS Whoever said that the best is yet to come obviously didn t spend 14 days trying to make sense of or even tolerate reading this book.1 Emily is so bloody whiny and judgmental If anything bad happens to her, like say, if her father decides to stay back in Chicago for just a few months, she immediately assumes that he has a secret girlfriend Emily logic Don t ask 2 Luke is one of those annoying seniors you had back in High School The ones who would exp [...]

    • I thought this book horribly flat The writing wasn t good at all and the characters just too stuck up and annoying The writing was bad mainly because everything was so flat out stated Just get out, I ordered, and TJ did just that The main character, Emily, is so stuck up and she doesn t even know it and that s the type of person I hate the most She doesn t admit that she s wrong when she hurts others because she blinds herself by thinking that other people did things wrong, too, and so what she [...]

    • I really enjoyed this book Reading the other reviews a lot of people are complaining that Emily was a snob, but I think that s kind of the point This nice girl who s tired of being nice and tries to just do what she wants and say what she wants but somehow ends up back in that cycle anyway.I think the beginning was a little slow I remember it was page 44 and they were just starting to really talk about Luke, but not even the initial time capsule plan, I don t think And the ending was too short I [...]

    • Dear God, what a terrible book Now, where to startThe Book of Luke is not anywhere close to its intriguing title It is instead filled with a bunch of idiotic senior girls who clearly have nothing better to do in their spare time and therefore resort to testing out their tips for a guy on how to be a better boyfriend on an equally stupid boy Let s breakdown the characters, shall we EmilyThis girl, who, although comes off assooooo nice , is really a judgmental nincompoop Her dad doesn t move with [...]

    • There s a quote in the book that I think best describes Emily, it says something like Doing nice things doesn t make you nice if you don t mean it it just makes you a liar coz that one sentence fit her to a T Throughout the book, she keeps saying that she is tired of how people label her as a nice person She does things that is the opposite of how she feels but she d do it because it was the right nice thing to do So its no surprise that Emily eventually tries to get rid of her goody two shoes i [...]

    • I ve got one word for you NICE Emily Abbott has always been known as nice, what with her mom being the epitome of all thing etiquette and good manners, Emily always does the good and right thing But after her father decides to move them back to Boston but actually not going with them to tie up some loose ends and her boyfriend Sean breaks up with her on moving day, Emily decides that being NICE is no longer an option She s tired of always doing the good thing and then get nothing good out of it [...]

    • Okay, I officially love MTV books The Book of Luke was that good You should seriously go get this book right now, that s how much I loved it.Emily was a great character and I loved how she took charge in the story She knew what she wanted to shape a boy into and she did well, sorta Emily and Luke s relationship was brilliantly written I liked how it actually showed how they progressed into it instead of oh my god I m in love with you right from the beginning type of thing.The story line is aweso [...]

    • I read this book last summer and it was great This is a good summer read for all who love a love story.

    • Seeing as how it is Valentines week I ve decided to switch things up a bit I am obviously still going to post my rants, but instead of embracing the ugly, the perverse, or the just plain weird like I usually do I decided to bring you LOVE Stop laughing it s not nice That s right people, for the remainder of the week I will bring you love in all of its forms, from the cheeky pop coulter type all the way down to the classic If I can t have you no one can obsessive type.So for all of my ladies out [...]

    • I m going to fully admit that The Book of Luke surprised me with how engaging it was I honestly didn t put it down for several stretches because I think as far as teenage issues and life is concerned, Jenny O Connell got it right Everything from Emily s frustration with moving in the middle of her senior year, breaking up with her boyfriend, and feeling betrayed by her parents in measures to wanting to be a different person and the emotions that came across her growing attraction with Luke I did [...]

    • 3.5 StarsWhen we first meet Emily she is being forced to move back to Boston, her boyfriend dumps her and it turns out her father is not coming with them But being back in Boston is not all bad She reconnects with her old best friends, Josie and Lucy, and together they come up with a perfect idea for their senior time capsule an instruction book for guys teaching them the right way to treat girls Of course, they decide they should test it out and who better to test it on than Luke Preston Josie [...]

    • When I first read about this book online, I knew that I had to get to it I love books that have a plot around some he said she said, boy vs girl storyline I wasn t disappointed to say the least.I think this book is great for any teen who knows the ordeals that goes into choosing a friends and someone we can potentially love It s also great for girls who think that guys are genetically stupid and just don t know how to treat girls right Jenny O Connell makes it clear in this novel that boys aren [...]

    • High school senior Emily Abbott has always been nice That s what happens when your mother is a nationally known etiquette guru.Well, look where nice has gotten her Several weeks before Christmas, her dad makes the decision to move the family back to Massachusetts, where they grew up, and then several days later announces that he is going to stay in Chicago for a little while Then her boyfriend Sean breaks up with her the morning she is leaving on her front step, in front of her whole family.So E [...]

    • Now a days, teen girls read What to Look For in a Boy guides, but nobody has written a Don t Do This guide directly towards boys, and that s what best friends Emily, Josie, and Lucy are thinking about doing The morning Emily leaves Chicago to move back to Boston, her boyfriend Sean breaks up with her Not only did her boyfriend just break up with her, Emily s dad is staying in Chicago to finsh things up and she has to say good bye toher chance to becoming valedictorian of her graduating class, bu [...]

    • This book was alright, read something similar before but nevertheless I enjoy a witty romance novel Emily is your typical school girl but she s nice to everyone, in fact she s so nice that only one girl doesn t like her, because she tries to hard to be liked So when she gets uplifted to Chicago and back again to Hollywood 2 years later she s surprised to see not much has changed other than Luke Preston The once invisible guy who left Emily a valentines card and a box of chocolates on the day she [...]

    • This review might come across as harsh, and I apologizeI m just in a bad mood.On my Young Adult Contemporary Romance Spree, I stumbled upon this book and decided to give it a shot My thoughts at the end of the book was meh I thought the book wasn t that bad but it wasn t great either Although the story is a bit different from the books I ve read, I think the execution was pretty meh Yes, I m using a lot of mehs because this book should ve been called The Book of Meh No joke I didn t like the mai [...]

    • Actual Rating 3.5 stars I really hoped to like this book I honestly really did And overall, my favorite part was the love story part But I was honestly really irritated by Emily and her lies, the book, the lying overall, and then Josie and Lucy were horrendous I honestly didn t mind Lucy that much, but Josie irritated me a lot and she was honestly a bad friend in my opinion The lies were constant and I honestly just wanted something real Overall, Luke and Emily were cute together, but I wish th [...]

    • Wow I never thought I d be so into this book It definitely suits my present situation I am planning to change a person but because I read this I think I ll just influence him and not exactly change him Emily is totally like me I m nice but so sick of being one Everyone thinks you ll always do the nicest best thing But actually, I know how to screw things up, intentionally or accidentally I only have 3 words NOBODY IS PERFECT.

    • I like reading teen contemporary romance because it s closer to the reality of what could happen to me hopeless romantic in me thinking , or at least most of the time it is, but this was nothing special.I actually got extremely annoyed with the female characters they re all made out to be snobby and controlling of their boyfriends which is already true for 75% of the female population Give guys a break, jeeze.

    • This book was slightly slow at first and i feel like it kept dragging on but the last half of the book are what made this book very good It had the usual love story plot but with a twist, the guide Through the last few chapters i had to stop reading a few times because i got so connected with the characters that i got a little emotional This book was a great read, with an amazing ending

    • Esta es mi opini n MEH.Listo Despu s , con respecto a los consejos y la idea general del libro , voy a robarle una frase a mi personaje favorito de GIRLS , Jessa Johansson

    • This book was a trainwreck that happened in really slow motion It started off kind of shaky but then picked up speed and then it just kind of crashed And for about 150 pages it just kept getting worse and worse It s a totally cliche story Character development is weak and there s so much pointless dialogue that you feel like you re totally drowning in lame conversation Skip.

    • My 13 year old daughter wanted to read this book so I read it to make sure it was ok for her She won t be allowed to read it at this time because although I really like the story, there are too many four letter words and sexual references I might let her read it in a few years.

    • I m just not interested in this I thought I was because I owned a copy, but it just seems like a really cheesy novel Not even a cheesy novel I would enjoy.

    • When I read this as a fifteen year old, I liked it Had the whole high school drama going on and I felt like it was a great book Now Nope.

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