Orphans of the Sky

Orphans of the Sky A fix up consisting of the novelette Universe and the novella Common Sense First published in Hugh had been taught that according to the ancient sacred writings the Ship was on a voya

  • Title: Orphans of the Sky
  • Author: Robert A. Heinlein
  • ISBN: 9780671318451
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
  • A fix up consisting of the novelette Universe 1941 and the novella Common Sense 1941 First published in 1963.Hugh had been taught that, according to the ancient sacred writings, the Ship was on a voyage to faraway Centaurus But he also understood this was actually allegory for a voyage to spiritual perfection Indeed, how could the Ship move, since its miles andA fix up consisting of the novelette Universe 1941 and the novella Common Sense 1941 First published in 1963.Hugh had been taught that, according to the ancient sacred writings, the Ship was on a voyage to faraway Centaurus But he also understood this was actually allegory for a voyage to spiritual perfection Indeed, how could the Ship move, since its miles and miles of metal corridors were all there was of creation Science knew that the Ship was all the Universe, and as long as the sacred Convertor was fed, the lights would continue to glow and the air would flow, and the Creator s Plan would be fulfilled.Of course, there were the muties, grotesquely deformed parodies of humans, who lurked in the upper reaches of the Ship where gravity was weaker Were they evil incarnate, or merely a divine check on the population, keeping humanity from expanding past the capacity of the Ship to support Then Hugh was captured by the muties and met their leader or leaders , Joe Jim, with two heads on one body And he learned the true nature of the Ship and its mission between the stars But could he make his people believe him before it was to late Could he make them believe that he must be allowed to fly the ship

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      Robert Anson Heinlein was an American novelist and science fiction writer Often called the dean of science fiction writers , he is one of the most popular, influential, and controversial authors of hard science fiction He set a high standard for science and engineering plausibility and helped to raise the genre s standards of literary quality He was the first SF writer to break into mainstream, general magazines such as The Saturday Evening Post, in the late 1940s He was also among the first authors of bestselling, novel length science fiction in the modern, mass market era.

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    • Lord of the Flies meets Lost in Space Not one of Heinlein s masterpieces but also not bad, very imaginative and creative At it s best it is an interesting religious and political allegory, at worst it is campy pulp But not bad I think the producers of Disney s Wall E may have been influenced somewhat by the generational ship concept This began as a couple of novelettes in the early 40s and then put together in book form and published as a novel in 1963, so this was at least one of his earliest i [...]

    • An imaginative if improbable tale or accurately pair of SF tales combined together to make a short novel by Robert Heinlein, about a spaceship voyage to colonize another planet The trip has taken so long that the people being born, living, having children and dying on the huge ship have lost all scientific knowledge about what the ship is and where it s going To them, it is the world and the universe The story of where they are from and where they re going has turned into a religion For excitem [...]

    • I rather like this religious allegory They ve been on a huge spaceship The Ship for many generations, and all they can remember of Earth are distant legends kept alive in an oral tradition According to these myths, the Ship was built by Jordan Once, there had been a Golden Age, when the ship was ruled by Jordan s Captain , the guardian of the sacred Plan But then there was a mutiny, led by someone called Huff accursed Huff, the First to Sin , and the Plan was lost Now the Ship is moving aimlessl [...]

    • WOW this cover is not the cover I have, which is far less Whatever the hell this cover is That must have been the 80s, said my Glaswegian has this as the 2001 cover from Baen It s a good thing feminism fixed all the world s problems or who KNOWS what kind of cover we d have I picked this up second hand Mayflower Dell paperback, June 1965 , curious to read some Heinlein in the wake of having recently finished Jo Walton s Among Others Thus far the only Heinlein I d read consisted of the bowdleriz [...]

    • This novella collects two of Heinlein s earliest stories, both from 1941, but unlike other such combinations, the two stories were originally meant to go together, and form a continuous narrative As this is a very early attempt from Heinlein, it wouldn t be surprising to find his writing rough and flawed, but it s an unexpectedly solid yarn.His writing is direct and unobtrusive something many authors aspire to, but few ever manage Even at this early stage, his naturalistic prose sets him above v [...]

    • This is one of the original lost generation ship stories, a novella stitched together from two of Heinlein s earlier short stories Considering it was originally written in the 40s, Orphans of the Sky still holds up reasonably well as pure science fiction, with little to betray its golden age origins other than the fact that all the tropes are so well worn by now.The crew of the Ship has never known anything but the Ship, a massive multideck vessel which to them is literally the entire universe T [...]

    • Some clever ideas, esp re scientists as priests, but too much is undeveloped And the misogyny is completely gratuitous when we finally briefly meet them, we learn that women are quite literally chattel, generally not even allowed to keep their own names The GR default cover is absolute nonsense on several levels I do like Hugh, though, idealistic, intelligent, curious Clearly this was written for teen boys, the primary audience for SF back in the day.

    • Second Heinlein collection in this book the first being The Man Who Sold the Moon Now we have two related 1940s novellae fixed up into a single novel in the 1960s Oh, science fiction publishing, you are so fun.Orphans of the Sky is one of the ur generation ship tales Heinlein immediately seizes on the possibility that something could go so disastrously wrong during the voyage such that the entire crew forgets it is on a ship For all intents and purposes, the Ship is now the universe Anyone, like [...]

    • This is a big idea novel for Heinlein It tells the story of the first inter stellar ship, planing to make a trip that will span generations Mutiny and a general degradation of culture occur aboard and generations are born who are unable to conceive of, or believe in, a world outside the ship The story centers on brave and clever men who start to regain this knowledge, stomping a foot on a deck plate and insisting like a similar brave man, But still, it moves Heinlein s skill at envisioning futur [...]

    • Time now for another slice of classic science fiction this time from the pen of Robert Heinlein I recently stumbled across a series of essays entitled The defining science fiction of the Insert decade which ran from the 1950s to the 1990s They are absolutely brilliant and it got me thinking, You see as part of the essay there was listed each year the top most influential and as the title describes defining This title was one of them and I was instantly drawn to reading it Well now I have and I m [...]

    • Noor ja vihane Heinlein paneb h sti ja hoogsalt Tegevus ja p nevus p sivad ja maailm on loodud lahedalt praktiliste ja k niliste inimeste mutantidega Ei pea vastu ja toon siinkohal ra he l igu ks usutaganejast teadlane, ks r vitud teadlane, ks juhm talumees, ks kahep ine koletis ja ks unasuuruse ajuga debiilik viis nuga, kui Joe Jimi he eest lugeda viis aju, kui Joe Jimi kahe eest lugeda ja Bobot ldse mitte arvestada viis aju ja viis nuga, et pea peale p rata kogu kultuur Kuid tegemist pole vaid [...]

    • Breve ma geniale.Un immensa astronave, alla deriva nello spazio da innumerevoli generazioni, ospita un umanit regredita, che considera libri sacri i testi scientifici, incapace di comprenderli e concepire un universo al di fuori della Nave La societ divisa tra umani e mutanti, i nati deformi in seguito alle radiazioni provenienti dall esterno, fazioni in lotta nella reciproca ignoranza Tra i mutanti spicca Joe Jim, dalle due teste sagge, avido lettore e pensatore Hugh invece l umano che scoprir [...]

    • A classic of the science fiction genre, a defining one for the trope of generation ship.Hugh Hoyland lives on the Ship After a venture to low weight decks, where he s endangered by a mutie attack, we find the humans living in farms on the high weight decks, and he hears the religious text on the Mutiny and is inducted into the ranks of the priestly scientists.It s when he ends up a prisoner among the muties that he learns much of what the astute reader has pieced together earlier The tale involv [...]

    • Because this sentence exists the other wife, the unnamed one, kept out of his sight after losing a tooth, quite suddenly

    • I am always of two minds about Heinlein He writes clear, easy to follow prose And he is better at drawing an engaging character than his peers in the classic age of SF, like Asimov and Clarke One need only think of Mycroft Holmes and Mannie from The Moon is a Harsh Mistress to understand what I am saying And his ideas are pretty good too Unlike most world builders, he doesn t get too carried away And I love the way that he just mentions a technology, and doesn t harp on its origin or exactly how [...]

    • 1977 grade A1995 grade A 2016 grade B A Failed generation ships were a pretty common theme in early hard SciFi In fact, some publishers would give an idea to multiple authors and ask for each to write their own interpretation No two that I read ever came out the same The following description is not really a spoiler, but lightly describes the set up similar to that on a book jacket After this review there are two other book themes mentioned If anyone knows the names of those stories, please let [...]

    • I read this because it was one of the earlier examples of a story that takes place on a generation ship and I m preparing to write a novel set on a generation ship This is early Heinlein and I wished he hadn t mentioned women at all, sexism by omission would have seemed so much less sexist than the few sentences he included that reference women In the first novella, the only mention of a woman is Hugh s the main character aunt, who looks up when he returns home but says nothing as is fitting a w [...]

    • I downloaded this book because I have a huge interest in Generational Ships in my own work and was curious to see how one of the masters handled it Overall I love the premise No need to summarize it in detail as this is a well known enough novel, but the idea of creating a world that has become lost in time and space is almost like a writers playground Anything is possible, and Heinlein fills his ship with a myriad of intriguing ideas.Heinlein has this way of putting forth interesting bits of te [...]

    • I read it, and it was a quick Heinlein read and rather fun However, the two appearances of women in the plot were so irrelevant and so misogynist from the author than the characters that an editor might as well cut them out and change the genders of various main characters I assure you, it would make no difference to the book, except that I wouldn t want to go back and punch Heinlein in the nose.Seriously This one dude gets picked out at the beginning of the story for being exceptionally intell [...]

    • This book like many of Heinlein s books really blew my mind as a kid Very trippy concept a spaceship bound on a lightyears journey to colonize another world ran into trouble with its nuclear reactor and at the time the novel begins has been adrift in space now for centuries with countless generations come and gone and all knowledge of the outside world forgotten Check it out, especially if you re a kid It s a really cool idea.

    • This is the most memorable sci fi title of my youth I loved the idea that people born on a deep space ship might not know that it WAS a ship, that it was the extent of the universe to them, and that the concept of outside would be horribly frightening To anyone interested, this is a short one Short sweet o June 2013 finished another re read Still love it.

    • This was one of the most important books of my childhood The questioning of authority, existential inquiry and transcendence are just some of the themes that are explored.

    • First, I love the title Orphans of the Sky, is one of those titles that makes me love sci fi Second, this is one of those books that originated or at least was an early adopter of ideas that have come to be central to sci fi In this case, the concept is a generation ship Generation ships are slow moving space ships that would take so long to get from point A to point B that entire generations would live and die in the ship during the journey hence the name According to , the initial versions of [...]

    • Fun idea for science fiction and interesting religious metaphor People aboard a generational ship forget everything about Earth, science, and technology, and as the areas with windows to the outside are shut off, they forget even that they are on a ship, but begin to think the ship is all of existence It s a brilliant concept and I would have loved to see how StarTrek STNG would have handled it Unfortunately, Heinlein s version is not very deeply thoughtful The characters are not developed very [...]

    • review coming was good up until the hero took two women and beat them up when they didn t do as they were told or when he was displeased by them So, god damn it, Sci Fi was most certainly not for girls back in the 50 s and 60 s I liked the idea of a ship that kept building layers and layers ontop of itself and that the original explorers and their mission became lost over time But, where the hell are all the women Not a single woman was involved in this story If they were involved, they were inv [...]

    • I don t know if this was actually the first generation starship story, but it was almost certainly the most influential Hugh Hoyston was born as were his to the nth generation ancestors on the Ship, but to him it s just the world it s only natural that the Decks curve and that your weight decreases as you ascend Then he gets captured by the Muties Mutineers Mutants take your pick and their two headed leader Joe Jim, and discovers that there s actually an outside to the world This is relatively e [...]

    • Heade ideedega raamat generatsioonidelaevast ja sellest, kuidas vana teadus on aja jooksul muteerunud religiooniks, kuid l pu viimases veerandis hakkas iga keeratava lehek ljega tunduma, et asi saab natuke liiga j rsu finaali, kuigi materjali oleks veel teist nii pika loo kirjutamiseks Nii ta ka l ks Sujuv lugemine, kui soov midagi ette v tta, mis he v i kahe htuga l bi saab Samuti soovitan v rdluseks ka neile, kellele meeldis Kantileen Leibowitzile, kuna m lemas on mandunud tsivilisatsiooni j r [...]

    • The story of a group of forward thinking people who begin to realize that their world is actually the inside of an ark like starship Over many generations and various mutinies, all knowledge of their actual situation has been lost and replaced with weird superstition and religion A pretty good story and nice to read an older classic from one of the masters By today s standards, this may seem a little short, but back in the day authors didn t need 600 pages to tell a story.

    • One of my long ago Heinlein reads and one of the I m sad to say less satisfying colony starship with a crew who have forgotten they are on a ship and think it s the whole universe , stories.I m pretty sure that short of a longer synopsis and a few spoilers that about says it A mutiny on a colonization starship ends in most everybody in charge getting killed the survivors farm the hydroponic gardens and time passes, until that rare breed of individual is born a protagonist.

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