Principle-Centered Leadership

Principle Centered Leadership Learn the powerful principles Stephen R Covey has taught to many of the world s top executives and most influential leaders Align your organization s resources and structures to increase long term per

  • Title: Principle-Centered Leadership
  • Author: Stephen R. Covey
  • ISBN: 9780671792800
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback
  • Learn the powerful principles Stephen R Covey has taught to many of the world s top executives and most influential leaders Align your organization s resources and structures to increase long term performance and create a high trust culture the ultimate competitive advantage.

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      262 Stephen R. Covey
    Principle-Centered Leadership

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    • Stephen R. Covey

      Stephen Richards Covey was the author of the best selling book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Other books he wrote include First Things First , Principle Centered Leadership , and The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families In 2004, Covey released The 8th Habit In 2008, Covey released The Leader In Me How Schools and Parents Around the World Are Inspiring Greatness, One Child at a Time He was also a professor at the Jon M Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University You can purchase Stephen R Covey s books and audios at 7habitsstoreCovey died at the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls, Idaho, on July 16, 2012, due to complications from a bicycle accident he suffered the previous April.

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    • This has been one of the best books on life I have read in some time I would agree with many of the other reviewers that this was a fairly repetitive book, and normally I would have only given something like this 4 stars, but the difference for me was that the concepts are powerful enough that it deserves a lot of praise The book is a good companion to Covey s phenomenal 7 Habits book, by acting as a new lens through which to view the 7 Habits concepts This book illustrates how the use of solid [...]

    • This book was pretty good, but I got a little tired of reading it and decided to take it back to the library I think it has some good tips on being effective in life and business and leadership, while also having good habits The first couple of chapters, Covey reiterates what he said in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People I never read that, but enjoyed the recap.All in all, if you want good motivational business leadership books, this is a good one to look at.

    • Characteristics of principle centered leadersContinually learning question self improvingService orientatedradiate positive energy be peacemaker, Hermosa or reverse destructive energyBelieve in other people the unseen potential don t carry grudgesLead balanced lives actions proportionate to the situationSee life as an adventure have flexibility as a key principleSynergistic complement with the strengths of othersExercise for self renewal physical, mental, emotional, spiritual7 HabitsBe proactive [...]

    • This is an excellent book that shows how to implement the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in organizations and relationships I think that this book gives great insights into effective human resource planning and strategy You have to look at your organization as a whole and people as a whole What motivates What inspires to do better A mission and common goal are important I found the chapters on managing expectations, and involving and empowering people very interesting.cially because of situ [...]

    • This book was very good However, the concepts and topics were very in depth and honestly deeper then my limited understanding could comprehend Most books of this type take me a few weeks to read I have been reading this book for a few months I would read a few paragraphs and then have to digest what it said I underlined or highlighted several key points and will likely keep this book on my bookshelf to refer to in the future.

    • I love Covey he really goes in depth while keeping everything plain and simple This book basically goes over four levels of Leadership Personal, Interpersonal, Managerial and Organizational and how you will succeed at each level by applying the key corresponding principles Trustworthiness, Trust, Empowerment and Alignment.If you are familiar with Covey you will tie a lot of these principles with other of his concepts, I felt this gave me an extra layer of understanding Read It

    • Who would not like our political leaders to practice the type of leadership described in this book, especially in the contentious climate that seem to be the rule these days As for the book itself, the constant repetition of the same ideas becomes tedious after a while, though I understand that it is a compendium of articles written for different audiences.

    • Excellent Everyone in any type of management position should read this book Actually, I listened to itover and overd then bought the cd Simple, thoughtful and encouraging I want to buy a copy for those who don t think they need it.

    • Page 154 WTF How do we serve and eat the lunch of champions feedback and then the dinner of champions course correction within the context of the breakfast of champions vision

    • Don t get me wrong Principle Centered Leadership is a great book It was among the things that buoyed me in an extremely stressful week, because even my pastime of playing computer games was marred with unfortunate disconnections and further tragedy I admit, it s so easy to blame others for their blatant mistakes, especially for a particularly rigorous game like DotA 2 However, most of us especially me , are often too lenient with ourselves We often like to push the blame towards other people, ev [...]

    • Okay I read this book just to improve my personal relationship with people and my intimate life I actually found the book profitable and rewarding after spending a couple of days eating and biting its nourishing contents.The book starts by emphasizing that everything starts first with you and we should never make promises we can t keep.Stephen advised that you avoid some deadly sins in the world, one of which is looking for the get rich quick scheme He introduced the law of the farm The idea is [...]

    • Stephen Covey s Principle Centered Leadership paradigm is a very good read Yes, he s a bit repetitive in this book but I believe he did this to reinforce deep concepts I love that his ideas are based on universal natural systems, principles or what his calls the law of the farm and not the latest sexy, quick fix or power centered fad of the day He makes the point that there are four possible paradigms focused on different needs Covey s own paradigm is spirit and meaning based teaches one to have [...]

    • I listened to the audio copy of this book It was read by the author and even though he has great knowledge, he is not a great narrator The information in the book is easy to understand create an organization, find people who fit your morals and ideals, get them to work together and create their own vision that is in line with your so they take ownership of it The ideas and examples are clear and thankfully the book is short.

    • As a Senior Manager leader for 25 years, this was the definitive and absolutely best book I ever read to help me become self reflective and intentional in my leadership practice Highly recommend it to all those in leadership roles.

    • I find it interesting how famous the name Stephen Covey is in leadership literature because when I read his books, I find his writing drier than a caucus race, sometimes trite I mean, he has the Give a man a fish quote on the cover of the book , and often repetitive That was certainly the case with Principle Centered Leadership, which has been on my shelf for several years and which I chose to read in small 1 to 3 chapter a day chunks over the past month or so If you re tired of corporate speak [...]

    • This had good information on building a strong team culture starting with you by focusing on principles and not processes He argues that a business or any group is not a machine with interchangeable parts It s an organic system that must be cultivated like a farm Leaders should focus on finding people s strengths and using those and making their weaknesses irrelevant He also talks about the difference between management and leadership I found lots of interesting things in it I dropped a star bec [...]

    • This book is directed to an all inclusive target audience It book discusses the principle centered leadership paradigm as it relates to businesses and organizations, as well as to individual and family relationships Any individual, from the CEO of a large organization to a newlywed stay at home parent, can apply the concepts explained in the book I would emphasize that it will be difficult to grasp all of the concepts from the book after one reading Multiple readings will be necessary to underst [...]

    • Even thinking about adding a review of this landmark book reminds me of how far we have fallen since 2008 when it was revealed that nothing was real and everything we thought we knew was wrong.For the pre Bush Obama Bail Out world of no moral hazard, this Reagan Clinton era Covey classic observes that principle centered leaders have common characteristics including continual learning service orientation radiate positive energy belief in other people leading balanced lives seeing life as an adven [...]

    • This book is really just a collection of smaller essays Covey has written, and it is not put together very cohesively I read this as part of a study circle, and we spent an enormous amount of energy interpreting what we thought he was really trying to say instead of what he does say The ideas in the book itself are strong ones, though If you seriously want to learn his ideas about leadership, just skip this one and go straight to the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, which is far cogent and [...]

    • While it has a good message, I found it to be somewhat drawn out Don t manage people manage things Law of the farm Law of the school you cannot cram on the farm If you tell someone the methods you cannot hold them accountable for resultsCompetency professionalCharacter personalTo develop a competency, explain the principlesmission statements include these aspects social economic sprirtualpsychological paradigm is a way of thinking ,a map, if you changing your way of thinking is important than c [...]

    • Finally picked this up after reviewing my notes from Synergy the leadership experience I attended four years ago I really like it in the beginning but then it got a bit repetitive at the end I liked that it was divided into home and work section, and that it related back to the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, which I think I need to read again The chapters are short and like mini essays so that helped with readability But again it does get repetitive in the end, and I felt like it was shor [...]

    • This book presents a lot of principles and ideas on leadership Some of the principles may be based on experience rather than research That in itself is not negative, however, can lead the reader to believe what is presented is a formula for success In everything we do as humans we must interact with those around us It is most important to develop relationships with those we work as that is how people are motivated to do their best.

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