Where Are the Children?

Where Are the Children Nancy Harmon long ago fled the heartbreak of her first marriage the macabre deaths of her two little children and the shocking charges against her She changed her name dyed her hair and left Calif

  • Title: Where Are the Children?
  • Author: Mary Higgins Clark
  • ISBN: 9781416507772
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nancy Harmon long ago fled the heartbreak of her first marriage, the macabre deaths of her two little children, and the shocking charges against her She changed her name, dyed her hair, and left California for the windswept peace of Cape Cod Now remarried, she has two beloved children, and the terrible pain has begun to heal until the morning when she looks in thNancy Harmon long ago fled the heartbreak of her first marriage, the macabre deaths of her two little children, and the shocking charges against her She changed her name, dyed her hair, and left California for the windswept peace of Cape Cod Now remarried, she has two beloved children, and the terrible pain has begun to heal until the morning when she looks in the backyard for her little boy and girl and finds only one red mitten She knows that the nightmare is beginning again.

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      Mary Higgins Clark, 1 international and New York Times bestselling author, is the author of 46 books and counting she s written thirty three suspense novels three collections of short stories a historical novel, Mount Vernon Love Story two children s books, including The Magical Christmas Horse and a memoir, Kitchen Privileges She has also written five holiday suspense novels with Carol Higgins Clark and The Cinderella Murder, a new thriller in collaboration with bestselling novelist Alafair Burke.Clark s books have sold than 100 million copies in the United States alone Her books are beloved around the world and have made her an international bestseller many times over.

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    • It s been too long since I read a book that I rated a 5 star rating The plot thickens from the second chapter onward The book is about plotting and characterization There weren t too many big words in the book Consider, that even popular thriller writers, say, like David Baldacci, often throw in a difficult word or two Mary Higgins Clark doesn t waste any words They came piling in, one after another, until I felt sure, each sentence will make me understand a new thing about the Cape the setting [...]

    • I think I ve gotten pickier as I ve gotten older I devoured Mary Higgins Clark s novels when I was in junior high and high school I loved being a little scared and trying to figure out who the killer was I think that may have been a carryover from my elementary aged love of Agatha Christie novels I didn t have as much fun with this one.I picked up this book at the library because I hadn t read a novel like this in ages And now I kind of remember why As enjoyable as the story was who doesn t like [...]

    • If you look at this book in the context of its time, it s actually sort of shocking The plot is really tightly wrought and the characters are strong and likable in a way that seems natural today, but was very bold back in the day.I see Mary a lot at crime writing functions and she is always the best dressed, most glamorous author in the room Granted, this is not a high bar, but still

    • Unfassbar, welche gymnastischen bungen MHC dem Zufall in WINTERSSTURM abverlangt tagelang wird das Schicksal nach diesen Dehn bungen massiver Muskelkater geplagt haben Nicht minder strapaziert wird die Gutgl ubigkeit des Lesers, wenn an einem einzigen Tage, dem Geburtstag von Nancy, ihre zwei Kinder entf hrt werden, ein ehemaliger erpresserischer Belastungszeuge nach Jahren wieder auftaucht und ein griechischer Gastronom just die Immobilie besichtigt, in dem die Kinder gefangen gehalten werden b [...]

    • Opini o completa soberanadanoite 20Foi, pura e simplesmente, incr vel A hist ria faz nos dar voltas e voltas cabe a, a tentar juntar pe as, a pensar hum Foi aquele afinal parece que n o Deve ser este At que, a 1 4 do final do livro Oh meu deus A s rio Nunca pensei E nesta altura que as pessoas tamb m come am a desvendar pe as que faltavam e que eles percebem quem realmente foi.E depois uma correria fren tica para salvar as crian as.Foram 200 pag fantasticas Adorei cada uma E Nancy e Ray formam u [...]

    • Haven t read any of Mary Higgins Clark s books in quiet a while After reading this one I realized again why I love her writing Throughout the whole book I was trying to figure out who the kidnapper murderer was and what happened to Mack Every time I thought I was right I was proven wrong Her books are so easy to read and flow nicely through the chapters.

    • Mary Higgins Clark based her first suspense novel on the real life case of Alice Crimmins Alice was a beautiful young mother who dominated the news in 1965 when she was accused of murdering her two young children Mary Higgins Clark read about the case and as she explained in the forward of the book she based Where are the Children on her suppositions of Alice s life after she was finally paroled In this story Alice is reimagined as Nancy Elderage a young woman who was tried for the murder of her [...]

    • I came across this book when I was in high school I borrowed it, read it and returned it the next dayI was horrified, chilled and appalled at the way the main female character was treated, but equally amazed and thrilled at the ending which allowed her to twist the dirty deeds of her tormenter back on himself.One of the reasons this subgenre became so popular was that until the 1970s and the movie The Burning Bed very few people were willing to admit that a man could hurt his wife In this book t [...]

    • Not my thing but very well done Fast paced, hard to put down Not a deep character study Not a mystery But aic thriller I m not sure what to call it It moves as fast as a Patterson and I suspect he studied some of the author s techniques at some point but stays grounded in home and family What I don t like about it is that it s a button pusher, not so much focused on telling a story as provoking the reader It does that sort of thing very well but again, not my thing.

    • Esta autora forma parte de uno de mis desaf os de este a o Hace un par de meses estaba recorriendo la estanter a de mi suegra y me encontr con Un Grito en la Noche, de Mary Higgins Clark, la reina del suspense.Este t tulo me qued haciendo ruido as que lo le y me encant su estilo Es muy, muy sencillo, tanto en su narrativa, como en su trama, pero son de esos libros que cuando lo cerr s qued s satisfecho Obviamente, si los agarr s sin mucha expectativas.As que, como cada autor nuevo que quiero lee [...]

    • The story involves an innocent woman, Nancy Harmon, who was at one point convicted of the murder of her two young children and sentenced to the gas chamber in California Released on a technicality, the key witness had disappeared so she couldn t be retried She dyed and cut her hair, changed her name, moved to Cape Cod and married and had two children And now, the secret of her true identity has come to light in her new community and her five year old son Michael and three year old daughter Miss [...]

    • I first read this book in junior high, and remembered being unable to put it down I ve read a few Mary Higgins Clark books since then, and they ve been ok, but nothing that really grabbed me Then I came across Where Are the Children at a used book sale and decided to read it again And I finished it in two days flat It would have been one, but I did have to be a parent during the time I was trying to read.

    • My Rating Three 1 2 StarsThis was actually really, really good for a debut novel Considering the subject matter, it clearly demonstrates that Mary Higgins Clark was ahead of her time when she wrote the book in 1975 I can see why it was a real standout the shocking, suspense filled thriller must ve had everyone talking Compared to present day novels, Where Are The Children is still a very good mystery It aged well, but I did have a few problems that kept it from being a standout experience.First, [...]

    • This book was disturbing and intense and shook me I was all parts intrigued, riveted, consumed and wholly disgusted I m not sure I ve ever read a book that page after page I wanted, sometimes needed, to put down because of the awful way it made me look and think about humanity and at the same time keep turning the page I was possessed I needed to know what was going to happen, I was desperate to know if things would work outThis book made me question the abilities of man on every level The abili [...]

    • Mary Higgins Clark s second novel and her first suspense novel Number 50 on the Mystery Writers of America s list The Top 100 Mystery Novels of All Time This list also includes Agatha Christie s book, The Witness for the Prosecution Oh, wait That was a short story, not a novel Memory is a funny thing, isn t it Not only can it turn short stories into novels, I think it can turn novelty into greatness My 30th Anniversary Edition of Clark s book includes an Introduction by Clark in which she states [...]

    • I liked the story and it was an interesting concept It had a good flow and I didn t feel that it was slow in any parts Really, my only problem with the book had to do with the authors descriptions For example, she would take the time to describe the main characters clothing which sounded like things my 60 year old mother would wear, not a 28 year old And has anyone referred to jean as dungarees in the past 50 years Also, her description of the characters 900 sq ft apartment made it sound like a [...]

    • Mary Higgins Clark is a best seller for a reason and that is she is predictable, not necessarily in plot or style but in that her books are readable and enjoyable yes there may be a formula you quickly get the feel for and the characters may sometimes feel like they have been lifted right out of one story in to the next but still they are well written and fun reads I didnt realise how much I had been drawn in to the story until I realised how few pages there were left in the book And even though [...]

    • Nancy Harmon Eldredge moved to Cape Cod from California to escape a haunting past her children Peter and Lisa were murdered, and she was accused of and tried for their deaths Over six years, she has remarried and created a new life for herself, complete with a home, husband, and two children But, on her 32nd birthday, that all changed when her two children Mike and Missy were kidnapped and her past and true identity were revealed in the local paper Now, Nancy must face her past and force the pol [...]

    • Great suspense but blah characters.In her first suspense novel, Clark does a great job of developing the tension by offering up enough red herrings to ensure a gradual reveal, but also enough solid hints to allow the reader to figure it out Unfortunately, her characters were weak cliches and not particularly interesting.All in all this was an okay and easy read that will be most appreciated by fans of the suspense novel.

    • This was a really thrilling book and good read I love how she used each character in the book I ll be adding Mary Higgins Clark to my list of go to authors.

    • PERILS OF PAULINE Having read a little Mary Higgins Clark, I still didn t know what to expect from this iconic book that catapulted her to suspense thriller fame in 1975 She is said to have gone back to her early suspense reading and keep in mind she was born in 1927 as an inspiration for this book A part of me is in awe at the way she plots and how she ratchets up the tension This is a book you really can t read at night Another part of me was, well, amused by the gender stereotyping, which is [...]

    • This is my second Mary Higgins Clark novel that I ve read I rated the first one a ONE because I didn t like it at all Well, suffice it to say, I have tried again and I just can t get into it, because it s not dangerous enough or something This one was a little better than the last one at least, but I knew who the person in question was that kidnapped the kids, but by the time I figured that out, I was a bit bored of the story and wanted it to end, so I really didn t care I guess I just like com [...]

    • After finishing another MHC book I was eager to get my hands on another You can tell this was her first book Fantastic ideas, just not a fan of the execution The ending was tied up too quickly for me.

    • where are the children is a book about Nancy Harmon and her past she was convicted of killing her first to children peter and Lisa After the trial was determined a miss trial, because he key witness didn t show, Nancy moved to cape cod and remarried to a man named Ray Eldredge Nancy then had two children Micheal and Missy No one knew of her past until her children where kidnapped, or so she says once the police did a background check on her everyone was convinced it was her except her husband a [...]

    • There were a lot of things about this book that really annoyed me Namely, the pervading attitude towards women There was so much undisguised misogyny in these scant 290 pages that I was several times overwhelmed by the distinct urge to toss the book in the oven and turn that fucker on broil The only thing that stopped me was the fact that it was a library book, so if I charbroiled it, I d have to pay for the damn thing, which a I m broke and b I refuse to pay a single cent for something so unden [...]

    • There are three different types of crime novels The ones in which you read from the perspective of the murderer and you know from the beginning who it is but all the other characters in the plot do not have a clue Then there are the ones where you are in the same position as all these characters and the third form is when you get some bits and pieces of information of the murderer throughout the story but nothing really concrete Where are you now is one of those crime stories There are some chap [...]

    • Este livro foi a minha estreia com a autora, e pelos vistos foi tamb m a primeira obra da mesma.Com isso em mente, e agora que j passaram umas horas desde que terminei a leitura, posso dizer que vou, certamente, ler mais livro da autora Para mim Mary Higgins Clark como que uma Agatha Christie com mais drama, mais moderna, se for poss vel dizer assim.Apesar de sensivelmente a meio do livro ter percebido a trama, o mesmo n o deixou de me manter agarrada e curiosa, porque embora j soubesse a identi [...]

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