Post i iny Spr vce nymbursk ho pivovaru m kr snou ale trochu moc ivou man elku Krom n mu d l starosti kvalita a odbyt piva a tak jeho hlu n bratr kter za n m p ijel na n v t vu

  • Title: Postřižiny
  • Author: Bohumil Hrabal
  • ISBN: 9788020420435
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Spr vce nymbursk ho pivovaru m kr snou, ale trochu moc ivou man elku Krom n mu d l starosti kvalita a odbyt piva a tak jeho hlu n bratr, kter za n m p ijel na n v t vu.

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      122 Bohumil Hrabal

    About “Bohumil Hrabal

    • Bohumil Hrabal

      Born in Brno idenice, Moravia, he lived briefly in Poln , but was raised in the Nymburk brewery as the manager s stepson Hrabal received a Law degree from Prague s Charles University, and lived in the city from the late 1940s on.He worked as a manual laborer alongside Vladim r Boudn k in the Kladno ironworks in the 1950s, an experience which inspired the hyper realist texts he was writing at the time His best known novels were Closely Watched Trains 1965 and I Served the King of England In 1965 he bought a cottage in Kersko, which he used to visit till the end of his life, and where he kept cats ko enky He was a great storyteller his popular pub was At the Golden Tiger U zlat ho tygra on Husova Street in Prague, where he met the Czech President V clav Havel, the American President Bill Clinton and the then US ambassador to the UN Madeleine Albright on January 11th, 1994.Several of his works were not published in Czechoslovakia due to the objections of the authorities, including The Little Town Where Time Stood Still M ste ko, kde se zastavil as and I Served the King of England Obsluhoval jsem anglick ho kr le.He died when he fell from a fifth floor hospital where he was apparently trying to feed pigeons It was noted that Hrabal lived on the fifth floor of his apartment building and that suicides by leaping from a fifth floor window were mentioned in several of his books.He was buried in a family grave in the cemetery in Hradi tko In the same grave his mother Mary ka , step father Francin , uncle Pepin , wife Pipsi and brother Sl vek were buried.He wrote with an expressive, highly visual style, often using long sentences in fact his work Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in Age 1964 Tane n hodiny pro star a pokro il is made up of just one sentence Many of Hrabal s characters are portrayed as wise fools simpletons with occasional or inadvertent profound thoughts who are also given to coarse humour, lewdness, and a determination to survive and enjoy oneself despite harsh circumstances Political quandaries and their concomitant moral ambiguities are also a recurrent theme.Along with Jaroslav Ha ek, Karel apek and Milan Kundera who were also imaginative and amusing satirists he is considered one of the greatest Czech writers of the 20th century His works have been translated into 27 languages.

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    • Hrabal was a master of the short novel and no one could blend tenderness and cruelty in such a humorous way as him In this short novel we go back to the past always in an after Austro Hungarian Czech Republic and meet some well known characters from other novels such as Uncle Pepin and Francin Chapter 2 can be hard to digest for someone like me.

    • Cutting It Short by Bohumil HrabalI read Cutting It Short straight after having read and enjoyed another book by Bohumil Hrabal called Closely Watched Trains.Click here to read my review Cutting It Short is an interwar tale narrated by vivacious, carefree and sensual Maryska, who is married to Francin Francin runs the local brewery, and is perpetually appalled at his wife s style and conduct As I crammed the cream horn voraciously into my mouth, at once I heard Francin s voice saying no decent w [...]

    • Just like poetry nearly always loses when it is translated into another language, it is a very difficult thing to transform a prose work into a stage play So is the case in those play versions of prose works of Bohumil Hrabal, too There are two separate pieces in this volume The first is attempting to put Post i iny Cutting it Short onto the stage In its original version it is a very charming story of an idiosyncratic young lady in a Bohemian small town of the 1920s, where a first radio appears [...]

    • Short is indeed the key word here a 120 page novel in 12 short chapters, told from the POV of a woman in a small Czech village in the first half of the 20th century as the modern world starts closing in Maryska based on Hrabal s own mother is the wife of Francin, who oversees daily operations at the local brewery, and her life is one joy after another precious gifts from her loving but reserved and very busy husband every time he comes back from Prague, taking long bike rides with her long hair [...]

    • First book I read by Hrabal in Dutch translation, Gekortwiekt 12 chapters that could all be short stories by themselves, not all shine, the chatacters are a bit flat, and there isn t really an overarching story that makes a difference if that would be a requirement , but that s all balanced by some brilliant sentences Hrabal was a poet, that shows , some bizarre but brilliant scenes somehow involving cruelty to animals, but also floating in beer, climbing chimneys, strange electrical gear and st [...]

    • Je me glissais dans le lit et touchant une paule de porc, je me rendormis en me disant qu au r veil ce serait bien agr able de me faire cuire encore deux escalopes nature.

    • I think the opening chapter is one of my favourite pieces by Hrabel and the book has some fine moments Strange cruel moments too and maybe a bit laboured in places , but Hrabel is great in virtually everything he does.

    • Narratorka Maria, ona Francina i w a cicielka d ugich z otych w os w nawi zuje do nich tytu Postrzy yny toczy chagallowsk gaw d o prowincjonalnym Nymburku, w kt rym jej m jest kierownikiem browaru Ka da banalna i codzienna przygoda staje si materia em na literack opowie , chocia by wizyta u fryzjera czy przekomiczne winiobicie Hrabal dopasowuje j zyk, jakiego u ywa, do charakteru powie ci s owa p yn niczym d wi ki z ust pi knej Marii, nierzadko jedno zdanie, przerywane wieloma wtr ceniami i niez [...]

    • Nevim, jak p esn to popsat Kn ka neni patn , ale prost se ned st a ani pochopit Je to sice kr tk a hodn podobn filmu, ale d j je nic moc Opravdu jsem nemohla kdy na dvaceti str nk ch popisovala, jak si nech v st hat vlasy nebo jak se j l b pouli n lampy Jedin z bavn sc na byla, jak lezli s Pepinem na kom n Spr vcov mi p i la tak trochu psychicky labiln a jej man el z n byl na pr ky Pokud opravdu, ale opravdu chcete, tak si to p e t te, ale j to nedoporu uju.

    • m ta spr vcov p i la trochu bl zniv u ve filmu, ale kam se hrabe na tu kni n ta byla teprve na hlavu a ty o kliv sc ny o kocourovi, co n komu se ral pek, nebo o psovi a kremroli jsou d vod, pro u tuhle kn ku nechci nikdy nikdy vid t na rozd l od filmu

    • I M a booworm who seldom watches films, but reading this book I kept thinking the film must be better And whoever saw the book in my hand told me to watch the film.

    • Prvn kn ka, kterou jsem p e etla po tom, co jsem do etla v echny kn ky na maturitu Post i iny symbolizuj volnost a svobodu.

    • I read the Polish translation by Andrzej Piotrowski, published by PIW in 1980, soon after it came out and read it again just now It is as fantastic as the first time One of my absolute favorites.

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