The Unknown Soldier

The Unknown Soldier The Unknown Soldier is a story about the Continuation War between Finland and Soviet Union told from the viewpoint of ordinary Finnish soldiers Gritty and realistic it was partly intended to shatter

  • Title: The Unknown Soldier
  • Author: Väinö Linna
  • ISBN: 9789510024263
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Unknown Soldier is a story about the Continuation War between Finland and Soviet Union, told from the viewpoint of ordinary Finnish soldiers Gritty and realistic, it was partly intended to shatter the myth of the noble, obedient Finnish soldier, and in that it succeeded admirably.

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      Väinö Linna

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    • Väinö Linna

      V in Linna was one of the most influential Finnish authors of the 20th century He shot to immediate literary fame with his third novel, Tuntematon sotilas The Unknown Soldier, published in 1954 , and consolidated his position with the trilogy T ll Pohjant hden alla Under the North Star, published in 1959 1963 and translated into English by Richard Impola.V in Linna was born in Urjala in the Pirkanmaa region He was the seventh child of Viktor Vihtori Linna 1874 1927 and Johanna Maria Maija Linna 1888 1972 However, Linna s father, a butcher, died when V in Linna was only eight years old Thus his mother had to support the entire family by working at a nearby manor Despite his background, Linna s interest in literature began early on As a child, Linna loved adventure novels which he borrowed from the local library The author s education was, however, limited to six years at a public school which he finished in the mid 1930s After working as a lumberjack and a farm hand at the same manor where his mother had worked, Linna moved to Tampere in 1938 Typical of his generation, the adolescent author to be moved from the countryside to a developing city in search of industrial labour which he found at the Finlayson textile mills.In 1940, Linna was conscripted into the army The Second World War had broken out, and for Linna s part it meant participation in the Continuation War 1941 44 He fought on the eastern front In addition to being a squad leader, he wrote notes and observations about his and his unit s experiences Already at this point Linna knew that writing would be his preferred occupation However, failure to get the notes published led him to burn them In spite of rejection, the idea of a novel, which would depict ordinary soldiers views on war, would later lead him to write The Unknown Soldier.After the war, Linna got married and started writing whilst working at the mills during the day Throughout his time at Finlayson, V in Linna read avidly Such authors as Schopenhauer, Dostoyevsky, and Nietzsche gained Linna s respect Linna later said that Erich Maria Remarque s All Quiet on the Western Front had also had a great influence on him However, Linna s first two novels P m r and Musta rakkaus sold poorly he also wrote poetry but did not enjoy success with that either Not until the release of The Unknown Soldier 1954 did he rise to fame It is evident that at the time there was a distinct social need for a novel that would deal with the war and ordinary people s role in it A decade after the peace treaty with the Soviet Union many Finns were ready to reminisce, some even in a critical manner The Unknown Soldier satisfied that need completely, as its characters were unarguably diverse, realistic yet heroic, than those of earlier Finnish war novels The book soon became something of a best seller, as it sold 175,000 copies in only six months quite a lot for a Finnish novel in the 1950s Yet, the reception of the book was harsh In Finland s biggest newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, the critic Toini Havu argued in her infamous review that Linna did not present his characters in a grand historical and ethical context, which she thought was crucial Also modernists treated The Unknown Soldier with contempt At the time Tuomas Anhava referred to The Unknown Soldier as a boy s book because of its action packed storyline The acceptance of the general public and Linna s determination were, however, enough to outdo the criticism in the end.In the mid 50s, Linna moved to H meenkyr and began to cultivate crops In 1959, the first part of Under the North Star was released The book was a success and other parts were to follow The second part was published in 1960 and the final part in 1963 In 1964, Linna sold the farm and moved back to Tampere This time he did not return to Finlayson, as he now could dedicate his life entirely to literature due to the financial success hi

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    • Most people outside Scandinavia hardly even know what happened to Finland during World War II Initially, the Russians had a non aggression pact with the Germans, so that left their hands free to attack Finland The Finns defended doggedly, but it looked like it was just a matter of time Then the Germans launched Operation Barbarossa, and the Russians were suddenly fighting for their lives The Finns, operating on the enemy s enemy principle, coordinated their counter attack on Russia with the Germ [...]

    • Having read much on Finland, Russia, the Winter War, Mannerheim, the Continuation War, Finnish Civil War I wanted a fictional account I have read hundreds of quality war books, from Juengers books to Remarque, Grossmans Life and Fate , Barry, Hemingway, Spanish Civil War, Russian, Irish, but thisis was hallucinatory, odd, strange The men depicted are human cowards, patriotic, afraid, horny, confused Linna got much shit for this book Impola says it wasn t the best translation, but it works Of cou [...]

    • V in Linnan Tuntematon sotilas WSOY, 2009 on niit kirjoja, joista on vaikea kirjoittaa mit n uutta tai ennen n kem t nt Olen lukenut kirjan useita kertoja, mutta lienenk h n viimeksi lukenut sen viimeksi opiskeluaikaan, yli kymmenen vuotta sitten Niin tai n in, romaanin tapahtumat olivat hyvin mieless ihan yksitt isten kohtausten ja jopa repliikkien tasolla.Ei ole varmaan liioiteltua v itt , ett kirja onkin osa jonkinlaista suomalaista kollektiivista tajuntaa, lainataanhan sit toistuvasti erilai [...]

    • En pysty viel prosessoimaan sit mit tulin juuri lukeneeksi Minua itkett Lyhyesti sanottuna loistava kirja.

    • Tuntemattomasta sotilaasta puhuttaessa ei ole ylisanoja s stelty Se on kaunistelematon ja rehellinen kokoelma kohtaloita Aiheeltaan se on synkk ja raskas, mutta ei t ysin hylk huumoria Klassikko on yksi niist kirjoista, joiden uskoo antavan viel enemm n toisella tai kolmannella lukukerralla

    • One of the best books about the war I have ever read Without pathos, without philosophy and another bla bla bla The book describes important moment of Finland history On the example of Finland it is possible to learn history of all Europe, and maybe the whole world of that time In this book we can see original true Finland with her own history and traditions It is perfectly possible to understand national character and temper of people This is simple soldier s truth about the war The truth is cr [...]

    • Vaikka elokuvaversin Rokka oli jotenki todell rsytt v , kirjassa nousi yhdeksi lempihahmoksi Koskelan rinnalle Olen yll ttynyt miten paljon kirjasta pidin ja miten mukaansatempaava se onkaan Ne niin monet surkeat ihmiskohtalotmeni ihon alle ja monta kertaa itketti Huh, voimakas ja vavisuttava teos Kannatti ehdottomasti lukea

    • The title of this edition was Unknown Soldiers not The Unknown Soldier as many other English translations use I think Unknown Soldiers is a much apt title.The Finnish Russian Continuity War is described through one Finnish machine gun company from the start to armistice.There is no single central character as it describes the men through their various backgrounds, social, political views, geographical and language It gives a sense of the variety of the people of Finland.The various characters a [...]

    • 4,5 Ei tosiaankaan ole klassikko syytt Vaikka alku on hidas ja hahmojen paljous py rrytt , n ist asioista selvit n ja hahmoihinkin kiintyy vahvasti ja sitten Linna tappaa kaikki lempihenkil ni Saatoin viimeisi sivuja lukiessani itke muutaman miehekk n kyyneleen.

    • A wonderful book Not literally to be exact, but for some reason I really liked this book Even as I had to read it to complete one course in school, it didn t get in the way of my literary enjoyment And it is about war, not the nicest thing to read about.Anyway, the way it was written and all the different characters captured me in the story, in this strange way Because no one is the protagonist, though there are a few main characters, you don t know what others are doing or who is still going to [...]

    • i ve always made sure that I haven t read a war book even by an accident after long considerations i decided to read tuntematon sotilas engl the unknown soldier this book has gained a cult reputation in finland and in here people keep it as a standard that each individual has at least read the book and seen the both filmed versions of it one could say that i m far from war enthustiastic but yet i really liked the book the thing that struck me most was the fact that all the famous war books aren [...]

    • Jeesus Perkele Yl asteella katsoin ekaa kertaa sen Laineen leffan ja siit asti on kasvanut h pe siit etten ole kirjaa lukenut Sill v h n l hdin lukemaan, kun pit Mutta jestas paljon enemm n kuin jotakin pakollista, paljon enemm n kuin h pe nh vityst Pirun hyv kirja Ei paljoa tarvinnut t htiluokitusta mietti El v , todellista Kertojan ni jotenkin lempe V lill et isempi, kuvaileva, selitt v , v lill uponnut ajatuksiin ja iholla kiinni Kieli monipuolista murteineen ja kuolemattomine lausahduksineen [...]

    • I had to read this for school No one really likes to be forced to read a book one doesn t have an interest in I thought it would be a totally boring, considering how dull the dramatisation of this book which is showed every year on TV in Finland, on 6th of December is How wrong I was It still isn t my favourite book, but it turned out to be quite good actually, much better than I thought What I liked was the portrayal of relationships and mundane life of the men fighting on the front V in Linna [...]

    • A hugely popular Finnish classic If I m not mistaken, it s the number one all time best seller here Too bad the English translation is said to be bad I think the book is good enough to merit international popularity I read the Finnish language original.The book was written in the fifties, and it s about the second of the two wars between the USSR and Finland during WWII I gave it a really strong three stars Four stars, were it for the depressing subject matter, which does not diminish it s lite [...]

    • This book, like everything else I ve ever read by Linna, is great If you re interested at all in The Continuation War between the Soviet Union and Finland during WWII, this is your book Even if you re not, this makes for excellent reading anyway It follows a plucky group of Finnish soldiers from training camp through their ultimate defeat It s both sad and funny with that typical dry Finnish wit You come to really love all of the characters and feel everything they feel.

    • An absolute must read, especially for a Finn Brilliant, sad and shocking The brutality of war and the heroism of the regular guy put into an impossible situation Very hard to put down and easy to relate to the characters Also a realistic I think depiction of the war.

    • If I rated this on enjoyment, it d only be 3 stars But that was the fault of the translator I read a 1957 English translation with prose as stiff as a board However, the meat of the book still managed to come through and I could see how effective it was and the enduring theme of men in war.

    • This book left me totally speechless It sounds wrong to say I loved every page of it because war isn t something that is pretty or clear But I loved this I feel like I haven t ever read something so purely true or Finnish And I could turn the book around and read it again right now.

    • Luin t n ekalla keralla ysiluokalla ja nyt toisen kerran lukion toisella Kuten ysiluokalla en taaskaan muista kirjasta oikein mit n tykk sin kuitenkin

    • The Unknown Soldier by V in Linna is a classic of Finnish literature I bought both the English translation and the Finnish original when I lived in Helsinki during the summer of 2000 Typical of my reading habits is that I buy a book but procrastinate years until I actually read it To commemorate this year of the Finnish centennial of independence, I decided to read all of my books about Finland that are heretofore unread While the original was published in 1954 as Tuntematon sotilas, the first E [...]

    • This book was recommended by a Finnish friend as a must read Finnish classic It s not a book I would have easily picked up myself but reading it was worth the time.The book describes the horrors of the so called Finnish Continuation War, in which Finland found itself on the wrong side of history The beginning of the book really matches the title since the unfamiliar names of the soldiers make it difficult for non Finnish readers to keep track of who is who But slowly some characters are beginnin [...]

    • Lukiossa luettu, kiireell ja h tik iden, koska a ei kiinnostanut ja b esseen deadline puski p lle J tin viel viimeisen nelj nneksen lukematta Esseest napsahti 10, kirjalle nelj t hte Pit nee lukea uusiksi joskus.

    • Thoughtful, fierce, often funny, and deeply distrustful of any authority that sets itself above the ordinary individual I don t know the Finns well enough yet to say whether this book matches up with the Finnish spirit, but it certainly matches what I ve seen so far.

    • En kuulu heihin jotka katsovat Tuntematon sotilas elokuvan joka itsen isyysp iv Kirjan juoni ei siis ollut tuttu kun l hdin sit lukemaan Se on tottakai hyv l ht kohta.V in Linnan taitoa ihmiskuvaajana ei voi kuin ihmetell Varsinkin murteiden tarkka omaksuminen ly llik ll Hahmot voi tunnistaa pelkist repliikeist Miten yksi mies voi antaa kaikille n ille hahmoille oman nen ja hallita n in montaa murretta t ll tasolla Olen saanut sen kuvan ett Rokka on se hahmo josta kaikki pit v t Itse kiinnyin hu [...]

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