Firestorm His mother is not his mother His father is not his father But if Jack hadn t broken the high school rushing record that night he never would have known and nothing would have changed He d just be goi

  • Title: Firestorm
  • Author: David Klass
  • ISBN: 9780374323073
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Hardcover
  • His mother is not his mother His father is not his father But if Jack hadn t broken the high school rushing record that night, he never would have known and nothing would have changed He d just be going out for pizza, playing football, trying yet again to score with his girlfriend, P.J But he did break the record He appeared on the news And now they ve found him JacHis mother is not his mother His father is not his father But if Jack hadn t broken the high school rushing record that night, he never would have known and nothing would have changed He d just be going out for pizza, playing football, trying yet again to score with his girlfriend, P.J But he did break the record He appeared on the news And now they ve found him Jack plunges into a space time bending game of survival with no way out The rules are shrouded in secrets But one thing he learns fast Trust no one After centuries of abuse, the earth is dying, and it s up to Jack to reverse the decline before the Turning Point, when nothing will ever be the same again Beaten into shape by a ninja babe and a huge telepathic man s best friend, Jack hurtles across the ocean to save the future from the present and to solve the mystery of his purpose Exactly who, or what, is Firestorm, and what does it have to do with Jack And what comes next when everything you have ever known turns out to be wrong In the first book of the Caretaker Trilogy, readers are taken on an electrifying, fast paced adventure of hunting truth, all in the name of staying alive.

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      David Klass is the author of many young adult novels, including You Don t Know Me, Dark Angel, and Firestorm The Caretaker Trilogy He is also a Hollywood screenwriter, having written than twenty five action screenplays, including Kiss the Girls, starring Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd, Walking Tall, starring The Rock, and Desperate Measures, starring Michael Keaton and Andy Garcia Klass grew up in a family that loved literature and theater his parents were both college professors and writers but he was a reluctant reader, preferring sports to books But he started loving the adventure stories his parents would bring home from the library particularly Jack London, Robert Louis Stevenson and Alexandre Dumas After his sister twice won a story contest in Seventeen magazine, Klass decided he would win it too, and when he was a senior in high school, he did, publishing his first story, Ringtoss, in the magazine He studied at Yale University, where he won the Veech Award for Best Imaginative Writing He taught English in Japan, and wrote his first novel, The Atami Dragons, about that experience He now lives in New York with his wife and two childrencmillan author davidk

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    • A teen boy with a suspiciously English teacher vocabulary sets off with his Hot Babe Mentor and trusty telepathic dog on a quest that would be canon fodder for an episode of Penn Teller s BullShit.Besides Jack our hero speaking in whole pages of fragments, he also quotes romantic poets to himself and introduces million dollar words saying Look that one up later, friends Just a typical 18 year old jock, right The dog and the Hot Babe Mentor aren t any fleshed out as characters, either, which is [...]

    • Wow I was expecting this book to get better with time, but the characters stayed two dimensional and the sentence length stayed annoying In fact, the only thing that changed was the plot, which only became convoluted as the book dragged on It was as if the writer suddenly realized how stupidly immature his book was being and decided to shove a lesson in conservation in there as a last ditch effort to save the story It didn t work.

    • I usually read a book half way through before tossing it aside as unreadable for me This one got my minimum rule of 50 pages before I couldn t stand it The author s stylistic use of incomplete sentences drove me crazy It didn t matter he explained and excused it at the first of the book by the main character saying this is the way he thinks Ugh Please, tense and action filled passages can be created using whole and proper sentences Really I ve seen it before and even read some Side note It sure [...]

    • Think pace is determined by sentence length So does David Klass and his earth saving narrator, Jack Danielson, who has been sent back in time to save the planet by finding Firestorm, something prophesied to save the earth, only, of course, no one knows what it is His telepathic dog Gisco is lovable and speaks in mostly full sentences I would have liked this book better without the sentence fragments But not much.

    • I hated the sentence fragments Hardly a the in the entire book how pretentious The story was ALL OVER THE PLACE, and I didn t care enough about the main character especially his sense of humor to try to keep up with it What a drudge Some talk of sex, so I d give it to 9th graders and up but, really, I won t recommend it to anyone

    • one of my favorite books it really shows the issues we as humans have created It shows we need to do something to save the oceans before it s too late oh and i love eko and jack together i really hope they end up that way

    • ah this guy made a new wrighting style out short sentinces, which after u get used to it is ok Despite serous plot gaps, anf lack of explanation, the book is entertaining to say the least.

    • So, I finished the book, and well, it was nothing that I expected it to be There is no plot, all the characters just blow stuff up, and the idea of the book as a whole is hard to identify.

    • So the book I read was Firestorm Firestorm is a book about a teenager named Jack who is a scholar and athlete at his local high school He is treated like a god by his peers but he doesn t know that his whole life is gonna come crashing down just after his high school football team wins the state championship What Jack does not know is that he has been shielded his entire life by his parents because they know what Jack can do But when his team wins the championship everyone that wants Jack dead k [...]

    • It was a great book when I saw the cover I thought it was going to be about sharks but when I started reading it got pretty interesting so I continued reading it I like the books about the future and what could happen later on in the world I also like Syfy stuff and there was a lot in this book Idk if there is a second book to this but if there is I would definitely read it The ending was kinda disappointing though that s why I want to see if there is a second book I would definitely recommend t [...]

    • Absolutely exhilarating This book is action packed and keeps you on the edge of your seat The character are g and the book in relatable Highly recommend It makes you think about how humans are really doing to the Earth.

    • Good main character, a football star who finds he is from the future and has a telepathic dog, but after the cool idea wears off, it gets very repetitive.

    • El nico problema que he tenido con este libro es que Eko me cae bien o mal dependiendo del d a con el que me levante, pero no creo que eso sea motivo para quitarle una estrella.Un libro encantador, con un ritmo descontrolado en el que casi no paran de ocurrir cosas y lleno de acci n Me encanta el humor de Jack y Gisco, espero que no cambie Adoro a Jack.

    • Firestorm was a great book The book is about a normal kid named, Jack Danielson Jack is living an ordinary life when all of the sudden he s being tracked down by people from the future The book tells the story of a teenager having to save the world from the face of evil Jack has to stop the dark army from polluting the Earth and killing everyone on it It was very simple to understand and a great read Each page made you want to read Not a single page was a boring page I strongly recommend you re [...]

    • My first quarter independent reading novel was Firestorm by David Klass It is a fantasy thriller written in the first person view of Jack Danielson, who has abnormal adventures and is part of a prophecy to save earth from the destruction that is going to be caused by the Dark Army Firestorm had, in my opinion, one main strength, one main weakness, and one aspect that could be either perceived as good or bad, depending on the reader.A main strength of Firestorm was that there was constant action [...]

    • Reviewed by Me for TeensReadTooIt s always interesting to read the blurbs on the front of a book You know the ones I mean the recommendations from fellow authors about why you should pick up a copy of the book in question What s even interesting is when the blurb comes from someone other than an author In the case of FIRESTORM, the first in The Caretaker Trilogy by author David Klass, the recommendation comes from Greenpeace Yes, the same Greenpeace International that is dedicated to protecting [...]

    • I picked up this book because the author of the Percy Jackson series Rick Riordan recommended it After reading it I then realized he was basically stroking his own ego because he recommended himself You haven t heard of this series Let me refresh your memory Ever read any Percy Jackson book before Then you read Firestorm After reading this Percy Jackson wannabe, i just dozed off It was very predictable It s almost like there is some sort of formula when making novels like these Step 1 Make a cha [...]

    • Did you ever think that beating a high school record would result in a game of fighting for your life In the Caretaker Trilogy, the first novel, Firestorm, the author David Klass describes this adventure with short and action filled prose that kept me flipping the pages Jack is immediately plunged into a world where time travel is possible, and he is the chosen one to save our planet Dodging death at every turn, he has to save the future from the damage being done in the present Accompanied by a [...]

    • Star Rating i gave this book 3 stars out of 5 because it was a little tricky to read, but i liked it.Plot Summary Jack lives with his parents in a normal town, where he excels in football and other sports as well as academics For Jack life comes pretty easy, which is why he can never understand why his parents never want him to shine like he knows he can They are always encouraging him to let others win and try to blend in One night after a particularly great football performance, he notices a [...]

    • I only picked up this book because I ve read and enjoyed so many of David Klass s realistic fiction Honestly, he seemed a little bit out of his element here, but it turned out okay There are a few things I didn t like though Like the whole sentence fragment thing where he writes the whole things in sentence fragments and calls it a character trait That annoyed the heck out of me at first, but after a while I did get used to it and it was easier to read He also constantly blurts out all of these [...]

    • I m on the fence about this one, really I listened to the audio version, and I m not sure if I d have liked it better filtered entirely through my own mind, or not The narrator warns us he s going to use a boat load of sentence fragments, and he does It took me until the third day of listening to get used to it and not be slightly irritated The action is non stop, and the secrets are not all revealed at once and they re not always what you assume But I m also left wondering if Klass was delibera [...]

    • After I finished reading the Firestorm, I would say it was just okay It was not as good as I thought.I didn t like the way that the writer wrote the dialogues When Jack was talking was talking to the dog, Gisco, they talked telepathically There were no quotation marks and the lines were like Do you know what you re doing, old bean and then the next line Don t try to help me They ll shoot you Since there were no quotation marks, it was hard to know when they were talking to each other and they we [...]

    • If you are concerned that the earth is being sucked dry by the human parasites that are overrunning it, then you will probably love this book and the rest of the trilogy, I imagine I found it intriguing Yes, we have been warned over and over by scientists and Crackpots that we are consuming the resources of this planet way too quickly and that if we don t find other fuels to power our stuff , then the earth as we know it my just curl up and die.David Klass has taken that idea to create his trilo [...]

    • Jack Danielson, the main character said But when you re all alone and you start to be friends with someone and trust them, it s awful when they betray you David Klass, pg.124 This book is not the greatest book out there, but it grabbed my attention I think the book s plot is great, just not the way the author told it It focuses too much detail on unimportant moments, the pace was not so great either The most irritating part are the sentence fragments and since I m not such a good reader in the f [...]

    • Alright so overall this book is filled with tons of action, hilarious dialogue, and some weird wacked out things Something I really liked about David Klass was his style of writing He uses a lot of sentence fragments like on page 262, One of them tries to poke its nose into the grotto Nope Shark to big Grotto to small The other decides to gnaw off overhang Uh oh He does this mostly in action scenes, which I think really promotes the dramatic effects and helps the reader picture the scene better [...]

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