Scarlet Feather

Scarlet Feather Set in contemporary Ireland filled with warmth wit and drama Scarlet Feather is the story of Cathy Scarlet and Tom Feather their spouses families and friends and the struggling new catering bu

  • Title: Scarlet Feather
  • Author: Maeve Binchy
  • ISBN: 9780451203779
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback
  • Set in contemporary Ireland, filled with warmth, wit, and drama, Scarlet Feather is the story of Cathy Scarlet and Tom Feather, their spouses, families, and friends, and the struggling new catering business that transforms their lives in ways big and small.

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      Maeve Binchy was born on 28 May 1940 in Dalkey, County Dublin, Ireland, the eldest child of four Her parents were very positive and provided her with a happy childhood Although she described herself as an overweight child, her parents attitude gave her the confidence to accept herself for who she was.She studied at University College Dublin and was a teacher for a while She also loved traveling, and this was how she found her niche as a writer She liked going to different places, such as a Kibbutz in Israel, and she worked in a camp in the United States While she was away, she sent letters home to her parents They were so impressed with these chatty letters from all over the world that they decided to send them to a newspaper After these letters were published, Maeve left teaching and became a journalist Maeve married Gordon Snell, writer and editor of children s books When they were struggling financially, Light a Penny Candle was published, which made her an overnight success Many of her books, such as Echoes, are set in the past in Ireland Some of her later novels, such as Evening Class, take place in modern times Her books often deal with people who are young, fall in love, have families, and deal with relationship or family problems The main characters are people whom readers can empathise with She passed away on 30 July 2012, at the age of 72.Her cousin Dan Binchy is also a published writer, as is her nephew Chris Binchy.

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    • This is easy listening at its best perfect for accompanying dreary chores and Christmas prep The story spans a year in the life of Tom Feather and Cathy Scarlet who are trying to get their catering company off the ground and keep their personal relationships going We meet their family and friends and all their stories intertwine to entertain you.There are no twists and turns this is a family saga drama and was very enjoyable.Maeve always manages to create characters that I like and want to know [...]

    • This book promises that I will be laughing and crying with Cathy, Tom and all their friends Well, I was bored to tears if that counts Cathy and Tom, the main characters are clueless, stupid and completely lack the ability to stand up for themselves You see, they are simple Irish folk who just want to make good food, have a solid marriage and make lots of Irish babies There are several other characters as well, but they are equally forgettable and annoying Especially the coupple of mistreated kid [...]

    • I was a little nervous at the beginning of this book when and characters were added to the story I was wondering if I should pull out an index card to keep track of them all Well, Binchy does such a great job telling her story and developing her characters, no need for the index card I absolutely adored this book This has now become a rare gem in my library This was so well told and so engaging, I couldn t wait to get back to it Although there are several characters, the main one, Cathy, is th [...]

    • Set over a period of one year, Scarlet Feather is a novel featuring Cathy Scarlet and Tom Feather, who open a catering company together As they deal with the joys and heartbreak of owning a business their relationship with each other changes as does their relationship with the other s around them,notably Cathy s husband, Neil, who is a lawyer who wants to save the world and Tom s beautiful girlfriend, Marcella, who will do just about anything to make it as a model Also involved are Cathy s paren [...]

    • This is probably the 3rd or 4th book by Maeve Binchy that I ve read I read her books when I was in college and I have really loved her writing She writes these intricate stories that involve a lot of characters and several story lines they usually end up intertwined at the end in surprizing ways Often main characters of one book will end up as supporting characters in another That being said I didn t LOVE this book the way I loved the others The beginning of the book was slow because there were [...]

    • I have read many Maeve Binchy books, and I have to say I haven t met one I didn t like I decided to just pick one, because this one had characters that were repeated in other novels Quentins, Nights of Rain and Stars, Heart and Soul, Evening Class, Minding Frankie I love seeing the characters reappear, not as primary, but as secondary in other stories Ms Binchy s characters are her real strength, because they always feels like friends And of course, the setting in Ireland also Italy, Greece, Lon [...]

    • There are a couple of writers that I read anything they write, and Maeve Binchy is one of those readers When you pick up Scarlet Feather, you notice 2 things 1, that this work is part of a larger story and 2, that it is good enough to stand alone Maeve s characters are always FULLY developed and you will occasionally find yourself shaking your head as some of the characters are just like people you may know in your personal life, warts and all When I read her books, my mind can seriously see the [...]

    • 3.5 Cathy Scarlet and Tom Feather met in culinary school and became fast friends Now they ve joined forces to start a catering company Scarlet Feather They re young, energetic, and talented and have made some good connections They ve found the prefect premises to make their new business the best in Dublin They know it will be hard work but they are ready to pursue their dream, and with the support of friends and family they feel sure they will succeed.Binchy excels at writing ensemble pieces tha [...]

    • I loved this book from Page 1 to the last It couldn t make you feel any cosier or warm your heart any better.

    • I have read three Maeve Binchy books so far Tara Road, Quentin s, and Scarlet Feather Scarlet Feather catering company and Tom and Cathy, and Simon and Maud are in Quentin s , so I was really excited to read this book and find out how it all began I was not disappointed at all, in fact this is my favourite Binchy book so far.Some people might have found all the stories about Tom and Cathy s catering jobs boring, but I really enjoyed reading about them, seeing how their company had successes and [...]

    • A charming tale of Tom Feather and Cathy Scarlet, friends and business partners trying to get their fledgling catering business Scarlet feather off the ground.Things are not as easy as they at first hoped when they try to juggle their private lives alongside their business lives.Both have complicated family issues and personal issues to resolve.Tom and his girlfriend Marcella are struggling to keep their relationship alive as they move in different circles, Tom with his catering and her with her [...]

    • This is the story of two people who start a catering business called Scarlet Feather and all of the goings on of the people in their life and how that affects their business I just love this author because she just tells a story about people s lives and their thoughts and I find myself ingulged in their world the whole time I m reading the book It also made me think about the situation for children in foster homes and how we sometimes miss what is going on right in front of us because we re off [...]

    • A visit in another world, colourful, funny, touching Can t help getting involved and hoping that the protagonists survive and thrive in the turmoil Slightly hindered by the numerous point of view voice changes I ll read of her books Good escapism.

    • I found this a little slow and disjointed to get into but by halfway it had started to coalesce and I actually enjoyed it so much I read the second half of the book in a much quicker time three days, compared to 2 weeks.The relationships in this book were subtle and less predictable than I thought from the beginning of the book, and I liked the fact that not everybody s story was nicely tied up at the end, it leaves you to imagine what may come next instead of spoon feeding it Overall, I enjoye [...]

    • Slow to start and sad in places, Maeve Binchy always makes her characters so interesting and real Enjoyable.

    • I am between 3 and 4 stars for this one but rounding up to 4 for sentimentality for Binchy and the foodie presence It has been a long time since I dug into a Binchy novel and although I have had a copy of Scarlet Feather sitting on my bookshelves, I had not gotten around to reading it In fact, I even forgot I had it and bought a hardback copy for 1 at the thrift store Whoops Scarlet Feather is the story of Cathy Scarlet and Tom Feather and their friends and family Cathy and Tom met in culinary s [...]

    • I really liked this book, but I did have a few issues with it This is the story of Scarlet Feather, a catering company run by Cathy Scarlet and Tom Feather The book follows their stories Cathy and her attorney husband, Neil Tom and his want to be model girlfriend, Marcella and the rest of their families Cathy married into a really wealthy family with a lot of demons and her parents end up taking care of Simon and Maude, Neil s 10 year old cousins A lot of family drama goes on in this story, as w [...]

    • I ve been on a reading hiatus for about two months To get back in the habit, I ve decided to go for another Maeve Binchy book Agreeing to one of her critics words, I was looking for something that feels like coming home And Scarlet Feather did not disappoint in the feels like home category.Scarlet Feather is a story about Cathy Scarlet and Tom Feather starting their own catering business I liked reading about the challenges they faced and how much effort they all exerted to keep the business goi [...]

    • This was quite a page turner, the 7th book I m read by Binchy I completed the last half or since yesterday But though it was a quick read I wouldn t say it was her best It was a bit of a soap opera and she didn t have a very sharp focus It s about two partners in a catering business in their start up year and their family, it sometimes went too far afield The passages about the American exiles fell flat The family entanglements were interesting but also kind of hollow The most interesting porti [...]

    • this was the first audiobook i ever listened to on my work commute i loved it so much that i haven t been without an audiobook of some kind pretty much ever since so now, than 5 years later, i thought it was worth a re listen i still loved it maybe even maeve binchy creates such very likeable characters with such positive attitudes even in the face of terrible crises and barbara caruso is a masterful narrator she is the only narrator that i ve ever gone out of my way to find books that she s r [...]

    • 3.5 starsCathy Scarlet and Tom Feather are friends and are trying to start a catering business in Dublin Cathy s husband, Neil, has young cousins who show up at his rich parents place, needing a place to stay, but they rub his parents the wrong way, so Cathy and Neil end up taking them in Tom s wife, Marcella, wants desperately to be a model There is plenty going on, as this novel follows their lives for one year There are many characters, and the perspective goes back and forth amongst many of [...]

    • What I learned from this book Reading Ms Binchys novel in the order in which they were published might really pay off, because she again mentioned characters that appeared in other novels and that would have been exiting, if I had read the books in which they are the main characters Before you get married, you should really think hard and be honest with yourself, before making stupid promises to the other, that you might not mean to keep Never say never Putting down other peoples dreams as not a [...]

    • I m a fan of Maeve Binchy, have been since I first encountered her books in our local library She writes about Ireland, her home, with great affection, and much of what she writes reminds me of my upbringing in Scotland Scarlet Feather is not the first or last of her books that I read, nor is it really her best But there s something about it that just drew me in and made me want to read it again I think it s the twins, Simon and Maude, and the way they interact with the other characters to bring [...]

    • This is one of many Maeve Binchy books that I have read Ms Binchy has a knack for building characters that fit into each other s stories If you read Quentin s you know exactly what I mean You find the main caharacter in one book as a minor character in another Ms Binchy builds what feels like whole communities and makes you want to know each and every character in every book Scarlet Feather is the story of a couple start a catering business, and before they have found a building for their busine [...]

    • I just finished this book and if it wasn t 600 pages long, I d open it back up and read it all over again I loved this book I ve only ever read Tara Road, but I guess I m about to read all of Maeve Binchy s books.

    • Cathy Scarlet and Tom Feather have big dreams of getting their catering company, Scarlet Feather, off the ground They face unexcited in laws and partners who just don t understand Will they be able to follow their dreams I ve said this before but one of the things I like best about Maeve Binchy s books is that they tell really good character stories Cathy Scarlet is one of my favorite Binchy characters so far She s a big dreamer but has the ability to actually follow through in order to meet her [...]

    • I m not sure why I liked this book so much It wasn t a big message book, really, but it was charming The appeal had something to do with how likeable the characters were, despite very obvious flaws It had something to do with how the characters forgave each other their flaws and supported each other, regardless It had something to do with the pluck shown by so many of the characters The plot was unique, the characters were unique, and plot and message were compelling and uplifting.

    • Another great Maeve Binchy Boosk Scarlett Feather is a catering company formed by friends The book is their adventures how they touch people s lives, help people and bring people together I know it sounds boring, but if you love books about ordinary people with ordinary lives and problems and how they make their decisions, choices and how each affect the other, you will love Maeve Binchy I do

    • Maeve Binchy is such a wonderful storyteller If you enjoy books by Catherine Cookson, you will love Scarlet Feather, all about relationships Her books lift your spirits I read this book years ago but I still wanted to give it a rating on Unfortunately she passed away a few years ago I met her in person many times and she was such a beautiful person, having the wit and charm that she displayed in her stories Five Stars Maeve, we ll miss you

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