Intervention Intervention sets the scene for Julian May s new trlogy of the Galactic Milieu This has been split into two books The Surveillance containing Prologue The Surveillance and The Disclosure and The Met

  • Title: Intervention
  • Author: Julian May
  • ISBN: 9780330303095
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback
  • Intervention sets the scene for Julian May s new trlogy of the Galactic Milieu This has been split into two books The Surveillance containing Prologue, The Surveillance, and The Disclosure and The Metaconcert, containing The Intervention and Epilogue For 60 000 years the five races of the Galactic Milieu have watched and waited for the time when human mental developmeIntervention sets the scene for Julian May s new trlogy of the Galactic Milieu This has been split into two books The Surveillance containing Prologue, The Surveillance, and The Disclosure and The Metaconcert, containing The Intervention and Epilogue For 60 000 years the five races of the Galactic Milieu have watched and waited for the time when human mental development on Earth is ready for the Intervention As the twentieth century draws to its end, phenomenal mental powers are displayed by operants all across our planet They can farspeak one another telepathically They can build mental shields and they are capable of coercion by power of mind.One of there is Rogatien Remillard, a dealer in secondhand books, whose memories written a century on form the core of this chronicle They tell of a world where the mind has become a weapon and of two brothers, each possessed of extraordinary powers one a peace bringer, the other an advocate of evil

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      Julian May was an American science fiction, fantasy, horror, science and children s writer who also used several pseudonyms including Ian Thorne, Lee N Falconer and many others.

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    • This is my most favourite Julian May book, and one of my Top Ten Books Ever It s great as a standalone or as part of her other series It charts the development of Earth s metapsychic mind from roughly the Second World War through to the 22nd Century through the eyes of agent provocateur Rogi Remillard It also traces the lineage and psychic exploits of the Remillard Dynasty, the Sakhvadze family, and the O Connor Mental Mafia , and the development of psychic powers from just a few people to ultim [...]

    • Slab of near future fantastical Science fiction, ie the main point is the emergence of metaphysical powers among certain heritages of humans including French Canadians and Georgians view spoiler or maybe Armenians, or Ossetians maybe, no longer recall hide spoiler the point seems to be that inbreeding is best, although only up to a certain point, namely cousin marriage, closer relationships occur in the book as they will in the Pliocene saga, but are frowned upon by the author even though her ch [...]

    • The scope of this saga spanning eight novels is staggering A gate is opened to the past, specifically the Pliocene era But it is a one way trip Adventurous souls travel back, and find a world unlike any they could imagine Epic conflict rages between ancient races, and the future destiny of man is decided The initial four books make up The Saga of Pliocene Exile The Many Coloured Land The Golden Torc The Nonborn King The AdversaryThese can be read as a standalone series, but who would want to sto [...]

    • This is a possible alternative starting point to Julian May s universe.It is possible but starting with The Many Coloured Land would be a much better idea, unless you can t get hold of it See my review here.OK, so this is the alternative The Saga of the Exiles dealt with the adventures of a group of humans in a Pliocene Earth under the rather chaotic control of the Tanu and to a lesser extent the Firvulag, and their constant wars, using significant mind powers The humans got there while running [...]

    • I had completely forgotten what a great book this is A prequel to May s Saga of Pliocene Exile that was split into two volumes for US publication bad idea , Intervention is a hybrid SF story and generational saga along the lines of Anne Rice s Witching Hour Two brothers discover as children that they have metapsychic powers as unseen alien races observe them, waiting for humanity to achieve unity before they annihilate themselves May s characterizations are great much better than one tends to fi [...]

    • The human race is in a period of mutation Active psychics are being born, people whose mind powers are operant without training or elaborate rituals We first met the Remillard family in The Saga Of Pliocene Exile, represented in the Saga by its culminating member Marc Remillard, aka the Angel of the Abyss In 1945 the Remillards have a pair of mutant psychic children, twins named Rogi and Don the good twin and the bad twin Rogi and Don read each other s minds involuntarily, they move items around [...]

    • Re reading this for the umph time because I love this series so much I was actually depressed to realise that we are already three years past the great intervention of 2013.The story itself has held up pretty well The majority of the leads are all men, aside from Dorothy McDonald aka Diamond Mask but there is a good supporting cast of women May also has a bit of an obsession with vague incest I say vague because the couples don t know that they are related which is a bit squicky when you think a [...]

    • Originally published on my blog here in November 1998.In terms of publication date, Intervention falls between the Saga of the Exiles series and the Galactic Milieu trilogy in terms of the internal chronology, it comes before either time travel making later events in the lives of May s characters happen millions of years before earlier ones It is May s longest work, and has an expository character, filling in much of the background of the other series.Intervention is the memoirs of Rogatien Reme [...]

    • I love this book Mainly I love the character of Rogi Remillard, the narrator It s fairly rare to have a second hand book dealer as the main character of a novel, and Julian May paints such a vivid picture of him that it s clear she knows exactly what second hand book dealers are like He s a low psionic powered member of a remarkable family which is instrumental in taking the Earth into a new alliance with alien races who also have psionic powers, and he is long lived enough to see the whole stor [...]

    • This is one of my favourite series Uncle Rogi with his Canuck irritability is a great character This series and the following Galactic Milieu series was the high watermark for Julian May for me I thought her metaphysical formulation of psychic powers, how the various coadunate races of the galaxy quested toward metapsychic Unity and the evaluation of mans potential to become a part of that Unity, was brilliant She mixed science fiction, spirituality, family feuds and textured appreciation of ear [...]

    • One of my all time favourites The book I turn to when I need to escape.Uncle Rogi is a man with talents, along with his twin brother Rogi takes the lighter path, his brother the darker one They are the beginning of a dynasty with a range of super human powers and Rogi is shepherded by a being he thinks is a figment of his imagination, to facilitate the growth of this family and others like them around the globe to advance the evolution of humanity.

    • I read this years ago when it was first published After that, I would wait avidly for the next to arrive at the local bookshop These books made an impact somehow I sold them at a garage sale in the 90 s then re bought the set recently Fantasy science fiction metas in depth character development excellent read.

    • I tried very hard to engage with this book, it came to me highly recommended In the end I just couldn t, stopping about 150 pages in The book was first published in 1987 and is showing its age This review is going to be pretty blunt.Curiously set in a parallel history that starts in the 1940 s, the world is recognisably different by 1960 with parapsychology being scientifically demonstrated and weaponised by the superpowers Somehow this incoherence with history just jars, taking away from the bo [...]

    • Intervention is the first in May s The Galactic Milieu series and what a series it is You simply won t believe where this series goes and how the characters develop The premise is that humanity has evolved to a point where the powers of the brain begin to emerge They have a choice become part of the Galatic Mileu or be exiled from it forever as being unsuited to join Gosh Did she know about Brexit Uncle Roger is our reluctant narrator and he s as flawed as all of his extraordinary family Another [...]

    • Romanzo di collegamento fra il ciclo dell Esilio nel Pliocene e la trilogia del Milieu galattico, leggibile autonomamente, spiega la nascita dei poteri metapsichici fra gli umani E abbastanza interessante, ma credo sia necessario leggere gli altri volumi per apprezzarlo meglio.

    • For 60,000 years the five races of the Galactic Milieu have watched and waited for the time when human mental development on Earth is ready for the Intervention As the twentieth century draws to its end, phenomenal mental powers are displayed by operants all across our planet They can farspeak one another telepathically, they can build mental shields and they are capable of coercion by power of mind.One of these is Rogatien Remillard, a dealer in secondhand books, whose memoirs written a century [...]

    • Amazing bridging book that links the Saga of the exiles with the following series The Galactic Milieu.The story revolves around the Remillard family and in particular Rogatien Remillard known to his family as Uncle Rogi.Rogi is told by a mysterious supernatural entity that he has to write the history of the Remillard family and its involvement in the Intervention between Earth and alien life forms.Earth is evolving and metapsychic people are being discovered and enhancing their powers with new [...]

    • I m about halfway through It s surprisingly boring I ve read all of her other galactic milieu books but this one as I didn t find till now I m hoping that it ll get exciting soon Right now it s basically a wordy timeline I ve always liked Uncle Rogi since the Jack The Bodiless series, but my expectations of him as the star of this book, are completely wrong so far There s so many characters that its hard to get excited about anyone in particular This has alway been one of the author s potential [...]

    • Saga of the Exiles is my favourite series of books ever, and Intervention is a good gap filler between that series and the Galactic Milieu books which follow It explains the whole progression of humanity coming to terms with these mind powers that are emerging among them, following the stories of some of the blessed or cursed from the US, Russia and Scotland hurrah I ve read this several times before, so no surprises this time around but I still found it totally engrossing I like how the differe [...]

    • This is a long book and the only reason I wanted to read it was because it forms a bridge between the excellent Saga of the Exiles series and the next Galactic Milieu trilogy If the idea of a super race of psychics that struggle to find a way to BE without causing global catastrophe is your thing then this is the book for you A variety of writing styles aids the story telepathic communication, news story, tv script, bickering of alien races, thoughtful research and an insight into what happens a [...]

    • Well, one of the downsides of ereaders is that you can t see how big a book is unless you expend some effort I didn t, and at about page 450 I wondered when this story would end That is not to say this is a bad book, but in crafting a painstakingly complete lineage for protagonist Rogi, and handling the alien element, its long Intervention is an amazingly written book This is was first May book, so I wasn t used to her writing She uses snippets from other languages, which is impressive but hard [...]

    • This was a mammoth read and not just because it clocks in at over 800 pages The author has done an amazing job thinking though all the scientific details to make mental abilities seem as plausible as possible, but it was heavy going at times.Intervention details a time period when mankind s mental abilities are awaken and are being monitored by alien entities who are waiting to see if Humans will be able to join their galactic empire The book covers the period between 1945 and 2013 mostly in the [...]

    • I read this as a teenager and just finished rereading it, almost 20 years later This along with the subsequent Galactic Millieu Trilogy are among my all time favorite books Great world building starting from the 1940s and branching out into alternate history future settings starting in the 1990s, extending into the 2100s The scale of Intervention ranges from the conflicts between family members all the way up to global political social intrigue There are a few issues with pacing and writing styl [...]

    • After wow it took me a long time to read this In my defense, it was my work book I read like 5 others with it lol Being honest though, I did skim a lot of the alien super sciencey chapters Too much thinking hurts me brain Before Starting I first read Jack the Bodiless and Diamond Mask in the 90s as a teen thanks to my dad But then I got grounded for bad grades and never got to read the last one Who else here has gotten grounded from books Lol I recently started thinking about them again and aske [...]

    • This was a well written SF novel based on the premise of human evolution of metapsychic abilities It is an intersting premise as one has to wonder how the brain will evolve Will we indeed gain greater mental abilities as brains grow in size an connectivity or will be stagnate or go backward due to our dependence on computers technology and supermarkets convenience Few of us could live in the wild without assistance.There are the haves and the have nots and a plausable scenario between them Extra [...]

    • SummaryAll over the world, the metapsychics are honing their skills, learning to stretch their incredible minds far beyond the ken of ordinary humans Most are dedicated to the harmony of the human soul But some have darker intentionsIf the metapsychics succeed in uniting Earth s minds to take the next step up in human evolution, a place awaits humanity among the alien peoples of the fabulous Galactic Milieu But if evil minds prevail in their bid for power, Earth will be cut offd mankind forever [...]

    • Hey Amy, this is the series I was telling you about this is the prequel to the Galactic Milieu trilogy Jack the Bodiless, Diamond Mask, and Magnificat and is followed the by Saga of the Pliocene Exiles You should soooooo read them Summary again If the Kennedys were psychic And French Canadian Catholics migrated to New Hampshire instead of Irish Catholics migrated to Boston In the future Actually, some of this book takes place in the twentieth century, but eventually it s in the future Reeeeeeead [...]

    • It does what it says, it sets the scene for the series although I read the first three of the Any coloured Land first and thoroughly enjoyed them, I would say start with this It s very well written but can drag a little in parts due to building the politics of a world changing through psychic evolution fast paced in parts as well and he makes it appear normal that Aliens are watching and working incognito for humans advancement and membership of a galactic federation a great series and I m just [...]

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