HOLLYWOOD RIPTIDE AN INSIDER S LOOK BEHIND THE HEADLINES Hollywood Riptide is a novel inspired by real life experiences A seismic shift in Hollywood s power structure occurred during the s Gone were the moguls and founding fathers of the motion picture

  • Author: Joseph Sciuto
  • ISBN: 9781771802307
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hollywood Riptide is a novel inspired by real life experiences A seismic shift in Hollywood s power structure occurred during the 1980s Gone were the moguls and founding fathers of the motion picture industry Jack L Warner, Louis B Mayer, Carl Laemmle, Samuel Goldwyn, and Darryl Zanuck The studios were being taken over by technological giants such as Sony and PanasoHollywood Riptide is a novel inspired by real life experiences A seismic shift in Hollywood s power structure occurred during the 1980s Gone were the moguls and founding fathers of the motion picture industry Jack L Warner, Louis B Mayer, Carl Laemmle, Samuel Goldwyn, and Darryl Zanuck The studios were being taken over by technological giants such as Sony and Panasonic, and the new owners turned to lawyers and talent agents to run their newly obtained properties In 1982, an aspiring young screenwriter, Nick Caggiano, moves from the Bronx to Los Angeles, hoping to find work in the industry At a famous bar and restaurant on the Sunset Strip one night, he encounters a wealthy young woman named Nicole What transpires between them creates a riptide of greed, corruption, and perversion that drags Nick through the underbelly of the Hollywood establishment, upending his life and challenging his moral fabric and his sense of self.

      Joseph Sciuto

    About “Joseph Sciuto

    • Joseph Sciuto

      Joseph Sciuto was born and raised in New York City, where he spent his early years listening to his Italian American grandmother s vivid stories about how their family was responsible for building much of the impressive Manhattan skyline, including the Empire State Building The rich flavor of her stories about their family s heritage still works its way through his writing.Sciuto holds degrees from both John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Stony Brook University and a certificate in film studies from New York University After studying psychology, film, theater, literature, and English as an undergraduate, he relocated to Southern California to attend graduate school at Loyola Marymount University, where he studied writing and film.


    • The opening scene was a tad shocking a taste of what goes on behind closed doors in the city of dreams.The plot is beautifully written and the main characters have a nice depth to them The dialogue is witty and funny, I just couldn t get enough of it But there was just this one character, I couldn t stand The only thing that was good about her was how well she was written and she was somewhat redeemable Me, vulnerable I m probably the most dangerous thing he ll ever encounter in his life Run, Ni [...]

    • Hollywood Riptide is a vivid flashback to a not so distant time, the 1980 s, in tinsel town long lunches and dinners at the famous West Hollywood Palm Restaurant, recognizable characters, whose names have been changed in the novel, but who the author leaves little doubt to whom the characters are based upon, and a story line that captures the feel and moment of Hollywood during that unique and exciting time In a sense, it is a precursor to the steady stream of disgusting headlines and harassment [...]

    • Decided to pick up this book after reading a beautiful piece, written by the author, about my favorite playwright, Sam Shepard As a person who has been around Hollywood quite a bit and who has been a victim of sexual harassment than a few times, I can honestly say that this book might be the most honest portrayal of what women have to put up with throughout their careers in the entertainment industry and beyond The villain in this book gets his just punishment I can only hope the real life perv [...]

    • This book is so interesting When I was reading it, I thought to myself, Do these things really happen The next day, Harvey Weinstein was on the news Then Kevin Spacey Then Oliver Stone, John Besh, Jeremy Piven, Brett Ratner, Steven Seagal and now, Louis C.K and .So, yes, I guess these things really DO happen.Joseph Sciuto did an excellent job illustrating Hollywood culture and human nature Hollywood Riptide is a beautifully written book.If you want a real ripped from the headlines type book, I s [...]

    • I started this book yesterday and loved it so much that I couldn t put it down Was up all night I ve worked at Hollywood production companies for 15 years, and I think at least one of my bosses may be in the book He s a slime, and so s the bad guy in the book.I m getting him a copy for Christmas, but giving it to him early Hope he recognizes himself.Etha Cassidy

    • HOLLYWOOD RIPTIDE is the best book I have read in years The characters are well developed and multifaceted Joseph Sciuto draws the scenery of Los Angeles with a vivid brush, and the narrative is a compelling, but easy read.Ever wonder if the stuff you hear goes on Probably If it does, it is in HOLLYWOOD RIPTIDE.For those people who love Hollywood dirt, or just love Hollywood, this is the book for you Melissa Smith20 year Hollywood studio veteran

    • Wow, this book is a treasure Mr Sciuto infuses lots of life into the characters in this book The opening scene was a lot to take in but it set the scene for the rest of the story Nick was Nicole s guardian angel Yet at the same time, they saved each other However, don t call Nicole a damsel in distress as she is than a lost soul Her past does not define her but instead is the stepping stone to her rebirth At first glance, the characters may seem shallow and dislikable but like an onion, the la [...]

    • I usually don t read books about Hollywood, but, to me, this is a book about people who just happen to live in Hollywood The characters are well defined, and the challenges that they face could happen to anyone.Here s the reason I m posting this reviewI forgot to buy a book for my recent trip to London, and I grabbed my husband s copy of Hollywood Riptide to read on the plane I was the last person to deplane because I only had a few pages to read when we landed, and the book was so compelling t [...]

    • I usually don t read books that deal with Hollywood but since the author was from the Bronx, like myself, I decided to give it chance I really enjoyed it Unusual but entertaining Question How does a boy from the Bronx find a beautiful girl like Nicole, with plenty of money, and loves to party She might be only a character in a book, but now she is the love of my lifeor at least until I read my next book Easy read.

    • A close friend of mine in the industry asked me to read this book I was hesitant Hollywood books are not my favorite genre I was shocked by how good it wast only were the characters great, especially the characters of Margaret and Richard, but the story covers an era in Hollywood that has seldom been covered The era after World War 2, where young men and women arrived in Hollywood in search of their dreams but always remained conscious of the tremendous sacrifices that they and their family and [...]

    • I found the two main characters polar opposite of each other Talk about opposites attaching Nicole a very rich spoiled narcissistic a psychotic young woman and Nick an aspiring screenwriting is a straightlaced Catholic young man with morals and convictions that most people in Hollywood don t believe even exists These two meet at the restaurant Nick is working at, it is love at first sight for Nick When these two get together and married Nicole will take straightlaced Nick to the world of drugs, [...]

    • People have this illusion that Hollywood is all glamorous, this book says otherwise it tells you the reality of Hollywood Though it is set in the 1980s, not much has changed between then and now in relation to sex, drugs, violence, and much This is a very different book to what I would normally pick up, but I enjoyed it Having never been to Hollywood, or have I had any interest in that lifestyle this book has opened my eyes to the reality of what actually goes on I read this in one sitting, I w [...]

    • As I was reading this book I felt in many ways I was re reading the latest headlines about Hollywood This story was well written, action packed and full of drams Heartbreaking at times and suspenseful at others This story grabs you at the beginning and has you page turning from then Emotional and drama filled Well written with strong and exciting characters and an engaging story line I read an advance copy and voluntarily chose to write a review.

    • Very entertaining, captivating, and interesting read I could not put it down Wonderfully written with strong characters I want to read from this author I voluntarily read and reviewed an Exclusive Advance Reader Copy of this book.

    • Well written storyline and great characters that hooked me right in from the very first page I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

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