Midnight Tides

Midnight Tides After decades of warfare the five tribes of the Tiste Edur are united under the implacable rule of the Warlock King of the Hiroth But the price of peace is a pact with a hidden power whose motives ma

  • Title: Midnight Tides
  • Author: Steven Erikson
  • ISBN: 9780553813142
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
  • After decades of warfare, the five tribes of the Tiste Edur are united under the implacable rule of the Warlock King of the Hiroth But the price of peace is a pact with a hidden power whose motives may be deadly To the south, the expansionist kingdom of Lether has devoured all lesser neighbors except the Tiste Edur.

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      Steven Erikson is the pseudonym of Steve Rune Lundin, a Canadian novelist, who was educated and trained as both an archaeologist and anthropologist His best known work is the series, the Malazan Book of the Fallencmillan author steven

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    • I thought it was strange that the fifth book in a series should only contain one character that had been in any of the prior four books Loving so many of the characters prevalent in the previous books I wanted to see what they were up to However, upon completing Midnight Tides I am still in awe with Erikson, his style, substance and the stories that are being weaved Every title he has written in this series I struggle to comprehend how they get better than the previous books.The plot is about tw [...]

    • Beware, lot s of spoilers coming your way Well, what else can I say Another troubled and epic read for me in Malazan New continent, new characters, new type of magic and new gods This book really was like a spinoff story for me and so far I had trouble putting it on the same shelf with the four books I read about Malazan, but I am sure that Mr Erikson will blend this story into other books masterfully I guess most of the readers enjoyed this book and I can see why, this books has really interest [...]

    • 4.25 stars.Betrayal Lies Greed Power These are the dominant themes presiding over the fifth chapter of the Malazan Book of the Fallen, which opened with a Prologue dated back to the Time of the Elder Gods, providing yet another history lesson into this deeply complex world One would expect that progressing through the series should only get easier right It seems though that Erikson decided to up the ante for worldbuilding by bringing the reader to a completely new far flung continent and an enti [...]

    • Here, then, is the tale Between the swish of the tides, when giants knelt down and became mountains When they fell scattered on the land like the ballast stones of the sky, yet could not hold fast against the rising dawn Between the swish of the tides, we will speak of one such giant Because the tale hides with his own.And because it amuses.The fifth part of the Malazan Book of the Fallen is rather different from the previous four Set on a faraway continent years before the stories of the Bridge [...]

    • I m halfway through the main series Oh shit I only have half the main series left It never ceases to amaze me how when I reflect upon an amazing section of the book how Erikson makes rocks, sand, dead bones, smashed pottery, detritus seem so utterly cool, epic, world shapingNobody writes a prologue in the epic and portentous way that he does and this may be the best of the lot Simply amazing imagery, banter and hidden message set to unfold I ve often heard people say different books read better [...]

    • He saw the tides in their immutable susurration, the vast swish like blood from the cold heart moon, a beat of time measured and therefore measurable Tides one could not hope to hold back In Midnight Tides, Erikson has again introduced us to a new continent and cultures that continue to grow the ever expanding universe of the Malazan Book of the Fallen There is an entire new dramatis personae save the exception of one character from House of Chains Also, the setting of this book is before the ev [...]

    • Once again, I ll keep this review as spoiler free as possible I definitely won t put any big spoilers in it.Don t let the amount of time it took me to finish this book fool you this is yet another amazing installment in the Malazan series Up to this book, we ve been introduced to a enormous cast of characters And this book adds a completely new cast of characters, Trull Sengar is the only familiar face we see Some may be turned off by this, but you quickly get used to it and everyone becomes as [...]

    • 4.5 Stars.New setting New characters New conflict Still awesome After spending 4 massive books developing one of the deepest and most immersive settings in fantasy, establishing one of the largest and most diverse casts of characters and setting up machinations of incredible complexity and scope Erikson starts all over again For all that I missed the character and settings I ve come to love in this series their replacements in this book were great and while I found the start to be a bit slow alt [...]

    • I think the must be the third or fourth time i ve read this book, but the first time i ve ever taken the time to really read it Previously, i d approached it with little enthusiasm and than a little petulance why is this important Why is it set before the first 4 books Where are my favourite characters Who cares about the Tiste Edur A whole novel about Trull Sengar are you serious Thanks to this bad attitude, I skimmed the whole thing I gave it 5 stars before because it s Erikson and no other r [...]

    • 4.65 A Buddy Read with my Fantasy Fanatics BBB Because we love ALL FANTASY I need to start with one of the best quotes from the book, which I find eternally true and very current Do not seek to find hope among your leaders They are the repositories of poison Their interest in you extends only so far as their ability to control you From you, they seek duty and obedience, and they will ply you with the language of stirring faith They seek followers, and woe to those who question, or voice challeng [...]

    • New Continent, new characters, and again a completely new and superior experience on the reread This book tells among other things Trull Sengar s back story We also learn about the continent of Lether and some of the history of the two superpowers on the continent namely, the Tiste Edur, and the Letherii We also get a close up view of the forerunner magic system to the warrens The Tiles and the Holds.I remember the first time I read this being put out because none of my favourite characters in t [...]

    • Problems with the book Everybody is a philosopher, every single person with POV The usual structure of the book is the following 5 pager worth of philosophical inner thoughts of a character following by 1 page of some action I do not mean kick the crap out of everybody action, just the acts of doing something, like mending a net By my estimate, the book can be shortened by at least 2 3 by cutting on inner thoughts of secondary characters.No matter what the author says, this is not a part of the [...]

    • There is a tide in the affairs of men and we, at the height, are ready to decline While I m of an opinion that Memories of Ice is his best Malazan novel, Midnight Tides, with its criticism on materialism and slavery which in mirroring history and to a major degree present time of our own society leaves a sour taste is probably my favorite book of the series.Before I could continue with book four, House of Chains, I had to read Midnight Tides, which is fifth installment in Malazan Book of the Fal [...]

    • This was another fantastic instalment in the Malazan series I think it stands alongside House of Chains and Gardens of the Moon in terms of quality and perhaps only behind Memories of Ice as my favourite in the series Erikson s stories can sometimes get a bit to grim and bleak for my liking, but I thought this one found the perfect balance We had betrayal, tragedy, evil characters, and pain and suffering aplenty, but we also got likeable characters, friendship and loyalty, humour, and some kick [...]

    • Rating Of course, 5 stars This tide is rising, and there are scant few who would stand before it From the twisting, smoke filled clouds, blood rained down The last of the sky keeps, flame wreathed and pouring black smoke, had surrendered the sky Their ragged descent had torn furrows through the ground as they struck and broke apart with thunderous reverberations, scattering red stained rocks among the heaps of corpses that covered the land from horizon to horizon The great hive cities had been r [...]

    • Tyrants and emperors rise and fall Civilizations burgeon then die, but there are always casters of nets And tillers of the soil and herders in the pastures We are where civilization begins and when it ends, we are there to begin it again.That was amazing.I think Midnight Tides has become my favorite book thus far in the series.It is centered around Trull Sengar, whom we met in House of Chains He and his people the Tiste Edur have been united under the Warlock Kin However, their time of peace is [...]

    • Second time round the only thing that changed from my first read was that I enjoyed it even This is still my favourite of the series so far, yet I cannot wait for Bonehunters to start.Original review below.Story 5 51 Being Vague, rambling plot with no little believable storyline5 Ripping yarn, clever, thought provokingI must admit to starting this book with some reservation I had just finished House of Chains and rated it 5 stars You can read my review on that here I was completely into the sto [...]

    • The last 200 hundred pages were Shakespearean than anything Shakespeare ever wrote I ll admit this was the hardest one so far for me to get into All the new names and places and all that shit, it was hard But about one third of the way through things started clicking, and I started to get it I started to see the links to other books and the sheer complexity of everything, while still being THOROUGHLY entertained I mean c mon character wise Rhulad is as cool as they come, Bugg was great, Brys so [...]

    • I had bit rough start.This story takes place on distant continent in past so it felt bit detached form original storyline and in the beginning I missed familiar faces and places.You get very attached after nearly 3500 pages but this book is just as good as the rest but in a different way.I didn t got attached any of the characters.There is no Anomander Rake, Whiskeyjack, any Paran, Quick Ben, Karsa Orlong or other larger than life heroes and anti heroes but this book excels in different ways.Bal [...]

    • I honestly panicked when i started reading Book 5 In my mind, i was like, will this be THE Malazan book i officialy have no love for Will i ever understand what in the world is going on here The answer is yesw i understand why book 5 was or less a standout book for fans of this novel, you re either going to love it or hate it I ve decided there s no middle ground for Malazan books lol.Betrayals, betrayals than any mortal could bear Feather WitchSo book 5 basically introduces us to new characte [...]

    • okay so i finished it it took me forever, and it was exhausting, but when i was able to get on a streak of reading, i enjoyed it its not poorly written, i just have so much difficulty with genre fiction where everything has an unfamiliar name and theres so much dense backstory which, reading midseries, i wasnt privvy to fonso said i didnt need to have read any earlier ones, but a customer told me i had been done a disservice reading it that way but thats his reputation steven erikson he will jus [...]

    • Morto una volta, morto mille volte Lo spostamento in un nuovo continente non foriero di dolci promesse tra societ strangolate dal debito economico come metro per ripartire le gerarchie, e comunit le cui radici affondano in miti che grondano sangue e non brillano per coerenza la storia la scrivono i vincitori , l ultimo filone vede contrapporsi due schieramenti atti a nutrire mire espansionistiche sull altro e fingere di non vedere i moti autodistruttivi tra le proprie file.Il potere ha il solo e [...]

    • My buddy read of the most complicated series I ve ever attempted continues.So just as I was getting into the story of the Malazan empire with the Bridgeburners, New Assendants and New Gods in play we stop and go back thousands of years to before any of the happenings in books 1 4 and start a whole new story with only one character that we have ever seen before I think I might be dizzy from the abrupt turn about.This is a story of brothers or two sets of brothers so be precise Told mostly about [...]

    • Executive Summary I m surprised to be giving this book 4 stars It started as a 2 for me My enjoyment slowly built as the book when on, and in the end I enjoyed it overall.Full ReviewSo I gave this book 4 stars, which means I liked it, but I m going to start off with a bit of a rant about this series that has been festering for the last 6 weeks or so as I ve read this book.Steven Erikson writes some of the WORST beginnings to books I have ever read And it s not because he can t write them House o [...]

    • Erikson showed us again that he isn t afraid to take risks He had this well established series and halfway through it, he decided to publish a book in which he only brought back one character from the hundreds we had already met ONE character.Having this in mind, I was a bit afraid that I would loose my interest when I picked up Midnight Tides My fear dissipated as soon as I read the best line opener I have ever read From the twisting, smoke filled clouds, blood rained down From that point on, h [...]

    • This series just continues to baffle and intrigue me and blow me away I certainly couldn t have been surprised to find out that I enjoyed this book so much I wrot multiple super extra really long messages in the group I host about it, and I filled up the character limit of multiple times Yep, this was most definitely my favourite one so far and it s a solid 5 read.So, what did I enjoy so much about this book in comparison to the previous ones although I gave Book 4 a 5 rating too Basically it w [...]

    • But for now, i m going to beat a God senseless The fifth part of this saga has the peculiarity of having only ONE character from the previous books, the rest of them are ALL new, and, at the same time, it takes place in the past, before the events of the previous books This is something weird in a saga like this, since by the fifth book, you should already know all the characters and have a little bit of knowledge of what is going on But yeah, that doesn t happen in Malazan, as this saga breaks [...]

    • I often joke that every Malazan book starts with a completely new cast of characters Well, clearly Steven Erikson heard back through the mists of time and decided to up his game to the next level there is only ONE character from the previous books in this, the FIFTH installment of the series Let me tell you, it takes some major cajones to try and pull that off Of course, Erkison pulls this of brilliantly, giving us a whole slew of new cultures and characters to get immersed in.This book primaril [...]

    • the assumption is the foundation stone of Letherii society, perhaps all societies the world over The notion of inequity, my friends For from inequity derives the concept of value, whether measured by money or the countless other means of gauging human worth Simply put, there resides in all of us the unchallenged belief that the poor and the starving are in some way deserving of their fate In other words, there will always be poor people A truism to grant structure to the continual task of compar [...]

    • If you had told me I could love another book as much as I did Deadhouse Gates, I would have found it hard to believe Erikson throws the reader into a new region with brand new characters and he makes the reader care about them He pulls me into the story so much so that I feel invested in the outcome There are once again gut wrenching scenes Moments of despair and tragedy and yet the reader senses the story is moving ever forward Each step moves the reader towards the ultimate conclusion, which i [...]

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